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Many positions are requiring candidates to align with their current Covid-19 safety practices. Please review the Covid-19 Rick Tolerance Scale when considering the positions below.



Worlds biggest Daniel Tiger fan is holding auditions for his next nanny! This family lives in the West End neighborhood and is looking for an outgoing playmate for this soon to be 3 year old. 


COVID: The family is taking precautions and wearing masks in public. They would prefer someone who isn’t going to concerts or large gatherings without mask mandates, and is also comfortable knowing their own toddler goes to a Mother’s Day Out program twice per week.



M/W/F 9 – 2 with availability to work T/TH 9-2 as needed. The family will pay for M-F 9-2 to ensure their nanny’s availability.

*They would love if someone could work 9-2, M-F in the summers.

Guaranteed hours: 25/week, 15 of those are regularly worked on MWF while 10 are reserved for weeks they need T/TH, but paid weekly regardless.

Start date: Nov 2, 2020 or sooner

Duration: 1 year initial commitment, would love to have someone longer if it works out



Worlds biggest Daniel Tiger fan is holding auditions for his next nanny! This little man has had a wonderful nanny since he was born, but now that it’s time for a change, we’re focusing on the bright side and looking for an engaging, fun-loving, playful and outgoing nanny to spend the mornings having fun and playing with this soon-to-be 3 year old and tiring him out for his afternoon nap! If you love staring in awe at construction trucks, playing make believe, reading up on Brown Bear and Curious George, and putting some miles on the tricycle, this is the job for you! It would be a big perk if you like to incorporate learning into the day in an organic way by counting different objects, pointing out colors and shapes, and observing and practicing the ABC’s.


Mom and dad don’t expect much from their nanny in terms of household help. Cleaning up after yourself and the day’s messes that are made are their only ask. They have a sweet mini golden doodle who may pop in from time to time, but no pet duties are needed. Their biggest pet peeve would be someone who is on their phone throughout the day. With their little man being at such an impressionable age, they want someone who can be fully “on” when you’re with him! They’re not big on screen time so that likely won’t be a part of your day with him. They use time out if needed, but have only had to do this a handful of times.



  • 3 years of professional childcare experience

  • 1 year of nanny experience

  • Be reliable and timely

  • Flexible to work T/TH when needed

  • Comfortable with a hypo-allergenic small dog

  • Be able to make a one year commitment



Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross

PTO: 1 week annually

Sick days: 3 annually

Paid Holidays off: 9 annually



Adoring first time parents in Franklin are looking for an experienced nanny to join their family at the beginning of 2021 when mom returns to work! Their son was born in August and will be 5 months old when the nanny begins. They live just south of downtown Franklin, TN in a quiet neighborhood.


COVID: These parents are wearing masks whenever they’re outside of their home or at work. They ask that someone is taking the virus seriously and following mask protocol when outside of work to ensure that no additional risk is being brought into their home. They will not require a nanny to wear a mask while at work, but need someone who values the importance of wearing one in public.



The weeks will rotate with a heavy week and light week, an example schedule is:


Light Week
Monday: 7a-5p
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 12p-7p (maybe later if dad works late)
Thursday: 7a-7p (maybe later if dad works late)
Friday: Off
Total: ~30 hours

Heavy Week
Monday: 12p-7p 7p (maybe later if dad is working late)
Tuesday: 7a-7p 7p (maybe later if dad is working late)
Wednesday: 7a-6p
Thursday: Off
Friday: 7a-7p (maybe later if dad is working late)
Total: ~40 hours


Guaranteed hours: 70 every 2 weeks/per paycheck

Start date: January 4, 2021

Duration: 1 year commitment through Dec 31, 2021 required



This new mom and dad are seeking a knowledgeable infant nanny to spend the day with their (then to be) 5 month old having lots of fun and working on his development! Mom is a pharmacist, so the schedule mimics her schedule and will change here and there which is why they’re asking for flexibility on days, but guaranteeing full time work every 2 weeks. Dad works in television and works from home right now unless he has an event. When his work policy changes, he will be going back into an office. He works out of sight in their basement.



Those who are quick to pick things up, please apply! Mom doesn’t want to micromanage and is looking for someone who can pick up on their dynamic and routines easily. Prior infant experience is really big to these parents, mom wants someone who knows what they’re doing and be confident in the role, while also respecting the parent’s wishes of choices they make and being consistent with their parenting style. They would love a nanny who takes the initiative to plan the day with developmental activities, make suggestions of toys or books that are good for the baby’s age, and being active and going on walks, getting on the floor and playing with their son, and being attentive and engaging.


During nap times, it would be incredibly helpful if their nanny could pick up any messes that have been made during the day with the baby and keep things tidy and organized. Mom and dad are both orderly people and like to keep a clean home. Help with baby’s laundry and occasionally willing to pitch in to keep their home running with an errand or task here and there would be so helpful!



  • 2 years prior infant experience

  • 2 years of prior nanny experience

  • 3 years of professional childcare experience in total

  • Able to make a 1 year commitment

  • Comfortable around pets (family has a loyal 8 year old lab)

  • Able to work long days (12 hour shifts some days)

  • Reliable vehicle and safe driving record for when the parents feel more comfortable with someone taking the baby on outings



Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross

Guaranteed hours: 70 hours per pay period (2 weeks)

PTO, Paid holidays off, Sick days: negotiable

#HB111- JANUARY 2021


Hard working first time parents are looking for a punctual nanny who can offer them the peace of mind that their little guy is in good hands when they return to work in early January 2021! They live in the Hillsboro/West End neighborhood.


