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A very loving family in Sylvan Park is in an immediate need of a nanny to care for their son, 4 months old, full time beginning ASAP (37209). 


Monday - Thursday: 8:30 - 6 PM

Guaranteed hours: Yes, 38/week 

Start date: By March 2, 2020

Duration: 1 year contract to start


These incredibly proud parents are seeking a kind, trustworthy, responsible, and respectful nanny to lovingly care for their little man while they are at work 4 days per week. Mom will be taking Fridays off to spend the day with her son, and is seeking a full time nanny that will be respectful of their parenting choices and mirror they dynamic while they are out of the house. Knowledge of developmental milestones is key to an active and engaging day working on little man's growth! He's currently on a pretty solid routine, but this will change throughout the first year. Adaptability and knowledge of what the first year of infancy brings is important.  

Throughout the day, child-related tasks are asked in regards to preparing and cleaning up (dishes/bottles, wiping down high chair, keeping common areas tidy, putting away toys/books/etc, helping with child's laundry). The family is big on walks right now and live close to the greenway. They are open to outings once their son is a little older and encourage someone to do story times, park trips, and such. This will require a safe driving record and very reliable vehicle that can transport the child. 

The core of this family is LOVE and they are so hopeful to find someone who shares their values of everything coming from the heart. 


- Infant CPR certification

- Comfortability with pets (the family has a black lab) 

- A laid back but professional approach to childcare

- Team mentality and adaptability to the family's parenting style 

- have a big heart for children and helping out families 


Hourly: $18 - $20/hour 

Yearly anticipated: $35,500 - $39,500

PTO: 10 days

Paid holidays off: yes



Awesome parent to two girls 5 and 3 years old are looking for a mature, reliable, go-getter to join their family as their nanny in Green Hills (37215). 


Hours:  32 hours per week

Monday 7:15 – 9:15, 11:30 – 5:30  (8 hours)

Tuesday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Wednesday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Thursday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Friday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Summer: 40 hours per week (full days i.e. 8:30 – 5:30)

START DATE: By March 2, 2020

On some Fridays, an afternoon shift will not be needed and those hours will move to a different day or date night. This is planned in advance. Candidate must have flexibility to work later in the evening on weeknights or a weekend evening.



This family needs a self-starter who is great with children, can handle drop offs/pick ups and keeping the children engaged, learning, and having fun when they aren't in school/preschool. They love their nanny to take the girls to the zoo, art classes, museums, story times, and more, and also be creative at home nurturing their imaginations and developing minds! Must be a planner and self starter, they would love for you to come up with ideas, crafts, activities, and a map of what the week looks like. Think: someone who always has an exciting new idea for what to do next when the girls are ready for a change.

Communication if very important to this family. If their nanny has questions, concerns, needs something, or has feedback they want to hear it. They’re looking for a partner to keep their household running.



  • Currently CPR certified or able to do so before you begin

  • have a clean background check

  • minimum 3 years of nanny experience

  • 1+ consecutive year of working with the same family

  • ability to make a 1 year commitment to the position

  • be a reliable, on-time person

  • want to join a really loving and professional family!

  • be comfortable with a dog/puppy 



Hourly: $17-$20/hour

Approximate annual gross income: $29,650 - $34,800 gross/year

Guaranteed hours: 32 hours per week

PTO + paid holidays off

Family car to use while working



A curious and adventurous little man, 7 months, is in need of a full time nanny to care for him while mom and dad are working during the week at their home in the Belmont neighborhood (37212). 


M-F 8:30-5:30 4-5 days per week (days to be decided >2 weeks in advance) Mom has a rotating day off each week, so the day off will mirror her schedule. During weeks when her day off is Sat/Sun, they will need the nanny 5 days M-F. 

Guaranteed hours: 36/week (applicable OT for weeks when the nanny works 5 full days) 

Start date: ASAP! 

Duration: 6 months - 1 year contract, family is open.


This little cutie pie is in need of an energetic and on-the-ball nanny as he's on the go and exploring his world around him with enthusiasm. Mom and dad would appreciate an attentive nanny who engages with their son, playing on the floor, reading books, and working on developmental milestones with appropriate activities. Walks are a big favorite in this house, and the family lives in a quiet neighborhood that is close to Hillsboro Village and Sevier Park. They are open to close-by trips to the library or a music or art class, but ask that outings are limited to their neighborhood for the time being.

Child-related duties are all that are asked, but mom and dad need a helping hand who can be diligent to clean up after themselves and the baby throughout the day so they can walk in and spend quality time as a family. Bottles washed, toys picked up, high chairs wiped down, floors cleared of any dropped food, and a tidy common area would be expected. It would be extremely helpful to get a load of the baby's laundry done each week too, washed, dried, and put away. 


