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A on the go family in Green Hills is seeking a mother's helper for their family of five in 37215.



Monday – Friday 20 - 35 hours per week depending on the candidate's needs

Care needed mostly in the afternoons (1-6) but also could use 1-2 full days 9-6. About 2 Saturdays per month are needed. 

Start date: As soon as the right fit is found

Duration: 1 year minimum



This is the perfect role for someone trying to dip their feet into nannying. You'll work alongside mom most days, and help her with whatever she needs that day. B10, G7, and B10 month old are on the move! Mom needs a support system at home to help her with childcare and household help such as laundry, making beds daily, and keeping the kitchen cleaned up. They’re a tidy family who definitely needs a second set of hands. Most childcare will be for the baby, no outings in the car just yet, but walks and walking to the park are encouraged! Typically, Mom handles all the afternoon driving and logistics, and will need the family assistant to stay at home with the baby. Many afternoons will be one to three children, with or without mom around. Light dinner prep, some errands, and keeping track of items that are running low would be ideal. Dad travels for work quite a bit, so the family assistant will be needed to stay later some evenings while mom takes the eldest to baseball, etc. Someone with a pitch-in mentality and who goes above and beyond speaks really loudly to mom and it’s something she very much appreciates. Their goal is for their kiddos to be happy and love their caregiver!


The family travels often, and some travel would be needed in this role to New York for about 1-3 weeks per year. This role will require the family assistant to work occasional days when the family isn’t there, helping with big organizational projects, cleaning out toys/clothes, etc. They do not have any pets.


A key to this role is someone who is very comfortable working alongside mom, adopting their family dynamic and being consistent with their routines, rules, etc. A general routine/schedule will be determined, but there will be variation from time to time. 




Hourly: $18 - $20/hour DOE

Approximate Annual Income: depends on final # of hours 

Guaranteed hours: Yes

PTO: 2 weeks, 1 of which to coordinate with a week the family takes off

Paid Holidays off: 9 Federal Holidays/year



A loving family who welcomed their first child in August is seeking a friendly, down to earth nanny to care for their son in East Nashville (Cleveland Park/37207).




Work days: Exact days TBD, but likely 9-3 or 8-2 Monday - Thursday

Guaranteed hours: 30 per week

Start date: 1/6/2020

Contract duration: 6 - 12 months





A fun and engaging nanny will be a great fit for this new family of three! Their ideal fit will focus on engaging with their little guy to spend an educational and developmentally appropriate day with him. Walks outside, trips to story times, the library, Shelby Park and playdates would be encouraged when the weather is good. Dancing around the living room to fun music or reading stories out loud in character voices are always options on a gloomy day! They want their son to explore each day with their nanny and have an upbeat, silly day! Dog lovers are encouraged to apply, as this family has two very sweet and friendly pups who hang out during the day.


General childcare duties are asked such as prepping meals and bottles, picking up child related messes, keeping the routine/schedule the family has in place, and a big emphasis on engaging playtime! This little man likes to keep moving.


Other helpful household tasks that would be appreciated, but always come second to the baby, would be loading and unloading the dishwasher, wiping down counters & tables, sweeping/vacuuming messes made or if baby will be crawling around where it’s messy, and keeping the common areas tidy.


The family has a fenced in yard that is great for fresh air. They ask that the nanny uses her own vehicle when going on outings, and ensuring that it is a safe car to transport a child in.



  • Current CPR Certification

  • Be extremely reliable + dependable

  • Be an animal lover!

  • Have a genuine love for children and caring for them

  • Love music

  • Be energetic and come in with a mental map of the day you’ll spend with the baby




Gross hourly: $18 - $22

Anticipated yearly income: TBD on 6 month or 12 month duration

Guaranteed hours: yes

PTO: negotiable



A growing family in Nolensville (37135) is seeking a Family Assistant to keep their lives running smoothly and help them with childcare! 


FULL TIME HOURS: 10 a - 6 p (40 hours/week)

Will need occasional overnights and some earlier mornings 2-4 times per month


START DATE: As soon as the right candidate is found

DURATION: Long term, this growing family is needing someone for years to come!