COVID SCALE: It’s all about trust! Mom and dad both work in a hospital setting and take safety precautions very seriously, they ask that their nanny is being careful and can talk openly about risks, exposure, and concerns etc. that may come up along the way.



This schedule rotates to cover mom’s working schedule. She has a set schedule for a few weeks at a time and knows this 2-3 months in advance (she’s a planner!). An example of the schedule is:

Monday 9 AM – 4 PM

Tuesday 9 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday 9 AM – 1 PM

Friday 9 AM – 1 PM

Plus: *occasional Thursdays with notice, date nights 2x per month

 GUARANTEED HOURS: The family can guarantee 25 – 30 hours/week depending on the schedule/candidate’s needs.

START DATE: January 11, 2021

DURATION: 8 month initial commitment is asked through 8/31/2021




These first time parents are LOVING being mom and dad to their sweet baby boy born August 8th. He is snacking like a pro and growing into an active and alert little one. He’ll be 5 months old by the time the nanny starts and the parents anticipate him to be on some solids by then. They prefer no screens and being very active with him during awake time. There is a possibility that mom will be working from a home office, but this could change depending on her workplace policy with covid.


Mom and dad are looking for a true partner to help them out. Mom is very organized and keeps their home and schedules that way as well. They’re on a “routine” with their son and would like someone who can be consistent with the routine and keep that up throughout the days with him. Their ideal nanny can fill in the gaps with activities and play while incorporating ideas that the parents have as well. They want to feel involved and consistent in their baby’s day, but also give their nanny the freedom to plan and implement developmentally appropriate play time as well! Their home is very fun and lively when it’s just the three of them, and they would love someone who can match their energy and enthusiasm for each day! They’re big fans of neighborhood walks and eventually when it’s safer/their baby is older, someone who can take him on outings to be around other littles.


Important qualities to these parents is someone who is punctual and accountable, someone who can work well with both parents and truly partner with them (this means communication is HUGE!), they love the idea of updates and pictures throughout the day. Flexibility in the weekly hours is truly important as their schedules change often, so it’s key to ensure that this is okay with their caregiver. Lastly, someone who keeps their son safe and happy is ultimately their dream nanny.



  • 3 years of professional childcare experience

  • 2 years of experience working with infants ages 5 months+

  • 1 year of prior nanny experience (part time or full time)

  • Comfortable with pets (2 goldendoodles and an indoor/outdoor cat)

  • Can make a 8 month commitment

  • Well versed in child development/milestones from 5 months – 2 years

  • Be organized and like to keep up a routine/schedule

  • Work well with parents and communicate and work together on daily plans/activities




Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross

Guaranteed hours, 5 PTO days, 4 sick days and up to 9 paid holidays off that fall on a regular working day.



Adoring parents to their spunky and energetic little girl are seeking a part time nanny to care for her at their home in 12 South (37204). 


Tuesdays + Thursdays 9:00 – 5:00 + 2 Fridays per month and occasional evenings for date nights 

Guaranteed hours: offered

Start date: January 4, 2020

Duration: 1 year 


These hard working parents need a nanny with lots of energy who loves to play to care for their sweet 1 year old (will be 16 months when job starts.) The days will be set as Tuesdays and Thursdays with 2 Fridays per month as well if the nanny is able to work Fridays. They are somewhat flexible with start/end times each day. Their ideal fit knows milestones in the 2nd year, loves water play and chasing bubbles around the backyard, and can plan engaging activities and crafts to do together.

They don't expect much in terms of household help, not even baby's laundry, just someone who can prep/clean bottles, clean up after themselves and the baby, and doesn't mind spending some time with their French bulldog who will be hanging around the house while you're there. Someone who will take occasional walks outside when it's nice, be engaged, help with transitions, be safety minded and love to talk, sing, dance, and read with their little one would be ideal!


- CPR certification 

- minimum 2 years of PT or FT work with children ages 1+

- reliability to get to work on time and ability to work T/TH each week

- a one year commitment (through January 2022)

- is comfortable with/not allergic to dogs

- is collaborative and respects the family's dynamic and choices


Hourly: $19 - $20/hour gross

Guaranteed hours: Yes

Paid holidays off: Yes



Sweet parents in Belle Meade (37205) are looking for a safety conscious and caring nanny for brothers ages 4 and 2! 


Option A:

Monday 8:30a - 5:30p 

Wednesday 6a - 5:30p


Option B

Wednesday AM only from 6 AM - 9 AM and drive the boys to school

START DATE: November 2020

DURATION: Option A: 1 year, Option B: 3-4 months 

These adorable brothers are needing an engaged, safety oriented, and loving nanny to care for them on Mondays and Wednesdays! They both attend school for a few hours each day. A typical day could include drop off/pick up from preschool, putting the baby down for naps, snack time, prepping lunch, playing with the boys, reading with them, helping with the kid's laundry, wiping down counters, picking up toys, walks to the park, and loading/unloading the dishwasher. Trust and safety are incredibly important to these parents, and they require a clean driving record and a safe, reliable vehicle to transport the boys in. The family is laid back, but trust and safety are big for them, they are relying on someone to keep their babies happy and safe while they're at work.

The job duties may change when the youngest goes to school in the fall, but they are wanting to secure the same schedule with their nanny and add more household assistance (no cleaning) to the role at that time.


