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#B0210 - ASAP


A loving family who is moving to Nashville from Chicago is looking for a responsible nanny who absolutely loves working with children. They will need care for their two girls, ages 4 and 1! 


Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:00 (option to add one more shorter day as well)

Guaranteed hours: 20/week 

Start date: ASAP!

Contract duration: ideally 2 years, but 1 minimum​


This family is big on education and is seeking a nanny who can bring a world of creativity, learning, and education to each day with music, play time, puddle jumping, sparking imagination, arts and crafts, baking, reading with them, etc. They want each day to be fun for their girls, but it's also very important that their nanny helps them establish and maintain a routine for the girls, especially since they will be in a new place. Big sister loves to do STEM projects, make mud pies in the backyard, and go on walks to the neighborhood playground. Must be okay with getting messy! She's also big on helping, so during little sisters nap time, she would love to help bake something, clean up the kitchen, or pick up the playroom. 


They don't anticipate needing any driving, but highly encourage walks around the neighborhood and swimming trips to the pool and tennis courts in the summer. Their ideal fit brings lots of positivity to the day and has a warm, empathetic approach to caregiving. Full child care duties will be consist of things such as making meals, establishing routines, picking up toys, planning daily learning activities, nap time/quiet time daily, engaging with the children in active play, etc. 

Family Assistant tasks will be carved out as about half the working day hours, mom will spend ~4 hours with the kids while their FA helps with the following on a weekly basis: children + household laundry, picking up the kitchen, cleaning up messes, tidying and organization projects, making lunches and prepping easy meals, errand running, sweeping and/or vacuuming, and keeping kid's items stocked. The other half of the day would be designated to child care while mom gets some work done. 

Mom and dad currently both work from home, and dad will be working out of an office downtown come the fall. Mom is an artist and travels to paint murals a few times a year, this is on hold for now, but she will still need designated work time during the days their FA is there.

The family has a positive approach to discipline and is seeking someone who uses redirection, positive reinforcement, and finds teachable moments and reminders in lieu of punishment for little things. Patience and a positive attitude go a long way! 


- Have current CPR certification (or by the time the job begins)

- be a strong swimmer, this will be required in the summer 

- have experience working with siblings of different ages

- absolutely love working with children

- have an educational approach to each day

- have at least 2 years of nanny experience, 3 years of childcare total

- be comfortable communicating the day to the parents 

- have reliable transportation to/from work

- be seeking a long term position

- be professional with boundaries, but feel welcomed as an extension of the family 


- ability to speak Spanish (their eldest child has been taking it in school)


Hourly: $18 - $20/hour gross BOE 

Annual anticipated income based on 20 hours/week: $18,000 - $20,300 

PTO + Paid holidays: offered

Guaranteed hours: offered 

#06LW LATE JUNE 2020


A loving, adventurous and (typically) on-the-go family is looking to hire their first nanny for their three wonderful children, G5, G3, and B3months to care for them while mom and dad work! 


Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM 

Guaranteed hours: 40/week

Start date: Late June 2020 

Duration: 1 year contract 


This fun and structured family is excited to hire their first nanny! They are a laid back, yet routine-oriented family of five who loves to fill their weekends with adventures, if there is a family-friendly festival they are there! They strongly value facilitating a Montessori-style environment for their children whether in the classroom or at home by empowering their children to make choices, take on responsibilities that they are capable of, and setting realistic expectations for them. They are seeking a self-starting individual who has the experience required to step into this role and help transition the parents back into their full time work schedules. The Fall schedule is up in the air about whether the two oldest will attend school again, but they are almost positive that after August, care will just be for the baby. During this time, they would love someone to focus on his development but also help with light household tasks. Afternoons will be dedicated to all three children upon picking the eldest two up at school in the family's vehicle that they will provide. 

Mom and Dad will both work from home at first, with hopes that mom can transition back to the office eventually. Dad's job requires some travel and consulting, so he will be in and out of the home when business is back to usual. They are asking for a team player who is a great communicator to navigate this. They are laid back and can openly strategize with their nanny about how to tackle issues. They are great at reinforcing boundaries and expectations with their girls, so someone who can follow through with their family rules and routines is needed for this to be successful. 


- Experience with the Montessori theory and some sort of training whether applying it as a teacher or learning it as a student

- Experience as a nanny and childcare professional for 3+ years

- safe driving history 

- current CPR certification 

- strong sense of intuition and self-starting approach to your job, these parents do not want to micro-manage!

- non-smoker

- be engaging while at work and not on your phone

- have a phobia of being late (they need punctuality!)