This family needs a self starter! They are looking for someone who can spend their day assisting with household tasks and childcare, which is about a 50/50 split. They have a 7 month old, who the nanny would be spending the most time with (must have infant experience) a 2.5 year old and an 9 year old who are in school. They are expecting baby #4 in Spring 2020. After school help with the 2.5 and 9 year old is needed, so you need some afternoon energy to spend the time being creative, imaginative and playful! During the day, the family assistant will work alongside mom to manage the home, aid with childcare, and keep the flow of the house going. Some days mom will not be around, so you must be able to handle daily tasks on your own. This family is very tidy. Tasks such as all household laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down counters and tables, washing bottles, monitoring food expirations and adding to a grocery list, prepping easy family meals, running errands, and cleaning the children's bathtub daily after baths. Their expectation is if you see something out of place, it’s picked up and put away, whether it’s a game piece, crayon, or a sock.

Childcare duties will include; feeding, bathing, putting down for naps, bedtime routines, organizing toys, reading to/with the children, homework help, playing inside/outside, planning learning activities, crafts, games, etc. Bonding with and developing a connection with all of their children is very important.

The balance of the household tasks and childcare tasks will go back and forth on a daily basis, mom is seeking someone who can pick up where she leaves off and vice versa. Going on outings together would be a regular occurrence. They are truly looking for an extension of their family.  

The children have some sensitivities and allergies, so comfort with an epi pen is needed. They ask that due to these allergies, no strong scents, lotions, or detergents are used by the nanny.



Hourly rate: $17 - $20/hour gross to commensurate with experience+ applicable OT when worked

Approximate annual gross income: $35,360 - $41,600 gross base salary/year 

Guaranteed hours: 40/week

PTO: 1 week 

Paid holidays off: Offered



A fun family in Brentwood is looking for a Family Assistant to help them out 2 days per week with errand running, organizing, and childcare! (Location: Maryland Farms/37027)


Option A: Every Tuesday and Thursday 8 AM - 6 PM (will include full day with their youngest child, B1)

Option B: Tuesday, Thursday + 1 more day/week 2:00 - 6:30 PM (will not include full day of childcare)

Start date: January 6, 2020 

Duration: 1 year commitment, looking for something long term ideally 


This family has a lot of moving parts! With a G7, G5 and B1, they need a very helpful extra set of hands to help with household tasks, grocery shopping, errand running, picking up the home, prepping dinner, organizational projects, and greeting the kids when they get off the bus. 

For option A above, the family would ask for full day childcare for their youngest son and take him out of daycare those days, mixed with family assistant tasks and then greeting the two older girls when they are off the bus at 4:45 pm and playing with them until mom or dad gets home at 6. 

For option B above, the family would ask that their youngest is picked up at daycare between 2-4pm and family assistant tasks are also handled, girls are greeted off the bus at 4:45 and playing with them until mom or dad gets home between 6-6:30. 

This family's goal is to spend more quality time in the evenings with their children, and having someone help with: tidying the kitchen, washing/drying laundry, meal prepping (lunches for kids and dinner), grocery shopping, running errands, tidying up common areas and putting items away. This will be a tremendous help a few days a week and allow them to spend more time together as a family! They are big communicators and have no problem leaving a list of things for their family assistant to do for the week and having someone build their own timeline to check those off. Their needs change from week to week, so although there will be some regular routine tasks, there may be new things here and there with errands, etc. 

This position requires a candidate to have a safe and reliable vehicle for errands but also transporting, at minimum, one child. To be considered, you must have a safe driving history. 

CPR is mandatory for this role. Ideal candidates would have experience with ages 1 - 10+ years of age. 


Hourly: $20 gross

Approximate annual gross income: $15,600 - $20,800 gross/year for part time work 

PTO: negotiable

Paid holidays off: yes

Guaranteed hours: yes, to reflect final agreed upon schedule

Mileage: yes 



A loving family in Belle Meade is seeking an adaptable, fun, and organized family assistant to help their family full time starting in January! (location: 37205)


Hours: 35 - 40 hours per week 

Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 4/4:30  +  Friday 1/2 days either 9-2 or 12-5 (depending on the week). 