- have a track record of being on time and reliable (family doesn't have back up + have demanding jobs)

- be comfortable with cameras (not hidden) in the boys rooms and common area of their home

- have 3+ years of nanny or related experience

- be aware of safe sleep + choking hazards 

- reliable car + safe driving record 

- has patience and comforts the boys when they are upset 

- can maintain firm boundaries with discipline, they do time outs for the eldest + simple explanations

- hands on, engaging and on the floor playing with the boys

- can keep the boys on their routine

- be an excellent communicator with taking feedback + offering input on things

- limit screen time

- positive, upbeat personality 

- make healthy snacks and meals for the kids 

*The family has one dog*


Hourly: $19 - $22/hr

Paid Holidays off: Federal holidays that fall or are observed on a Monday or Wednesday 

Mileage reimbursement: yes, driving personal vehicle is required

End of year bonus: Yes



Soon to be Nashville residents are looking to hire a part time nanny so mom and dad can get some much needed work done throughout the week! They are moving from Atlanta to The Nations in mid-October and need someone to begin helping them in early November.


Covid protocol: The family is taking all recommended CDC and local precautions and asks that their nanny is bringing little risk into their home and to their baby by also following all recommended protocol of mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing.


Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday 8 AM – 4 PM + possibly ½ day on Monday if the nanny needs more hours.

Guaranteed hours: 24 per week to start

Start date: 11/2/2020

Job duration: 1 year (through 11/1/2021)



This easy going family is making the move to Nashville for dad’s job and mom will be working remote from her home office! They are the proud parents of a sweet baby boy who is 6 months old and recently sprouted two teeth! He loves to play but loves someone playing WITH him even more, this little ham gobbles up attention! Engaging with him in active playtime, taking him on walks, and feeding him some of mom’s homemade purees will be some highlights of your day with him.  


All things child-related will be asked of the nanny, from putting the baby down for naps to cleaning up his eating space after a meal and washing his bottles. During naps, it would be a big help for the nanny to load or unload the dishwasher and potentially help make some baby food, but that isn’t required. They would love for someone to get outside with him on beautiful days and eventually set up play dates in the park with other little ones so he can make some friends.


Mom is a lawyer and has been trying to work while also having her baby in her lap for most of her calls, so having the relief of someone who can confidently care for her son so she can get her work done is a much needed change of pace for her.  The parents are open to someone with a little less experience who they can train for the role but draw a hard line with screen time and do not want their nanny to rely on that during the day. They would appreciate someone who can follow her lead on things, while also taking initiative to get creative with playtime and planning developmentally appropriate learning/teaching opportunities (not a strict curriculum.)



  • 3 years of professional childcare experience

  • Current CPR certification for infants

  • Hard work ethic and fully present while at work

  • Accept and celebrate diversity and different cultures

  • Great communicator who can receive feedback and make changes if needed; you don’t need to be perfect in this role, but you do need to be open to making adjustments to be a team player with mom and dad.

  • Patient and laid back


Not required but would be great:

  • Native English OR Spanish speaker (both parents speak Spanish) or bilingual in both



Hourly: $17 - $18/hr gross

Guaranteed hours: offered

PTO: 5 days annually

Sick days: 5 days annually

Paid holidays off: TBD major federal holidays depending on what falls on a regular work day



These first time parents are so in love with their baby girl! Due to COVID, it has pretty much just been the 3 of them since she was born on June 6th, 2020. Now as they prepare for both to start working full-time again, they are in need of a wonderful nanny to be the comfort and partner-in-crime she needs when her mamas are occupied. They are a fun family, with laid back atmosphere and lots of laughter, located in East Nashville, 37216 


COVID PROTOCOL: This family has been very careful and quite strict with their COVID protocol. Having a newborn during COVID has made them both very nervous and they have kept their circle very small (Grandma & Grandpa are around the baby, as well as a few friends who they know have also been very careful). They would like a nanny who is also taking all precautions and would be open to taking a COVID test previous to starting.



Weekly:  3 days/week, 10 AM - 5 PM days are negotiable, but will be consistent once the schedule is established.

Guaranteed hours: 20/week 

Start date: October 26, 2020

Duration: November & December 2020… this has the potential of extending but they are not certain at this time if childcare will be needed in 2021.




These new parents want the absolute best for their girl and want her in a fun, happy, playful environment that nourishes her development and promotes her natural curiosities. They have a park across the street and a path where you can go on walks (when weather & temps allow). They want someone outgoing, nurturing, and engaging. Soak up the sunshine, have dance parties, get on the floor and get on her level, practice new “tricks” (right now that’s rolling over and she’s working on an army crawl/scooting herself forward). She is a very active and happy baby. She loves to talk and interact with her dogs and other people. They are pretty sure she will be a little social butterfly! Someone easy going and whom genuinely loves babies is a MUST!


They would love help with getting her on a good schedule. She is still not consistent with her naps but they hope to get her there as she gets a bit older. The parents would like someone with an understanding of developmental milestones and the appropriate awake time activities to help a child reach these.


Both moms work from home currently, due to COVID. That probably will not be changing before 2021. There is a living room area with all things baby, as well as her nursery upstairs.



  • Newborn experience of 3+ years

  • 3+ years of professional childcare experience

  • Current infant CPR certification

  • Willing to update tdap vaccine if expired and also receive an annual flu shot

  • Comfortable with dogs (preferably a dog-lover) the family has two yorkies, as well as a 19 year old cat (who you probably won’t see much of).

  •  Comfortable with preparing basic baby food… she is just now starting to try a few purees (bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado). They have an easy to use bullet and food trays to store & freeze if needed.


Preferred, but not required:

  • Education degree or background




Hourly: $15-$17 per hour depending on experience 

Guaranteed weekly income of $300 - $340 depending on hourly rate



These excited first time parents are expecting their son any day now and are looking for a nanny to begin in late November when mom returns to work.