- be up to date on infant CPR certification

- have minimum 2 years of nanny experience with infants in the first year (3 years of childcare total)

- be respectful of the family's rotating schedule and be able to accommodate that need

- be kind, easygoing and patient! They are a low-key family full of love

- be very engaging with children and really love spending quality time teaching littles and watching them grow

- have a reliable vehicle than can transport a child safely (carseat provided)


- dad has a severe peanut allergy so they are peanut free at the moment

- The family has a friendly pup who loves his little brother, dog friendly people are encouraged to apply!


Hourly: $15 - $20/hour BOE 

Anticipated yearly income: $31,500 - $42,000

Guaranteed hours: Yes 

PTO: 15 days of PTO annually 

Paid holidays off: 5 - 7 annually



This family just turned into a family of 5 and is seeking a mature, loving, and engaging nanny to be a big part of their children's lives. The live just over the county line in Brentwood (37027), just past Forrest Hills. This family is easy to get to from Cool Springs, Green Hills, Belle Meade and Franklin. 


The schedule is likely to change slightly when mom returns to work in April or June, but for now:

M: 8 - 1 or 8 - 3 (8-5 when mom returns to work pt)

T: 8 - 1 

W: 3 - 8 (PM)

Th: 8 - 1 

F: 8 - 1 

*more hours if you are open to cleaning and have the experience to deep clean the family's home for separate hours than noted above. (+5-8/week)


Kid's ages: B4, B2, B2 months 

This family's ideal fit is someone who thrives on organization, doesn't rely on technology/tv for entertaining the kids, is patient, and reliable. This crew opts outside at any chance possible. Their property is an imagination's playground, equip with a big driveway for riding bikes, a stream running through their front yard, and lots of open land with big trees waiting to be run through! 

All things kid are always the priority from keeping up with the family's routines for meals and naps, prepping the kids food, picking up throughout the day after activities (If you live by the philosophy of "everything has a home to go back to" you'll fit in well), and lots of engaging and actively participating in the kid's playtime. 

 Most care will be for the baby and B2 when he's not in school. B4 is in full time preschool, so he will be around Wednesday afternoons and any days off of school. 

Fridays will comprise mostly of meal prep and folding laundry since Mom is home. Ideally they would have someone who is open to helping out around the house with things here and there since mom may be with the boys during your shift, or could be running another kiddo to swimming or running errands. A flexible nanny with both schedule and responsibilities would be great! 

The family has a 14 year old toy poodle who will need to be let outside occasionally. This little guy looks like a tiny koala bear and likes to sleep most of the time. 


- have a track record of reliability 

- eventually take initiative around the house once you learn the family's preferences and dynamic

- be able to adopt the family's parenting and discipline philosophies

- experience in a nanny role previously for 1+ year, 3 years of childcare experience in total

- current CPR certification 

- be respectful of the family's wishes to not use electronics/tv, which includes being on your own personal cell phone during work hours for non-work related reasons

- comfort with driving kiddos from time to time using your own vehicle

- comfortable running errands occasionally if needed

- experience with newborns less than 3 months old (a must!) and toddler ages 


Hourly: $ 18 - $20 

Yearly income for PT work: $23,400 - $26,000+

Guaranteed hours: the family will guarantee the hours that are agreed upon with the candidate 

Holidays + PTO: Negotiable

Mileage: offered if you end up driving 



Loving parents to brothers, 2 years and 5 months, are seeking a loving nanny who is easy going to join their family for a live-in or live-out position in Brentwood, TN (37027) that will involve traveling with them. 

A live-in nanny is preferred, but the family would consider a currently local live -out candidate.


Typical day: Monday through Friday 9 to 3 or 10 to 5

Travel day: hours shift to the evening to cover childcare during shows

Guaranteed hours: 40/week, but generally you only work 20-30.

Non-typical day (while touring): Weekdays + Weekends with hours shifted towards the evening.

Start date: February/March 2020

Duration: 1-2 years minimum 


This loving, sweet, and down to earth family is looking for a helpful nanny who is an expert at engaging with children to foster their development and growth and is looking to help a family in those big and small ways. The most important part of this role is connecting with the children and caring for them with a big heart. 


This role requires someone who is extremely adaptable and flexible. The schedule will change slightly daily; dad is a touring musician and mostly goes out on the road over weekends, which the nanny and family often join in on. Mom is currently traveling out of town weekly for 1-3 days, but that will slow down soon. Weekend help will be required when travel overlaps and when the family travels together. These parents are relying on their nanny to be there when they need her to, while being fair with advanced notice and shifting days for time off after traveling.

 It is important to providing consistent care for their children whether at home or on the road. They truly need a seasoned professional who is self-directed and a self-starter, but can also have great judgement on when to step back when Mom or Dad take over. Confidence in either solo-care or being around mom and dad will be key!