Start date: Early January 2020

Duration: Long term, this family is hoping for someone to stay for years, but 1 year minimum commitment


This family needs equal parts {organized, efficient and tidy with household tasks} + {fun, loving, engaged nanny who loves to get out in the community!}


A typical day will range with tasks from grocery shopping, a school drop off, a park play date, running to the post office, and prepping an easy kid-friendly meal while the kids are down for a long afternoon nap. On top of this, help with unloading the dishwasher daily, keeping a list of anything that is running low in the house, helping with household laundry, and keeping the house picked up will be daily or every other day tasks. School drop offs and pick ups are asked, as is taking the kids on outings to child friendly places in the community.

When spending time with the kids, its important to be comfortable setting boundaries, instilling manners, and enforcing discipline. 

Key factors that they are seeking in a Family Assistant: 

- MOTIVATION to keep each day productive at home and fun for the kids

- HONESTY in communication regarding the kids, needs, concerns, etc.

- INTEGRITY to do the best each day

- INITIATIVE to seeing what needs to be done, and in planning the day

- NURTURING to their children and being someone the kids love

- ADAPTABLE to their ever-changing lives and schedules, and doesn't get overwhelmed easily

- FLEXIBLE for earlier mornings or later evenings, resulting in slightly different hours some days

- ORGANIZED to help mom and dad come home to a clean home in which they can maximize time with their kids

They want their nanny to feel at home when working with them, and have open lines of communication, including suggestions, ways to do things differently and being transparent with needs or concerns.

*no pets and no travel*


- CPR certification

- be looking for a long term job

- have 3+ years of nanny experience with toddlers

- have worked for a family for 1+ consecutive year

- have a reliable vehicle that is safe and can transport two kids in car seats to/from school and activities


Hourly: $18 - $22 to commensurate with experience 

Approximate annual gross income: $37,440 - $45,760 gross/year

Guaranteed hours: yes

PTO: 10 days/year

Paid holidays off: 7 federal holidays/year 

Mileage reimbursement: offered 

Health insurance stipend: negotiable

End of year bonus: offered 



Career driven parents are seeking an engaging and educationally focused nanny to care for their newborn starting in February 2020 in 37204. 


Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm (guaranteed hours) 

Start date: Feb 2020 

Duration: ideally through December 2022 (2 year commitment but would LOVE someone longer!) 


These parents are seeking a nanny who is educated on developmental milestones and can facilitate appropriate learning activities and grow with their child through these changes. Someone confident in knowing what to look for and anticipating what's next in development. Collaboration and teamwork is big for this couple, they are seeking a nanny who feels like family and can grow with them. They want to feel included in the day, and would love pictures and updates throughout the day! A great fit is someone who is relaxed, on time, confident, a team player, judgement free, and respects and appreciates diversity. And almost most importantly, engaged in the local nanny/childcare community to ensure socialization. 

Childcare comes first, but ideally their nanny could pitch in with the baby's laundry, and picking up anything related to the baby and messes made throughout the day. 


- minimum 4 years of nanny experience with infants, which must be on your resume

- 2 years minimum with experience starting with infants >3 months old

- be a proactive communicator 

- This family's pet peeve is tardiness, so being on time is crucial! 

- confident in early childhood development

- wants to get out in the community, set play dates, be very involved in child-related events

- have a collaborative mindset and respect that these parents love their careers

- be comfortable working in a home with 1 CAT

- CPR certified 

BONUS: someone who is bilingual and would integrate a second language into their everyday care for their child


Hourly: DOE $15 - $18/hour + applicable OT 

Approximate annual gross income: $42,900 - $52,000 gross/year 

Guaranteed hours: yes 

Paid holidays off: 9 per year 

PTO: 1 week/year 

Health insurance stipend: negotiable 



A new mother in Nashville is seeking a full time, full charge nanny for her newborn son (3 mo) for a temporary position. The job location is TBD but will likely be in Crieve Hall or East Nashville. 