COVID PROTOCOL: This family is fairly laid back with covid, mom works in a hospital and is taking precautions, they would like for their nanny to be upfront and honest about being symptomatic, and taking precautions to not be irresponsible is important to them.  



Weekly:  Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30 + some occasional later evenings if the nanny wanted OT\

***In 2021, the family will need longer weeks in February, April and June that will include 10 additional hours each week, with start times as early as 6:30 and end times at 5:30PM. This is when mom has certain service weeks at work and has 90 hour work weeks.

Guaranteed hours: 40/week, OT is paid for any hours worked over 40 but they aren’t consistent enough to guarantee. They would like someone who is flexible to work longer weeks here and there, but not regularly.

Start date: November 30, 2020

Duration: 1 year commitment required 




These new parents want the absolute best for their little man and imagine him growing up in an enriching environment that nourishes his development and promotes his natural curiosities. They do not wish to put him in front of screens and prefer someone who would be engaged and allow him to discover his world around him by creating opportunities to do so. They would love for someone to take him to the park, be outside in nature, soak up sunshine on walks, and provide a tranquil and peaceful day for him by providing patient, intentional, and loving care to this little boy! It’s also important that they find someone who is playful and has humility. They want an easy going day for their little man with someone who interacts genuinely with him and loves children.


As their nanny, the day will be up to you to plan with respect to the baby’s schedule. The parents would like someone with an understanding of developmental milestones and the appropriate awake time activities to help a child reach these. Routines and schedules will evolve, and their nanny will likely have less down time as naps get less frequent, but longer thought out the next year. Some help with the baby’s laundry and keeping common areas picked up and tidy would be helpful during the baby’s naps. They keep a tidy environment and would prefer to keep it that way!


Dad works from home but is usually tucked away in his office. Their home provides a lot of room for nanny and baby to spread out and have a variety of different spaces to be in. Although they do not need someone to transport their son right away, they can picture outings to story times and other kid friendly neighborhood spots to be frequented weekly. They don’t know much about anything kid related in the area, so they’re very open to ideas and suggestions when the time is right for their son to get out and about when he’s older.



  • Newborn experience with 6 weeks and up and preferably you have worked with 2-3 newborns of this age.

  • 3+ years of professional childcare experience

  • Current infant CPR certification

  • Willing to update tdap vaccine if expired and also receive an annual flu shot

  • Comfortable with dogs (preferably a dog-lover) the family has a sweet golden retriever who will want some love during the day, and maybe a walk if you take the baby on one?


Preferred, but not required:

  • Bilingual in another language

  • Education degree or background




Hourly: $18 - $20/hr gross DOE + applicable OT

  • Guaranteed weekly rate @ $18/hr = $720, but potential with OT of up to $990/week gross

  • Guaranteed weekly rate @ $20/hr = $800, but potential with OT of up to $1,100/week gross

PTO: 2 weeks

Sick time: 1 week

Paid holidays off: 7 annually

Health insurance: negotiable after 90 days



This family of five is seeking a super hero nanny to swoop in and save their sanity. Mom and dad work full time jobs and need a seriously skilled nanny who can hype their kids up on both learning time and treasure hunts while not letting them graze on cheerios all day. #sendhelp 


COVID: One of the reasons this family is hiring a nanny is to be safe and cautious with covid. They would want someone who is mitigating risk by limiting public outings, keeping a mask on when you’re in public, and hand washing/sanitizing regularly. This job is not for the Broadway frequenter. They will be very open with you about any risks that come about and would expect the same transparency.




Monday – Friday + some Saturdays (if it isn’t asking too much?)

Typically day starts at 8 AM and ends anywhere between 1 PM to 5 PM

You will be guaranteed your hours each week, and the family can offer between 32-35 weekly. If you need 40 and you’re a unicorn, they’ll consider it!

Start date: ASAP!


This family’s ideal nanny is the one the kids wait at the door for each morning. They’re looking for someone who is engaging and loving with their kids, keeping the focus on them and planning the day to include learning time, lots of outdoor play time, playing inside, and keeping a routine schedule with meals and naps. Their end goal is to provide their children with as much of a “normal” year as possible, and so far they haven’t found the right person to help them do that.


Their eldest child, B3, is in school 2 days per week, which means the almost-mobile-twins are all yours on those days! Big brother is precocious and a great helper. If you’re excited about taking out the trash, he is too. The little ones couldn’t be more different. B1 is chill, content and always has the giggles. G1, aka “the Alpha” is known for her courage in trying new things and never looking back. All the kids nap/have down time for about 1-3 hours each day and are good eaters, eating mostly what mom and dad do. Healthy and nutritious meals are important to them and they like to stick to specific meal times and snack times, mostly for the kids’ health, but also so that there isn’t a constant trail of snacks all over the house.


This family is big on RIE and Love and Logic parenting. If you’re familiar, great, and if not, it’s easy to read up on these practices. To summarize it, they want to provide their kids the opportunity to explore the world around them and figure out their own interests (within reason) with an adult monitoring them and encouraging them to discover, all while allowing the children to make choices and learn natural consequences from them while feeling safe and loved by their parent or caregiver. This does not mean you’re hands off all the time, you can still plan copious amounts of crafts, but recognizing moments when it’s appropriate to let the littles get knee deep in their independence is important!



When the kids are sleeping, mom and dad would love a hand with picking up the house, cleaning up lunch dishes from the kids, running a load of laundry, and generally tidying up so mom and dad don’t walk into a war zone when they’re home (they really want to maximize their one on one time with their babies!)