Your general expectations would be: all childcare duties as well as occasional family-assistant tasks or errands. Some weeks there won't be a big need for childcare and they may ask the nanny to help with organization, errands, and meal prep. Keeping track of things around the house would be very helpful! At the end of the day, they really want their nanny to feel like family, someone they can trust, who they have respect for, and who they have open lines of communication with. They are silly but laid back, like to be home bodies, enjoy spending quality time as a family, and have a deeply rooted faith that is part of their daily life as well.


- encourage imagination + creativity in the children and be very hands-on

- be on time!

- pet friendly, they have a small poodle mix

- have infant nanny  experience (min 2 years)

- have toddler nanny experience (min 2 years)

- not rely on the tv a lot 

- be helpful and have a pitch in mentality

- be discrete and private

- have a hard work ethic 

- love to be outside and play 

- be CPR certified 

- have a safe car + driving record

- experience traveling with a family


HOURLY LIVE-OUT: $18 - $20 + OT pay when applicable

HOURLY LIVE-IN: $14 - $16 + OT pay when applicable

Daily travel rate/per diem when traveling: hourly + $50/day



PTO/Holidays: Negotiable 



Sweet parents in Mt. Juliet are seeking an experienced nanny to care for their sweet little girl who is 13 months old! (Care is in 37122)


30 hours guaranteed per week, schedule is consistent, but rotates on a "A Week" and "B week":

Week A: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: either 7AM-3:30PM OR 2PM-5:30PM + Tuesday 7 AM – 5:30 PM

Week B: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: either 7AM-3:30PM OR 2PM-5:30PM + Thursday 7 AM – 5:30 PM

START DATE: March/April 2020

DURATION: 1 year contract 

What to expect: This family is seeking a nanny who will engage their daughter in developmentally appropriate activities and routines throughout the week. They expect someone who can bring an educational approach and work on social, emotional and physical development, aid in milestones and respecting the family's choices in schedule/routines/upbringing. The family encourages reading, singing, talking to/engaging the child throughout the day, and being "checked-in" while the baby is awake. Taking their daughter to story times and other child-friendly and approved places is encouraged. They are looking for a mature, experienced nanny who can seamlessly blend into their everyday life.

Help with the child's laundry, keeping common areas tidy, wiping up spills and messes, loading/unloading dishwasher, and sanitizing the baby's toys will be expected. 

This family has 3 cats. There are no expectations of care for them throughout the day, but need to be comfortable and not allergic to cats.  

About the family: This family is hoping to find someone who is respectful of their family dynamic, but can also be silly and have a sense of humor. Reliability and punctuality are important as both parents have professional jobs outside of the home that expect them to be on time as well! Their daughter is a sweet and happy baby. 


HOURLY: $17 - $19 BOE

PTO: 1 week 

PAID SICK TIME: yes, offered

GUARANTEED PAY: 30 hours/week



An active and busy traveling family in the Belmont neighborhood (37212) is seeking a family assistant to help mom and dad with their growing family of two boys, ages 5 and 3, and newborn baby sister!


Monday - Friday 12 - 6/7 PM and (2-3) Saturday mornings per month (will be 40 hours/week)

Full weekend help on Sat/Sun may be asked occasionally when Dad is traveling

Overnights: Required occasionally

Travel: Required

Position start date: ASAP! 

Position duration: Long term, ideally someone looking to take on a job for the next 3+ years 

More info on work hours: Travel will be required, especially for one month in the summer when the family travels to Colorado. The nanny will have time off there, but will have a fairly regular schedule (35-40 hours/week). Dad travels a lot for work and mom sometimes joins him (she works with him P/T), so some weekends + overnights are needed. When they're home, their social calendar tends to fill up fast, so they need some later evenings here and there too but also use additional sitters. 


This busy family needs a helping hand with just about everything! Mom is seeking a dynamic and adaptive team player who can work with her daily to tackle childcare and household tasks such as:

- playtime! Outdoor time is BIG and Dragon Park is a short walk from their home. Creativity in planning activities, games, and coming up with new and inventive things to play with goes a long way with this family. 

- maintaining routines (mornings, after school, dinner/bath/bed)

- Help with children's laundry

- Keeping the kitchen tidy and picked up

- Organizing the children's toys and bedrooms

- Prepping family meals 2-3 times per week 

- grocery shopping + other errands

The first few months will be a bit different since the family will have just have welcomed a newborn. Overtime, this role will really focus on watching the baby at home while mom takes the boys to school and picks them up, and help keep the house in order. Patience goes a long way when working with a big family, so this is a good role for someone who doesn't easily get overwhelmed and prefers redirection. Engaging and active involvement in every step of the day with the children is highly important. They are hoping to find their Mary Poppins! 


- be seeking a career role, the contracts will be yearly, but the family intends to renew for years to come with someone who is dedicated to growing with their family and needs

- be easy going and calm by nature. The boys don't need someone to energize them- they have enough! 