M-F 7:30 - 5:30

Start date: Dec 10

Duration: Contract position 1 month at a time, family will give ample notice for renewal/end of contract 


This family is needing a supportive, empathetic, and focused nanny who knows developmental milestones and all things baby in the first months of life. The nanny will be responsible for the infant for feedings, naps, awake time, and learning/engagement time. Extensive newborn care experience is required, with a minimum of 5 years of full time, full charge care being a requirement to apply. 

The nanny must be able to read a room/situation and be comfortable with taking full charge care, even when mom is home and recovering from a trauma. Someone who is comfortable to take things day to day is needed. 


- CPR Certified

- have minimum 5 years of full time, full charge infant care 

- be extremely reliable and available M-F 7:30a - 5:30p (not flexible)

- have a deep understanding of the first months of infancy 

- be confident and comforting 

- comfortable with animals in the home (sweet dog + cat)

- be okay with a month to month contract 

- be a great communicator and comfortable with communicating with mom, family members, or other staff in the home.


Hourly: $18 - $20/hour 



Awesome parent to two girls 5 and 3 years old are looking for a mature, reliable, go-getter to join their family as their nanny in Green Hills (37215). 


Hours:  32 hours per week

Monday 7:15 – 9:15, 11:30 – 5:30  (8 hours)

Tuesday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Wednesday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Thursday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Friday 7:15 – 9:15, 1:30 – 5:30 (6 hours)

Summer: 40 hours per week (full days i.e. 8:30 – 5:30)

On some Fridays, an afternoon shift will not be needed and those hours will move to a different day or date night. This is planned in advance. Candidate must have flexibility to work later in the evening on weeknights or a weekend evening.



This family needs a self-starter who is great with children, can handle drop offs/pick ups and keeping the children engaged, learning, and having fun when they aren't in school/preschool. They love their nanny to take the girls to the zoo, art classes, museums, story times, and more, and also be creative at home nurturing their imaginations and developing minds! Must be a planner and self starter, they would love for you to come up with ideas, crafts, activities, and a map of what the week looks like. Think: someone who always has an exciting new idea for what to do next when the girls are ready for a change.

Communication if very important to this family. If their nanny has questions, concerns, needs something, or has feedback they want to hear it. They’re looking for a partner to keep their household running.



  • Currently CPR certified or able to do so before you begin

  • have a clean background check

  • minimum 3 years of nanny experience

  • 1+ consecutive year of working with the same family

  • ability to make a 1 year commitment to the position

  • be a reliable, on-time person

  • want to join a really loving and professional family!



Hourly: $17-$20/hour

Approximate annual gross income: $29,650 - $34,800 gross/year

Guaranteed hours: 32 hours per week

PTO + paid holidays off

Family car to use while working



A lovely, laid back family moving from Chicago is looking to hire a nanny to begin in January with their two sweet babies, 5 months old and 2.5 years old! They will be living in West Nashville (The Nations) and hoping to move to Sylvan Park with the next year. 


Monday - Friday 

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Some later evenings may be asked with notice

Start date: January 6, 2020 

Duration: 1 year, through Dec 31, 2020 


These two sweeties are used to being in a daycare setting, so a nanny who is engaging, active, and can keep the girls busy with developmental and educational activities is needed! This is a childcare-focused job with a heavy emphasis on active time, reading with the girls, being outside, and promoting learning! General clean up and some assistance with kid's laundry and keeping common areas tidy and picked up is needed. They are looking for someone who is energetic, warm, loving, organized, proactive, and team-oriented. Ideally this person can come in everyday with a plan for what they are doing that day or learning that day. Someone who has plenty of experience with children of these ages, especially developmental milestones, and safety oriented! In the family's words, "we would like to feel like this person is part of our family and almost like a third parent, someone who voices their concerns and suggestions regarding the children. We are very big on safety so we want someone who understands and already does all the big safety things like safe sleep, buckling in high chairs, buckling in strollers, safety around stairs, safety in what types of foods to offer to prevent choking, etc." To them, communication is a two way street, and they're very open to input, suggestions, and tips since they know they don't know it all!