  • 3 years of professional childcare experience

  • 1 year of consistent part or full time nanny experience

  • Current CPR certification

  • Ability to make a 1 year commitment

  • Energetic and always present, this isn’t the job for someone who can’t run around outside for 2 hours or feel the need to check their phone constantly.

  • Self starter and someone who likes to plan the day, mom and dad have had to be way too involved in helping out with this and need to check out to get work done

  • Positive and confident with the kids, get them excited about what you’ll do that day!

  • Common sense- if a child is crying on the floor, pick them up, etc.

  • Intentional and down to earth; please love kids and love this career!

  • Safety minded – three under 3 is a lot and mom and dad know that. They want to hire someone they can feel at ease with whose “got it” when they aren’t around.


At the moment, no driving is required but could be something once it’s safer to go places. The family would provide a vehicle for the nanny to use in this instance. Please have a safe driving record!



Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross DOE

PTO: 1 week

Sick days: 3

Paid Holidays off: 7-8 annually



 A tight knit mother-son duo are seeking a dynamic full time family assistant to assist with childcare for the 1 year old and household tasks in their East Nashville home (37206).


COVID PROTOCOL: This family is practicing all recommended guidelines of mask wearing and hand washing and would expect the same. They have regular contact with high risk family members and are asking those who are applying to be practicing safe measures and not bring added risk into their home.



Monday – Friday 6:45 AM – 2 or 3 PM daily, OT happens from time to time

Guaranteed hours: 40/week

Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year commitment required



This momma is seeking a second set of very exceptional hands! She will be in the home most days, but will need someone who can work very well independently and can stick to their daily routine and tasks with her bright and loving 13 month old boy. Their ideal fit is someone who is kind, hard-working, and brings a joyful and bright presence to their family’s life. They are very much looking forward to welcoming someone into their home who is grounded in their professional boundaries. They ask that applicants have been in a similar role before, as mom doesn’t want to micromanage after she has taught someone the ropes.


Organization goes a long way, and mom needs someone who can manage weekly household tasks and be on top of routine weekly needs. No deep cleaning is required, the family has a housekeeper once a week, so tidying up after using spaces/items is asked.  


This little man is the light of momma’s life! She would love for someone to have experience with his age (13 months) and bring a lot of activities involving play and learning to the day. Tracking milestones and making sure he’s meeting them is important. Mom is giving the nanny the autonomy to plan what to do and would love to have someone who enjoys planning the week ahead of time.



  • Following similar covid safety protocol

  • Minimum 2 years of nanny experience

  • Prior experience with family assistant/house management tasks

  • Up to date CPR certification for infants/adults

  • Respectful of the family’s privacy and not reliant on needing a parent to be involved in the day

  • Strong sense of being able to read a situation/the room

  • Desire to grow in a position and be with a family for 1+ years, they would love to find their forever person!

  • Open and honest communicator




Hourly: $19 - $21/hour + applicable OT

Guaranteed hours: 40/week

PTO, Holidays and more offered



A lovely family in Green Hill is seeking a Family Assistant to help with household tasks and helping out with their three kiddos in the afternoons, ages 11, 9 and 5. Mom can’t be in three places at once, so she’s looking for a very helpful human to take some of the load off!






Hours: Monday – Friday 1:00 or 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM + flexibility to stay later on occasion  

Guaranteed hours: 20 – 25/week

Start date: ASAP!

Duration: 1 year commitment requested, would love someone for 2-5 years!





This on-the-go family needs another very organized and capable adult to help manage organizational projects, tidiness, laundry, meal prep and after school routines with this hands-on momma! All three children are in different schools, so the afternoons are very much divide and conquer. The position will be a bout 50/50 household help and helping with the kids.


A great candidate for this role would be someone who can identify things that need to be done, even if they aren’t on a to-do list, and run them by mom to discuss what to do with them. For example, see a pile of old clothes? Bring it up and ask her what to keep, donate, or throw away. Can’t find anything in the pantry? Bring your best Home Edit skills and tackle it! Being observant is a big ticket item for this family, they need it!


Another great quality a candidate can bring to the table is a willingness to help out with whatever there is to do around the house, be it laundry, unloading the dishwasher, running an errand, or starting a recipe for a simple dinner that evening. Their goal is to have as much done during the day so mom and dad get the quality time the truly want with their children each night. The family has a housekeeper who comes weekly, so no deep cleaning is involved in this role.


The kids are very self-sufficient, most tasks involving their care is picking up from school and driving to an activity or appointment, monitoring that they complete their homework and follow their afternoon routines, being available for questions the two youngest may have with homework, or simply just supervising them while they’re home. Modeling good habits for the kids is important to these parents, and being patient with them is key.




  • 3 years of professional experience working with children and/or in a home management role

  • Current CPR certification

  • Safe driving record and a reliable vehicle to use for work purposes

  • Comfortable with two sweet dogs, one is a mut (8) and the other is a mini golden doodle (2).

  • Have a hard work ethic and be ready to go as soon as you get to work each day!

  • Be able to make a minimum 1 year commitment

  • Work well as a team but also independently

  • Comfortable adapting to the family’s routines and way they do things and be happy to help!


Not required but preferred:

  • Able to help out with overnights 1-2 times per year when the parents travel




Hourly: $18 - $22/hr gross depending on experience

Guaranteed hours: Will guarantee what is scheduled weekly (20-25 hours)

Paid holidays + PTO: offered/negotiable



This growing family in 12 south is looking for a reliable family assistant who can balance being a loving caregiver to their son (1.5) and have a knack for helping out around the house to allow these working parents to maximize the time they get to spend together as a family outside of their careers. They reside in the heart of 12 south (37204).





Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM with flexibility 15 – 30 minutes before and after those hours on occasion.

Guaranteed hours: 35/week

Start date: October 2, 2020 or sooner

Duration: One year initial commitment, with intention to renew for another year



These parents want to provide the best possible upbringing for their children, and realize that is best attained by having a family assistant on their team! They appreciate and respect the importance of having this person and want the absolute best for their kids, which starts with a consistent, loving caregiver who will be a positive presence in their little one’s lives.


Mom is due in December with their second little boy and will have six months of maternity leave, so the family assistant wouldn’t be fully responsible for the baby until May/June 2021. She is very much looking forward to this time spent with their new baby and bonding with him during her maternity leave. She plans to nurse for the first year as she did with their eldest and will be looking for someone who will still continue to offer full time child and household support throughout her maternity leave. Go mama go!


They are looking for a nanny who can engage with their son in playing with their Montessori based toys, encouraging self-play and discovery, reading books, playing inside and outside, and aiding in prepping his meals and following nap time routines. They’re also big on getting out and going to parks, planning play dates and playing with kiddos of similar ages, and being active outdoors.


This family follows the “Taking Cara Babies” and baby-lead weaning approaches. They would want someone to learn about and familiarize themselves with these concepts if you aren’t already, as they have worked incredibly well for their family and they plan to continue using them with their newborn.


In addition to child-related duties, the family is seeking a go-getter who is open to helping out around the house during their son’s 3 hour nap. This will include routinely helping with the family’s laundry, tidying up the kitchen, wiping down surfaces and little finger prints off of the fridge, cleaning up eating spaces after meals, and 1-2 times per week helping with vacuuming and sanitizing floors since their little man is always on the ground, and keeping the kid’s rooms and common areas tidy and picked up daily. Occasional errand running may be asked as well as needs that arise as this family evolves and grows.


As this family’s employee, you can expect to feel taken care of both at work and outside of work, get direct communication and feedback in real time, and be treated fairly with the understanding and encouragement of both parents in supporting you as a part of their family. They ask that their future family assistant be a big fan of being tidy, lover of schedules and keeping to a routine, and be safety-conscious and always “present” when the child(ren) are awake. They also really appreciate an honest, proactive and caring person who is hard working!



  • Current Infant/Adult CPR certification

  • Safe and reliable vehicle to transport the children as-needed

  • 2 years of prior nanny experience (full or part time) not just summer nanny jobs or temp

  • A total of 3 years of professional childcare experience as an adult

  • Ability to commit to a position for a minimum of 1 year

  • Be taking covid precautions seriously and want to work for a family who is equally keeping you safe in their own practices as well

  • Have excellent references

  • Open to traveling with the family and overnights occasionally, both with notice




Hourly: $17 - $18/hr gross

Guaranteed hours: 35/week

PTO: 2 weeks annually

Sick days: 1 every 6 months

Paid holidays off: 6 annually

Bonuses: discretionary bonuses throughout the year



A dual physician family in Green Hills is looking to for an incredible nanny to help them part-time with their rotating childcare needs for their three children ages B6, G5, and B2 (Green Hills, 37215.)


COVID SCALE: This family is taking covid precautions very seriously and following CDC guidelines. They are mask wearing in public, avoiding groups of over 10 people, and hand washing/sanitizing thoroughly. Their daughter has a weakened immune system and they are needing someone who is very careful and conscious about that. It is possible that both parents could come into contact with covid patients, but this is not common and not the patients they are with on a regular basis.



Full time week: 5 days/week, 7 am – 6pm, 10-11 hour shifts (55 hours)

Part time weeks: 2 days/week, 5 hour shifts of your choice (10 hours)


Full time weeks happen every 3 weeks, these are not flexible hours

Part time weeks occur in between then full time weeks, these are very flexible hours


Great position for someone in online school, a tutor, or a freelancer


Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year contract




This sweet family is looking for a great fit to help them out while mom works heavy weeks as a doctor and needs a few hours of childcare to get other things done on slow weeks. The two eldest children are in school for full days, so the majority of the day is spent with the curious and active 20 month-old exploring, playing, and having fun! They are not big on screen time, so someone who can keep this little man actively engaged between dropping big sis off at school and nap time is a must.


The family can be extremely flexible on the part-time weeks, but would need someone who can be reliable and open to working 5 very long days in a row.


Their ideal nanny would be patient and sweet, and be able to pour their attention into their daytime playtime with their youngest. This role also requires a great deal of planning and being organized. The afternoons involve two school pick ups (and maybe a stop in between at a park to burn off some energy) then playing with all three, getting them fed, and starting bath time before mom and dad get home. The kids do well with someone who is highly positive and loving who defers to redirection and praising positive behavior as their approach to “discipline.”


Other than childcare, mom would appreciate someone who can keep the kid’s laundry moving along smoothly during the week. Picking up the house after yourself and the kids is also required daily. Nap time is usually 1.5 – 2 hours, so there is typically time to do this and have a break. They would also love someone who wouldn’t mind preparing their pre-ordered meal service (similar to Hello Fresh.)


This family really values the care and position of their nanny in their household and is ready to welcome them into their family with open arms! They have employed nannies in the past and look forward to building a great relationship with their next nanny as well.