- happy to go along with a plan for the week that's set up by the parents

- adaptable to new situations, people, places, and routines

- be comfortable working alongside a parent most days

- be flexible with the schedule, they are offering full time hours for full time flexibility 

- be engaged and present while you're at work (don't succumb to technology!!)

- love to cook and make dinners a few nights per week

- be supportive of this family's dynamic

- be CPR Certified 

- have a minimum of 1 year working for the same nanny family (3 years of childcare total)

- have a safe car you can use to drive the children (carseats provided)

- have a pitch in mentality, be positive at work and know professional boundaries

- be openminded and accepting of all people 

- be discrete and respectful of the family's privacy 


Hourly: $17 - $20 gross with room to grow 

Yearly annual anticipated income: $35,300 - $41,600 (+) 

Guaranteed hours: 35-40/week

PTO: 1 week to start

Paid Holidays Off: 6 Federal Holidays Annually 

Raises/bonuses: Negotiable

Health Insurance Stipend: Negotiable 



Entrepreneurial parents and their three incredible kiddos G9, G6, B2 are seeking a perfect fit for their spirited and welcoming family. The family lives on Belmont Blvd. 


Ideally 2-3 days per week from 8:15 - 4:30, they are flexible with just about anything and want to be able to work around someone else's schedule as best they can. 

Total hours per week: 16 - 25

Start date: as soon as they find "the one"

Duration: would love someone a year, will take an incredible fit for 6 months 


This creative, fun, loving, empowering, and inclusive family is searching for a creative, educational, and all hands on deck type nanny to help them with all the moving pieces they call life. Easy going, flexible, and adaptable are the key components to describing this family, and they work best with someone who embodies these too.


This is someone who brings joy into the house with laughter, creativity, fun and genuine enjoyment of engaging with children. It would be a bonus if that person were musically-inclined and artistic, but it's not a requirement.  More than anything, they want someone who fits their family well and connects with each of the children--understanding their unique personalities and how to meet them where they are (we're talking full spectrum of worm-hunting to kiddie manicures to theatre bug). It would be wonderful to find someone who understands social-emotional development for the different ages of the kids. We definitely need someone who can lean into the chaos and the challenges that come with the everyday, someone who knows when to laugh things off, and someone who knows how to be present and patient when kids are having "big" feelings.

The day can be lead by a combination of things mom has planned, things you would want to do with the kids, and things that are scheduled like appointments, gymnastics, tennis, etc. You'll work with mom a lot to coordinate things, but she's in/out throughout the day.

They're the family that has the kid's friends over, and they have such a warm and welcoming home, you'll feel it as soon as you walk in! They have space to P L A Y and that's what this family is all about, from sports to building to dancing or acting out a movie in costumes, you name it, they play it. A creative personality who encourages this would fit right in. 

The best fit for this family is someone who is willing to help out wherever is needed, whether running errands, putting groceries away, picking up a child from school, an impromptu trip to the zoo, buying a gift for an upcoming birthday, greeting the dog trainer for a puppy school session, or tossing old items in a fridge, it all comes down to pitching in to keep the flow going. 

Must be dog friendly (they have a new puppy who you do not have to train/be responsible for), be reliable and on time, be comfortable with the parents working from home (it's a big house), respect the family's privacy and be discrete, have a pitch in mindset, have some nanny experience, be open to being a loved extension of their family.


Hourly: $20/hour

PTO: negotiable

Holidays: usually will reschedule the work day for another day, if not you'll have the day off paid 

Guaranteed hours: yes 

Mileage: vehicle provided 



A loving family who is moving to Nashville from Chicago is looking for a responsible nanny who absolutely loves working with children. They will need care for their two girls, ages 4 and 1! 


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00 am - 2:30pm OR M - F 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Guaranteed hours: 19 - 20/week 

Start date: ASAP!

Contract duration: ideally 2 years, but 1 minimum​


This family is big on education and is seeking a nanny who can bring a world of creativity, learning, and education to each day with music, play time, puddle jumping, sparking imagination, arts and crafts, baking, reading with them, etc. They want each day to be fun for their girls, but it's also very important that their nanny helps them establish and maintain a routine for the girls, especially since they will be in a new place. Big sister loves to do STEM projects, make mud pies in the backyard, and go on walks to the neighborhood playground. Must be okay with getting messy! She's also big on helping, so during little sisters nap time, she would love to help bake something, clean up the kitchen, or pick up the playroom. 


They don't anticipate needing any driving, but highly encourage walks around the neighborhood and swimming trips to the pool and tennis courts in the summer. Their ideal fit brings lots of positivity to the day and has a warm, empathetic approach to caregiving. Full child care duties will be consist of things such as making meals, establishing routines, picking up toys, planning daily learning activities, nap time/quiet time daily, engaging with the children in active play, etc. 