At the moment, they would like the girls to be at home during the day, but they are open to walks around the neighborhood and playtime outdoors. 

The family has an older dog who is usually in a separate part of the house and not much, if any, responsibility is needed for him. 


- Current CPR certification and strong sense of safe environments + choices

- have 3+ years of nanny experience

- Be willing to get an annual flu shot + have pertussis vaccination (Tdap)

- Able to pass a background test + drug test

- Flexible for later evenings here and there with notice



- willing to travel with the family

- bilingual in English and Spanish


Hourly: $16 - $20/hr gross + OT over 40 hours/week

Approximate annual gross income: $39,500 - $49,400/year gross 

PTO: 1 week

Paid Holidays off: yes

Guaranteed hours: yes 

Yearly bonus: yes 

Health insurance stipend: Negotiable 




A family assistant is needed for a busy family of four in Bellevue with two kids, ages 9 and 6 (37221). These kids are really sweet, interactive, smart, and run on routine!


Monday - Friday 1:00 - 6:30 (flexible on start time up to 2:45)

Guaranteed hours: yes

Start date: ASAP

Duration: This schedule through the end of May 2020, summer care needed but optional 


This loving family has two intelligent kiddos who attend a Montessori elementary school each day and need a active, encouraging, and routine nanny to pick them up and keep a consistent and structured afternoon for them until Mom or Dad get home. This family runs on routines, they appreciate someone who can be fun but also stick to the after-school schedule. Supervising bike ridding/out door play and piano practice are expected. Offering encouragement as they learn to do things for themselves, such as help tidy up and pack their own lunches is appreciated.


They need someone responsible, organized, self-motivated, playful, joyful, and adaptable. Ideally this person is someone who enjoys being outside, playing card and board games, reading books, cooking, and making household tasks seem fun so the kids want to join in. Also, a cheerful, positive outlook on life and someone who can handle when kids are sad or frustrated, giving them space to feel their feelings and then helping them look for the good in a situation and discovering solutions to challenges goes a long way. They look at each day as a fresh start, and hope you do too! 

Before picking up the kids each day, the family would love a family assistant  who will help fold laundry, wash/put away dishes, sweep/vacuum dinning and play area, meal plan (just choose a dinner option) and prep for kid's dinner and after-school snack. 


- Safe driver with vehicle in good condition (daily pick up of kids)

- Experience with neurodiverse people is not required, but a willingness to learn about autism and how to positively support and encourage (their eldest is on the autism spectrum.)

- has a positive, happy demeanor but can also set firm boundaries with the kids

- set a great example for the kids/role model 

- run on routine and keep the family's dynamic consistent


Hourly: $17 - $20 

Guaranteed hours: yes

Paid holidays, off: yes 

Mileage reimbursement: yes 



Loving parents and their 2 year old cutie pie are welcoming baby brother into the world at the beginning of the year and need a compassionate and grounded nanny to help them part time in Green Hills. 


December - Flexible, they would like someone to slowly integrate into the role and spend time with their daughter before baby brother arrives. 

January will start Monday - Friday, 5 hours each day, preferably: 

T/Th 10 – 3

M/W/F 12 – 5

Start date: Around December 2, 2019

Anticipated through: December 2020



Mom and Dad are looking for an experienced nanny who knows the ins and outs of newborn care, yet can also switch gears to be engaging and creative with their toddler. Most days their little girl attends school from 8-3, so care beginning in January will mostly be for their newborn. They would love someone who can be an extra set of hands around the house and pitch in where needed, whether it's doing the daily school pick up or putting the baby down for a nap. Ideally loving on the kiddos, engaging with them during awake/play time, and being fully present to help out this family is the main need. Dad travels 1-2 times per month for a few days, and they may need someone who can stay a little later on some evenings to help get both kids to bed. This would be known well in advance. 


- CPR certified

- 2 years minimum of Newborn experience (less than 2 months old and up)

- 3 years minimum of childcare experience overall

- a safe + reliable vehicle with ability to hold two car seats

- safe driving record

- a big heart and love for children

- knowledge of milestones for the first year and for ages 2-4

- ability to commit for one year 


Hourly: $17 - $20 gross

Approximate annual gross income: $22,000 - $26,000 gross/year 

Guaranteed pay: yes 

Paid holidays off: yes 

PTO: offered 

Mileage reimbursement: yes 



A busy family of 5 in Belle Meade is seeking a Family Assistant for their busy lifestyle! 