  • Ability to commit to the schedule mentioned above

  • Experience with ages 1.5 and up in a professional setting (nanny, daycare, preschool)

  • Experience in a previous long-term nanny role (1+ year)

  • Up to date on CPR certification

  • Safe driver and comfortable using the family’s vehicle to transport the kids (drop off/pick up)

  • Ability to make an initial 1 year commitment

  • Strong references from previous employers




Hourly: $17/hour + applicable OT (heavy weeks will be 10-15 hours of OT pay)

Sick days: 3 days annually

Paid holidays: negotiable



This sweet couple is looking for a nanny who can foster their little girl’s learning and independence and assist with house management duties while she’s in school twice per week.


COVID PROTOCOL: This family is a 3.5 on the scale. They would ask that someone is wearing masks in public, hand washing, and not in large public gatherings or frequenting areas where masks are not required as dad is high risk and so are the grandparents who they see often. 


Monday: 2:00 – 4:45

Tuesday: 8:45 – 4:45

Wednesday: 8:15 – 4:45 (house manager duties until 2pm)

Thursday: 8:45 – 4:45

Friday: 8:45 – 4:45   

Some weeks the family will need up to 40 or 45 hours with advanced notice (OT paid)

Guaranteed hours: 35/week

Start date: October/November 2020

Duration: 1 year commitment required





Are you someone who loves to plan activities, crafts and play based learning activities for kids and ALSO loves to be outdoors? Looking for your next 2 year old BFF? Keep reading! This family is looking for a dynamic nanny who can fill their daughters’ days (3 per week when she isn’t in school) with fun and engaging activities while also spending lots of time outside playing at the park, in the creek, and in her sandbox! One day per week they are asking for help with some house management duties which will be kid-free hours so you can get them done!


This inquisitive 2 year old girl loves to explore and discover her world around her. She is currently in her “miss independent” stage, and someone who can nurture these moments is important! Since she’s in school 2 days per week, it is important to this family that their daughter gets one on one time with the nanny in an intentional, engaging way. They don’t want their little one in front of screens while she is with their nanny, and wants a creative person who can always have an idea of what to do next, or let the little one decide. They don’t do time out, but believe in positive reinforcement at this age. Experience with potty training would be a plus! They may need a hand reinforcing this as soon as their little one is ready.


The family is very firm on wanting a nanny to be completely focused on their daughter when she’s awake, and leave the house management tasks for during nap times and on the day where there is 5 hours of child-free time to complete these tasks. The little one usually naps for around 2-3 hours each day. The family expects their nanny to take about an hour break before helping with child-related tasks such as laundry, school lunch prep, picking up and organizing the playroom and tidying  up common spaces with the rest of nap time. This family needs someone who knows the list of things to check during nap time to see if they need to get done, they don’t have the time each day to manage this and leave a list.


On Wednesdays, there is 5 hours in the morning before school pick up for allotted house manager tasks, which could include grocery shopping, washing towels and sheets, sweeping or vacuuming, preparing easy family meals, checking on household items and what needs to be replenished, and running errands just depending on what needs to get done that week.


Dad works outside of the home and owns his own business. Mom works at home but this isn't the norm, she plans to go back to work as soon as she gets the green light from her company! 


  • Minimum of 1 year of full time nanny experience

  • Some house management or family assistant experience

  • A background or knowledge with milestones for 2 and up

  • Be an organized person who can stay on top of things that need to get done (not need to be reminded)

  • Current CPR certification

  • Open to getting an annual flu shot

  • Offer dependability to this family, they need you to show up on time and be able to rely on you!

  • Flexible and able to roll with the punches

  • Not have screens on/around (tv or phone) when the child is awake. This is completely fine to do when she’s asleep!

  • Comfortable with dogs! The family has a very mellow 8 year old White Shepherd.




Hourly: $18 - $20/hr gross

Guaranteed hours: 35/week

PTO: 10 days

Sick days: 3 annually

Paid holidays off: 8 annually

Health insurance: Offered (stipend towards existing plan OR the family can provide a plan)

# WM2020 (ON HOLD)


A loving and warm family in West Meade (37205) is seeking a full time nanny for their two children, ages 3.5 and 7 months. This position requires a lot of flexibility weekly & some travel. This is not ideal for someone who needs a consistent 9 to 5 job. 


COVID SCALE: ~3, their eldest goes to preschool and Dad works around other people often.



Typically schedule: Monday - Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM but with the requirement that you will be flexible to help earlier, later or on weekends with a few day’s notice. You will be guaranteed 40 hours/week to ensure this flexibility, even though many weeks are only 30-35 hours.

Travel: this position will include some travel, typically over weekends, with notice. Travel isn’t anticipated until Fall 2021. There may be overnight stays in town required before then.

Start date: Sept/Oct 2020

Duration: Long term, this family would love a nanny to grow with their family for years


This family-oriented, loving and extremely kind family is looking to expand their village in Nashville since they have no family in town and need some help with their 3 year old and occasionally with their newborn. Mom is primarily responsible for the day to day schedule and routines with their youngest, so most care would be for their sweet and funny toddler. Dad is able to be very present when he is home, but often travels or has long work hours. Mom is involved in several projects that she dedicates her time to throughout the week.

The family currently lives in Thompson Station but will be relocating to their new home in West Meade in 1-2 months. The position may start when they are still in their current home, but ideally they would like someone who lives within a 20-30 minute max from their new home in 37205.

Their ideal fit is nurturing and warm, very patient, laid back, and the type who is always thinking of others.