Household help will be secondary to the kids, but child related tasks like children's laundry, picking up the kitchen, cleaning up messes, prepping easy meals, and keeping kid's items stocked.

Mom and dad currently both work from home, but are in and out a bit, and dad will be working out of an office downtown come the fall. Mom is an artist and travels to paint murals a few times a year, so if their nanny is open to more days during that time, that would be welcomed! 

The family has a positive approach to discipline and is seeking someone who uses redirection, positive reinforcement mostly and finds teachable moments and reminders in lieu of punishment for little things. 


- Have current CPR certification (or by the time the job begins)

- be a strong swimmer, this will be required in the summer 

- have experience working with siblings of different ages

- absolutely love working with children

- have an educational approach to each day

- have at least 2 years of nanny experience, 3 years of childcare total

- be comfortable communicating the day to the parents 

- have reliable transportation to/from work

- be seeking a long term position

- be professional with boundaries, but feel welcomed as an extension of the family 


- ability to speak Spanish (their eldest child has been taking it in school)


Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross BOE 

Annual anticipated income based on 19.5 hours/week: $18,252 - $20,280 

PTO + Paid holidays: offered

Guaranteed hours: offered 



New parents of a sweetie pie 6 month old boy are looking for an experienced, loving, and responsible nanny to care for their little man a few times per week in the evenings while the parent's schedules overlap. They live in Brentwood off of Old Hickory + I65. 


Tuesday + Thursday start time between 3:30 - 4:15 - 7:30/8:15 pm. 

+ some Wednesdays and Fridays at the same time (as-needed) and potentially some weekends. They would love to be able to ask you to babysit at night. 

Start date: ASAP!

Duration: now - April 30th, option to continue on if preferred


This easy going family is looking for a loving and attentive nanny to give their son undivided attention while they're with him a few hours each week! This easy going little man loves to PLAY so he needs someone who loves to be there, play with kids, and be engaging with him with toys, books, imaginative and creative play, and going on walks (he's currently mesmerized by trees!) Other duties will include putting him down for a nap, feeding him (bottle + cereal), bathing him, cleaning up after him (toys/meals), washing bottles, and generally keeping the house picked up from anything that's been taken out while you're there. 

A reliable counterpart is needed on this family's behalf, as mom will be getting out the door to coach a practice, and dad will still be at work, so they'll need you to be punctual and show up ready to work. They prioritize communication and welcome open dialogue, always! If you have a sense of humor, you'll fit in just fine here.

Must love dogs, there's a super sweet, lovable, cuddle monster who also lives here! 

Current infant CPR, reliable transportation, and awareness of food allergies are all a must. 


Hourly: $18 - $20 

Guaranteed hours: offered

PTO + Paid Holidays off: Negotiable if taking long term option (past April).  



This new to Nashville family is seeking a team player to help aid mom with busy mornings with their three sweet kiddos, B3, G3, G1 in Cool Springs (37027). The family lives in 12 S currently, but will be settling permanently in Cool Springs by March. 


M - F 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Occasional evenings + weekend help (mutually agreed upon)

Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year contract to start


Are you someone who walks in to a new situation and feels comfortable, confident, and ready to help? Read on! 

This family is hoping to find a nanny who is passionate about working with children and loves learning about child development. Play-based everything is how this household runs! These kiddos are very sensory oriented, so mom loves to make sensory bins, tactile art, crafts, etc. for them, and would love someone who can come up with ideas and take over planning some of these activities. 


Mom also needs a partner who can help her tackle mornings that have a lot of moving parts. Ideally the nanny can pick up on their routines easily and pitch in where they are needed. Most care will be for the 1 year old who doesn't attend school. About 25% of the time the nanny would have all three kids.They are very go with the flow and a little spontaneous, so a schedule isn't an end all be all in their day and they aren't picky if a nap happens in the crib or in the car on the way to doing something fun. 

Qualities they are seeking:

  • Loves to do sensory bins, (art supply budget provided)

  • Funny and silly, great with the kids and loves to talk to them

  • Equal parts high energy and easy going

  • Comfortable having autonomy, parents don't want to micromanage (you decide what's for lunch)

  • Practical decision making (not every decision needs to be run by a parent)

  • Loves to get out in the community with the kids (buckle them in, and go!)

  • Comfortable with prepping meals and keeping the routines of the family consistent

  • Pitch in with cleaning up the kitchen, tidying the home, putting away groceries, etc. 

  • Comfortable with being an extension of the parents and being a team player

  • Comfortable running occasional errands

The family will provide a vehicle during work hours for outings, errands. Nanny must have a safe driving record.