1-8pm Monday 

 3-8pm Tuesday 

 2-8pm Wednesday

 2-10pm Thursday

 2-8pm Friday

*open to a candidate who cannot do all 5 days

Guaranteed hours; will reflect final scheduled amount

Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year commitment, hopeful for more!


This awesome family of five is hoping to find a loving, creative, self-starting, and genuine family assistant who loves children and can help support their household running smoothly. Daily childcare is needed for their 9, 7, and 4 year old including school pick ups, running to activities, help with homework, and some help with prepping their meals. Most days will also include initiating bedtime routines alongside mom or dad. An occasional errand may be needed but this role is primarily devoted to the children and associated tasks (cleaning up toys, children’s laundry, food prep.) 

Ideally, the best fit for this family is a ‘self-starter’ in terms of coming up with ideas for things to do with the children (primarily around the house, as opposed to elsewhere in town), full of energy, and a radiant/positive attitude.  They see this as someone who is sweet and kind, and who is delighted to be with our children and assist in their rearing. They envision a role model for their children, someone who can balance having fun and being silly with instilling manners and responsibility in their boys.


- Safe car for errands and occasionally picking up the kids

- a professional disposition

- have a valid driver's license and safe driving record 

- be flexible with some scheduling 

- have a positive, upbeat, helpful work ethic

- take initiative and want to pitch in 

- open to a personality test in the interview phase

- must pass background + drug test 


Hourly: $18 - $22/hr gross

Annual anticipated approximate income: $$28,000 - $34,320 gross/year

Guaranteed pay: yes 

PTO: offered/negotiable 

Paid holidays off: Yes

Mileage: yes 


Greater Nashville area

Nashville families are continually looking for back-up caregivers, date night sitters, and help during school breaks. If you would like to be considered for these positions, apply below. Hourly rate is competitive and commensurates with experience.



New, adoring parents to their beautiful baby girl are seeking a part time nanny to care for their baby in the Edgehill neighborhood (37212). 


Tuesdays + Thursdays 9:00 - 2:00 or 3:00 (flexible for 5 or 6 hours)

w/ a date night 2-3 times per month

Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year 


Both parents will be returning to work and need an experienced infant nanny to care for their sweet baby girl for 10 to 12 hours per week. The days will be set to Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they are somewhat flexible with start and end times. Their ideal fit knows first year milestones, can help them get the baby on a schedule (familiarity with Mom's on Call is a +plus+!), and can be a laid back and easy going addition to their family dynamic. Since this is their first little one, they would prefer someone who has worked extensively with babies to be able to apply past experiences to caring for their little one. They don't expect much in terms of household help, not even baby's laundry, just someone who can prep/clean bottles, clean up after themselves and the baby, and doesn't mind spending some time with their 7 year old french bulldog who will be hanging around the house while you're there. Occasional walks outside when it's nice, getting down on the floor with the baby and being engaged, helping with transitions (solids, sleep training, etc.) and a loving person who likes to talk, sing, dance, read and enable learning is the ideal fit!


- CPR certification 

- minimum 2 years of PT or FT work with babies (starting with them ~ 2/3 months old)

- reliability to get to work on time and ability to work T/TH each week

- a one year commitment (through NOV 2020)

- is comfortable with/not allergic to dogs

- is collaborative and respects the family's dynamic and choices

- can help out occasionally in the evenings when mom and dad have a date night


Hourly: $19 - $20/hour gross

Approximate annual gross income: $10,400+ - $15,600+ gross/year

(above does not include extra hours/date nights)

Guaranteed hours: Yes

Paid holidays off: Yes


Add some more info about this item...

Adorable family of four in Brentwood (Witherspoon subdivision) is seeking a nanny for their two sweet kids, 2.5 years old and 6 months in 37027. 