If you are someone who is always keeping busy and finding things to help out with, this job is for you. Being a team player and pitching in where needed will be a requirement while home and traveling since it's an all hands on deck type of job! They are not the best at delegating tasks, so it’s best if you are the type to have an awareness of what needs to be done, and take the initiative to do it (i.e. keeping the kid’s laundry going, picking up after yourself and the kids, cleaning up spills, organizing a messy kid’s closet or pantry drawer, throwing out the old yogurt in the fridge, etc.)

This couple also likes to be silly, so a sense of humor goes a long way. They would love someone who is comfortable with their faith as it's ingrained in their everyday lives. They are very ingrained in their close friends lives, so there will be many times when they are entertaining friends and family when you are working.

Travel and overnight stays are a required part of this position. When you're traveling there will be allocated time off, but it's best to go into it knowing you'll be in tight quarters. You'll need to go with the flow, be vigilant in always monitoring the kids’ safety and your surroundings, and be able to read a room/the setting. Oftentimes the nanny will need to take the lead on a lot and be able to pick up on when to step in/out of situations. Asking for help/delegating doesn’t come naturally to this family, so they’re looking to you to be professional and step in and step up when it’s appropriate!

There is a potential that this position could turn into a family assistant role with errand running, but primary duties include full charge childcare, help with laundry, light household clean up, and always cleaning up after the children and oneself. 

This family needs you to be flexible to work around their schedules. Dad is in the entertainment industry and they don’t have much say in when dad has to go into work, when a work dinner might pop up, or an event is scheduled that the parents have to attend, but they can usually give you a heads up. They expect their nanny to be able to be proactive in requesting days off that they cannot work ahead of time, and assume that the other days are flexible to fill in hours if needed (which includes weeknights, weekend days and weekend nights.)



- experience with infants and toddlers

- 3 years of professional nanny experience

- travel experience in a prior nanny position

- CPR certification

- Safe driver and reliable, safe car

- pitch in mentality

- patient, go with the flow, but also can set boundaries and be firm/authoritative

- have a genuine love for children and helping families  



Gross annual base compensation $35,000 - $40,000 ($17 - $19/hr for 40 hours) *Most weeks only 30 - 35 hours are needed, but they will need your full time flexibility to schedule those hours. OT pay will kick in when you work over 40 hours in a week.

Travel and overnights will be compensated additionally on top of the base compensation.

PTO + Holidays: negotiable 



This on-the-go entrepreneurial family is looking for a dynamic addition to their team that can be adaptable to their evolving needs as their family grows. They have one son, age 2.5 and another child due in January 2021.


COVID SCALE: 2, this family is practicing CDC guidelines, mask wearing in public at all times, washing/sanitizing hands when going in/out of a public place, being cautious to not being in large groups and they are not currently traveling.




Hours: Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30 – 4:30 + later on Fridays occasionally

*This position will require overnights often when the parents travel AND traveling with the family domestically and internationally. When the baby arrives in January, they would ideally like someone who can shift their hours earlier.

Guaranteed hours: 40 offered

Start date: Flexible between October – December 2020

Duration: 1-2 years



Their son is in school daily from 9-3, so when the position begins the family can provide full time employment (vs part time afternoons only) before baby arrives by offering additional morning hours for personal assistant tasks that are more organizations/logistics oriented than household i.e. getting mail, running errands, helping with organizational projects or getting things ready for baby’s arrival. These will not be expected once the baby arrives and the position is fully childcare focused.


This family is looking for a go-getter who is down to earth and can join their team to help bring up their children as open minded, happy, adventurous little kids. Mom and dad own a business in Costa Rica and will likely be traveling there and around the world in the next two years, and they’re looking for someone who is equally as keen to jump on a plane and go as they are to have a routine at home in Nashville.


These parents are easy going and like to be silly and joke around, and would love a nanny who can mirror their parenting style that they are instilling in their home. This takes form in being encouraging of getting back up after falling down, allowing their son to make choices within reason, and fostering age appropriate independence. They take a more European approach to child rearing and don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t budge when it comes to schedules though, and they’re big on this for their eldest and will be for their newborn as well. This allows them to change their environment easily while knowing that their child will thrive when traveling. Please love a tidy space, they all thrive when things are picked up and put away.


Ideally, their nanny is full of energy to run around and keep a close watch on their toddler who loves to run, climb and be outside. He can make a friend in anyone! They also need someone who is knowledgeable on developmental milestones once their newborn arrives. They’re not looking for their kids to be the first of their age group to achieve things, but they want someone who knows milestones enough to recognize if there is an area that really needs to be worked on. Their eldest doesn’t talk as much as they’d like, so for example, they would love someone who can keep fluid conversation going to encourage him to talk too.


General tidying up, keeping up with the kid’s laundry, keeping common areas and the kid’s rooms picked up, restocking kid’s food/diapers, prepping meals/bottles, and all child-related tasks will be asked of their nanny as routine needs.



  • 5 years of professional childcare experience from age 18 and on

  • 2 years of professional full-time nanny experience

  • Desire to travel abroad and domestically with the family

  • Open to overnights regularly

  • Willing to get updated flu + tdap shots (if expired) by the time baby arrives

  • Current CPR certification for infants and adults

  • Safe driver and clean driving record

  • Have a reliable and safe car to transport the children

  • Comfortable with work-from-home parents



Would love, but not required:

  • Experience traveling abroad in a nanny position

  • Fluent in Spanish




Hourly: $20+ gross DOE with applicable OT if over 40 hours

& professional compensation package including insurance stipend, PTO, sick days and Paid holidays off.

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Southern Standard Nannies, a Nashville Nanny Agency, finding a nanny in nashville, help finding a nanny, nashvill


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