Hourly: $15 - $20

Guaranteed hours: 30/week (7:00 - 1:00 pm) with opportunity for more on nights/weekends

Annual anticipated income: $23,400 - $31,200+

(this can be paired with an afternoon job to make up to $60k/year)

PTO: 10 days annually

Paid Holidays Off: 8 annually 

Guaranteed pay: offered 

Professional Development Stipend: offered 



Sweet parents in Belle Meade (37205) are looking for a safety conscious and caring nanny for brothers ages 3 and 1! 


Monday 8:30a - 5:30p 

Wednesday 6a - 5:30p

HOURS: 20.5 per week guaranteed 


DURATION: ideally 1 year, 6 month minimum

These adorable brothers are needing an engaged, safety oriented, and loving nanny to care for them on Mondays and Wednesdays. A typical day could include drop off/pick up from preschool, putting the baby down for naps, snack time, prepping lunch, playing with the boys, reading with them, helping with the kid's laundry, wiping down counters, picking up toys, walks to the park, and loading/unloading the dishwasher. Trust and safety are incredibly important to these parents, and they require a clean driving record and a safe, reliable vehicle to transport the boys in. The family is laid back, but trust and safety are big for them, they are relying on someone to keep their babies happy and safe while they're at work.

The job duties may change when the youngest goes to school in the fall, but they are wanting to secure the same schedule with their nanny and add more household assistance (no cleaning) to the role at that time.


- have a track record of being on time and reliable (family doesn't have back up + have demanding jobs)

- be comfortable with cameras (not hidden) in the boys rooms and common area of their home

- have experience with babies and toddlers

- be aware of safe sleep for babies + choking hazards for babies 

- reliable car + safe driving record 

- has patience and comforts the boys when they are upset 

- can maintain firm boundaries with discipline, they do time outs for the eldest + simple explanations

- hands on, engaging and on the floor playing with the boys

- can keep the boys on their routine

- be an excellent communicator with taking feedback + offering input on things

- limit screen time

- positive, upbeat personality 

- make healthy snacks and meals for the kids 

*The family has one dog*


Hourly: $15 - $22/hr

Paid Holidays off: Federal holidays that fall or are observed on a Monday or Wednesday 

Mileage reimbursement: yes, driving personal vehicle is required

End of year bonus: Yes


Greater Nashville area

Nashville families are continually looking for back-up caregivers, date night sitters, and help during school breaks. If you would like to be considered for these positions, apply below. Hourly rate is competitive and commensurates with experience.



First time parents are seeking a calm, laid back, and hard working individual to join their team and work collaboratively with them to balance being first time parents who travel extensively for work. The family in centrally located near Green Hills. 


Full time guaranteed hours, but ever-changing and flexible needs. When the family is in town, there will be more set hours, but when they are on the road, the shifts will be longer. 

Start date: mid-Feb

Duration: 1 year initial contract, but hoping to find someone who can grow with their family for years


These touring musicians are seeking a nanny who can easily adapt to their lifestyle and join their team as someone who will be spending a lot of time with the entire family. This ideal fit is discrete, honest, intuitive, kind, and can roll with the punches/adapt to changes often. The position is suited for an infant-saavy nanny who has worked with newborns (1 week old) and has a very good understanding of the first year milestones and developmentally appropriate ways to reach them. Candidate must exemplify a strong intuitive nature of when to step in and step out, taking the parents lead on decisions and routines, and activating their experience-based knowledge, when asked. 

Job duties and parameters include:

- keeping the baby on a schedule/routine set in place by the parents

- engaging in active playtime + activities to encourage and reach milestones

- logging daily details 

- washing bottles, cleaning up baby-related messes, emptying baby's trash

- assistance with baby's laundry

- packing an unpacking for trips (creating a list of ALL baby related items to be taken on the road)

- be comfortable being a "home-body" (when home), especially for the first year

- provide support to the parents in a kind and friendly way

- provide the child with a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment while at home and traveling

- be adaptable working with other staff, crew, and family in many different settings

- take direction well from the parents and/or their managing staff

- able to read the room when the family is spending one on one time with the baby, but being close by to take over as-needed

- seeking longevity in a position, nanny career-focused individuals will be considered

Touring experience is not required, however prior experience traveling with a family is. 


- current infant CPR + first aid certification 

- a minimum of 3 years working with newborns 

- adaptable, must be able to roll with the punches

- have a safe and reliable car to get to/from work

- be enthusiastic, excited, and ready to travel when needed for work 

- able to travel for up to 2 weeks at a time

- able to travel up to 30 - 40% of the year

- valid passport (must always be valid for longer than 6 months)

- be comfortable with dogs (and preferably love them!) 