3 days per week, flexible on what days (no Mondays needed)

Hours: 7a - 6p 

Guaranteed hours: 33/week

Start date: Jan,6 2020

Duration: Initial 4 month commitment, with option to renew


These parents are in need of a loving, punctual and active nanny for their sweet little girls! These sisters are being brought up in a Montessori style, so someone who has knowledge of that method would fit in very well. Generally, knowledge of developmental milestones is very important and the family would want the nanny to implement activities, play, and structure the day to incorporate milestone development for both children.

Dad's work shift begins in the early afternoon, so he will be home during the beginning of the nanny's shift, but the nanny will still be responsible and need to take initiative in leading the day. The family prioritizes communication and wants to be a true team with their nanny with open lines of communication with what's working/what isn't, how the day went, etc. General childcare duties are asked, cleaning up after the kids (especially toys!) and yourself, keeping common areas tidy, staying on top of kid's of laundry, and loading/unloading dishwasher would be a big help!


- be on time, always! The morning routine depends on timeliness.

- have minimum 2 experience with infants 6 months and up + toddlers 

- have CPR certification 

- be knowledgable in the Montessori approach

- be comfortable with dogs (they have two friendly pups!)

- be collaborative and work together on a parenting team

- willing to take the kids down the street to the park

- be flexible for some later evenings or helping out on occasional weekends 

This family is so sweet and is looking for a nanny to help them for the next 4 months, with the potential to renew the contract once the mom gets her new workin schedule. Please be open to both options! 


Rate: $18 - $20 per hour

Guaranteed pay: yes 

PTO + Paid holidays to be discussed if renewing contact 


Add some more info about this item...

Adoring new parents to a sweet 3 month old baby girl are seeking a full time nanny in Nashville! Right now the family lives in Midtown, but they will be moving relatively soon to the Green Hills area.



Typically Monday - Thursday 8 – 4, Fridays 8-12 (sometimes 8-4)

Flexibility is required for days when mom travels for work (longer days such as 7-6) This is known well in advance

Hours: 36 – 40/week

Start date: Nov 1 2019

Duration: 6 months – 1 year




This little cutie pie needs an experienced infant nanny who can care for her while mom works from home (and sometimes travels) and dad helps people at his dentistry practice. Full charge childcare is needed from feeding to putting down for naps, planning things to play with during awake time, and all clean up related to the baby. Baby’s laundry, organizing toys/clothes, planning outings and playdates, and planning daily “learning” activities will be asked. The nanny must be well versed in first year development and milestones. They would love someone who comes in with a plan for the day with things to do during awake time. They aren’t on a strict schedule, and it’s more baby-lead.


Additional tasks that would be appreciated when the child is napping is running a load of household laundry, unloading/loading the dishwasher, tidying up, wiping down counters, and potentially helping prep some easy family dinners. Occasional errands may be asked to run to the grocery store, etc.


The ideal qualities that would make a good match with this family is someone who is confident, safety-conscious, adaptable, honest and family-oriented. These parents picture someone who can check in often with photos, enjoys taking the baby to dad’s office during lunch to visit, and welcomes going on outings together with mom when she’s able to join. They would love this person to feel like an extension of their family and truly love to care for their little peanut.



  • Be CPR certified (current)

  • Be adaptable

  • Have a driver’s license and car insurance

  • Have minimum 3 years experience working with infants

  • Be comfortable with mom working from home

  • Know the developmental milestones of the first year

  • Love planning and organization




  • A newer, safe car, but they will likely let the nanny drive theirs if not

  • Open to travel (ski trip in the winter)

  • Overnight coverage when mom + dad are out of town



Hourly: $16 - $20

*higher end of this range for someone willing to do the additional household tasks*

PTO: 5 days for the first 6 month commitment, 5 more if the contract extends to 1 year.

Paid holidays off: Yes

Mileage reimbursement: provided when using your own car

Bonus: annually

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Southern Standard Nannies, a Nashville nanny agency, finding a nanny in nashville, help finding a nanny
Southern Standard Nannies, a Nashville Nanny Agency, finding a nanny in nashville, help finding a nanny, nashvill


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