- excellent and professional communicator 

- easy going and friendly

- discrete and respect the privacy of the family at all times


Annual compensation will start at $50,000 + travel pay (this will be narrowed down into an hourly rate ant OT rate once the number of hours have been determined) 

PTO + Holidays: negotiable

Health stipend: negotiable 

Guaranteed hours: provided, will determine the exact amount with the candidate



A loving and warm family in Thompson Station (37179) is seeking a full time nanny for their two children, ages 3 and NB due in February. This position requires a lot of flexibility week to week, and some travel. This is not ideal for someone who needs a consistent 9 to 5 job. 


Typically Monday - Friday, 15 - 25 hours per week between 8 am - 6 pm (but paid for 40) 

Non-typical week, 40 hours with some needs on weekends. 

Start date: ASAP

Duration: Long term, this family would love a nanny to grow with their family for years 

Notes on schedule fluctuation: The schedule will start more full time but will generally be closer to part time once everyone gets into a rhythm with baby #2. Dad travels often so mom needs a lot of help! Hours will be required in the evening sometimes until 11-12am or overnights for very late nights/early mornings. 


This family-oriented family is looking to expand their village in Nashville since they have no family in town and need some help with their 3 year old son and baby due soon! Mom is primarily responsible for the day to day schedule and routines with their eldest child, but has a lot of business and social engagements in the works that she'll need to be present for in the coming months, so they need someone who can come in and take initiative! 

Their ideal fit is nurturing and warm, very patient, laid back, and the type who is always thinking of others.


Want to pitch in wherever needed? This job is for you, and it will be a requirement while home and traveling since it's an all hands on deck type of job! This couple also likes to be silly, so a sense of humor goes a long way. They would love someone who is comfortable with their faith as it's ingrained in their everyday lives. 

Travel will involve shared spaces on a tour bus, which will occur a few times per year. This will be set up in advance when the family meets dad on tour. When you're traveling there will be allocated time off, but it's best to go into it knowing you'll be in tight quarters! You'll need to go with the flow! 

Asking for help is sometimes hard for this family, so being a team player and taking the lead on things will be needed a lot. 

There is a potential that this position could turn into a family assistant role with errand running, but primary duties include full charge childcare, help with laundry, light household clean up, and always cleaning up after the children and oneself. 


- experience with newborns and toddlers

- travel experience in a prior nanny position

- CPR certification

- Safe driver and reliable, safe car

- pitch in mentality

- patient, go with the flow, but also can set boundaries and be firm/authoritative

- have a genuine love for children and helping families  


Gross annual base compensation $35,000 - $40,000 ($17 - $19/hr for 40 hours)

*Most weeks only 15 - 25 hours are needed, but they will need your full time flexibility to schedule those hours

Travel will be compensated additionally on top of the base compensation ($3000+ annually)

PTO + Holidays: negotiable 



Super sweet twins need a loving, happy, and engaging nanny for 10-15 hours per week to support mom and dad at their home in the 12 South neighborhood.


Weekly: 10a - 3p 2 days per week. Days are flexible, but preferably non-consecutive (T/TH, M/W, etc.)

+ 1 night per week 

+ potential overnights on weekends

Start date: February 2020

Duration: Anticipated through August 2020, but open to a contract renewal if mutually agreeable.


These two cutie pies are on a great schedule that includes two naps, meal times, and lots of playtime! Mom and dad are looking for someone who is responsible and reliable, from showing up on time to being confident and prepared to spend a few hours with their babies. The twins are on a set schedule and there will be a meal time involved, putting them down for an afternoon nap, and playtime in between. They don't need someone to take the kiddos anywhere at this point, but would love to have a nanny who is comfortable taking them out for walks. They're just starting to sit up and getting a little more mobile, so safety conscious and being engaged and "on" the entire time you're there is important! Planning learning activities, encouraging the kids to get to milestones (crawling, walking, throwing, etc.) reading with them and talking to them to encourage language development are a must! 

Keeping the house picked up after the kids will also be required. 


- Nanny experience with babies, 10 months and older

- Valid CPR certification 

- Ability to commit to a set schedule until August 2020

- Dog friendly (they have a sweet 5 year old tiny golden doodle) 


- comfortable with overnight care for the twins


Hourly: $20 - $25/hour 

Guaranteed pay: yes 




First time parents in East Nashville are looking for a playful and loving nanny to care for their adorably sweet and not-shy-at-all baby girl every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 - 2:30 so mom can get some much needed work done! (Location: 37206)


Every Tuesday + Thursday 8:30 - 2:30 (flexible), totaling about 12 hours/week

Guaranteed hours: yes

Start date: As soon as possible

Duration: Anticipated through the end of July 2020, but flexible with ending earlier in June or so. 



While dad is traveling most of the spring for work, mom is seeking a helpful nanny who can watch their baby girl while mom gets some much needed work done in her real estate profession. Playing around the house, sticking to feeding and napping schedules, and going on local outings will fill up your mornings with this sweet pea! Mom is in and out of the house for work, but typically is not around. They are hoping to secure a reliable and loving person who can be a consistent part of the next few months of their lives, and take care of their girl like they would if they were home! 


- CPR Certification

- Safe + reliable vehicle if opting for outings

- Safe + clean driving history

- Love to play with kids and get on the floor with them, reading, encouraging imagination, and talking to them to encourage language development

- Be an awesome communicator 

- safety conscious and keeping their little cared for 


Hourly: $18 - $20 per hour

Guaranteed hours: weekly agreed upon amount

PTO + Holidays: negotiable



There's never a dull moment for this active family with G5.5, B3, & G8mo! If you're looking to fill your day with fun filled activities with the baby, helping out with errand running, cooking up some meals (they're super simple), and being a helpful partner to mom, then this may be the job for you! The family is located in Green Hills. 



Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM 

Guaranteed hours: yes 

Start date: 2/3/2020 

Duration: 1 year contract, family is looking for a long term fit ideally.


This positive and joy-filled family is seeking a jill of all trades to help mom in tackling the day with three busy kids! Most of the day will comprise of spending time with the baby (G8mo), but many afternoons are all spent together getting through homework, playing outside, cooking a meal, and having fun together. They're looking for someone who can jump right in and learn their dynamic and mirror their family style to ensure consistency for the kids. They're laid back and easy going, but very big on routines and schedules, so you should be too!

Key things to note on fit and job:

  • Need a relaxed, creative, happy, and easy going person

  • Flexibility to move from one task to the other is key (switch from childcare to running an errand, etc.)

  • They’re education focused and take it seriously, you should too!

  • Aware of developmental milestones, help with reading, homework

  • Must like to cook/prep a few easy meals per week. Kid's don't eat much of a variety of food so it's generally simple.

  • Pack lunches and prep baby’s meals and snacks throughout the day

  • Clean up the kitchen in the morning from breakfast while mom gets out the door to take the kids to school

  • Plan activities and creative ideas with the baby (outings are encouraged!)

  • Mom takes the lead on planning for the older two and coordinating their schedules

  • Mom and nanny overlap time is 30% of the time, after school this is common when all the kids are together from 4:30 – 6.

  • Ability to form a bond with all the children, occasionally you may be doing drop offs/pick ups

  • Comfortable with the whole family being together a lot, they want you to feel like family

  • Kids love to hug and touch, they need a warm, cuddly person!

  • able to grow with this family and adapt job duties over time with their changing needs

  • someone who can follow mom's lead with schedules, rules, structure, etc.

  • Family assistant tasks such as errand running, organizational projects around the house, scheduling appointments, identifying expired items and keeping a fridge/pantry list, keeping track of household items, kid's laundry. 


- CPR certified

- Clean driving record (family will provide SUV during work hours)

- be smart with money when purchasing family items (you'll be given a family CC)

- have a pitch in mentality

- know that when the family is on vacation they will still have the nanny/FA work on household focused tasks


Hourly $18 - $20 + OT after 40 hours

Anticipated yearly income: $50,000 - $57,000 

PTO: 1-2 weeks 

Paid Holidays Off: 6 annually




Awesome parents in Bellevue are seeking a positive, patient, engaging nanny to care for their son (2y) full time during the week at their home. 


Hours: Monday  - Friday  8 - 4, with some evenings until 4:15/4:30 with traffic

Guaranteed hours: 40/week 

Start date: 2-3-2020

Position anticipated through: 5 -31- 2021


This little guy likes to spend his days being busy! He has mild sensory integration and social regulation challenges, so his nanny must be willing to learn the family's dynamic, work with the occupational therapist that comes weekly, and be this little man's biggest fan next to mom and dad to ensure he's reaching goals in motor and social development. Climbing their indoor rockwall, scaling a giant tunnel, walking to parks, baking up treats, and throwing rocks in puddles will fill your days (CAUTION: This little man likes to get dirty, but that means he's having fun!) A nanny who it motivated to connect with their son, who is advocating for him to have a voice and coaching him through new and routine experiences is important. The parents will provide a training period where they'll show you the in's and out's of what they have learned already, with the hope that it would be integrated into the day with him while they are working. Childcare related duties are asked, and if you're a baker, it's one of this little man's favorite things to do- it calms him down and soothes him. 



- prior experience as a full time nanny

- CPR Certification 

- Patient + positive
- fun-loving & likes to play/sing songs
- reliable & strong communicator
- engaging & likes outdoors
- creative & encourages independence safely
- sweet but strong
- positive attitude
- intentional and deliberate with words and actions

- safe and reliable vehicle, comfort in transporting the child

- comfortable with a small, friendly poodle-mix 


Hourly: $18/hour + $27/hr OT rate

Gross anticipated annual Income: $37,440 + 

Time off: 10 days PTO

Paid holidays: 9 Annually 

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