- have experience with both newborns and ages 3+

- be comfortable working in a home with a cat 

- be currently practicing social distancing guidelines and continue to do so 

- be up to date on Tdap and Flu vaccines

Their youngest child will be having surgery in early June and very minimal assistance with maintaining post-surgery exercises and care will asked of the nanny. This will not require any special skills or medical training. 


Hourly: $17 - $20/hr 

PTO: 1 week annually 

Sick days: 4 days annually 

Guaranteed pay: offered

Paid holidays off: 6 annually 



Wonderful, professional parents in 12 South (37212) need a full time nanny for their two sweet kids, ages G2 and B5! This position has the possibility to turn into a Family Assistant role depending on how the school schedules turn out. Please read on for more information, but know that the role could evolve into a family assistant role.



Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

Start date: The position will begin as soon as they find the right fit, they are interviewing now

Duration: 1 year minimum, but would love someone for the next 2-3 years


This casual, laid back family is seeking a nanny who can keep their children engaged, happy, and safe! The children are very active and love going to parks, the zoo, Cheekwood, the Science Center, The Frist, etc. but they also love quiet days of reading, coloring, and doing crafts at home. A nanny who can plan these type of trips and incorporate them into the weekly schedule is desired. They’re looking for a nanny who loves working with kids and naturally is engaged, involved, and always thinking of ways to learn, explore, and teach. The main priority is childcare and being great with their children, but what will really set candidates apart is someone who can also efficiently manage their time without the children to help prep the kid’s meals, assist with their laundry, pick up after the kids/themselves, and keeping the house tidy in between the cleaners coming.


The fall is a little uncertain like for most families right now. The eldest will be starting Kindergarten and this could either take place at school or online. If it's online, they will need someone who can facilitate that and log him in for school sessions. Their youngest will start back at her preschool program in August, going every Tuesday and Thursday. There is a possibility that she may be going to a full time preschool in the Fall, but either way they would keep their nanny full time and the duties would shift to Family Assistant. They are seeking a self-starter who has intuition to get the car cleaned when it’s getting dirty, pick up grocery staples to make the kids’ lunches, and keeping up with child-related clean up. Days are pretty structured with drop offs, play time, outings, meals, naps, pick ups, and more play time. The expectation would be the kids are fed and bathed by the time the nanny’s shift ends at 6 pm.


Ideal qualities:

  • Organized

  • Reliable, dependable + on time

  • Kind and honest

  • Hardworking, clean, and tidy

  • Safe driver

  • Friendly, positive, and joyful

  • Focused

  • Proactive with great time management

  • Someone who is open minded to different cultures/religions/backgrounds

  • A love learning and assisting children in learning and exploring their world

  • An elementary school background or degree in early childhood development

  • Loves to swim

  • An active person who likes to walk, they live near the new greenway, parks (Centennial, Dragon, Sevier), and fun places for kids to go to such as The Little Art House.

  • Someone who gets the kids to try new foods, be adventurous, and push them outside of their comfort zone in creative ways. 


This family wants to encourage and ensure their nanny has a healthy work life balance and is happy to come to work each day.


Mom travels for work and dad is a professor, so there are times when the parents are home working in home offices. When mom is home, she does like to be hands on with the kids, so they need someone who is comfortable with working alongside her (she’s super friendly and sweet!)



  • Driving (family will provide a car)

  • CPR certification

  • 3+ years of professional nanny experience

  • Has patience and wants to invest themselves in learning this family’s dynamic

  • Great communicator who can bring things up easily

  • Reliability (both parents do not have flexible schedules)

  • Can make a long term commitment and views this as their career



Although not required, it would be great to have a former teacher, as the parents would consider not putting their youngest in preschool for 5 days and instead treating the role as more of a private educator who could incorporate daily/weekly/monthly lesson plans.  This would be compensated at the higher rate range.



Hourly $20 - $24/hr based on experience 

Annual pay: $42k - $50k+

40 hours guaranteed + legal OT pay

Paid Holidays off: 7 Federal Holidays

PTO: 5-10 days (preference for coordinating with family trips)

Guaranteed hours: yes

Mileage: family will provide a vehicle



An awesome current family client is in need of extra support every Friday in July for their 20 month old at their home in Midtown, #37203. Neither parent works with anyone exposed to or sick with covid-19 and they are in a completely separate part of the hospital. 


Dates of care: 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, and 7/31 (they do not need care the first Friday, July 3)

Hours: 6:30 AM - 5 or 6 PM but could run later depending on when they see their last patient

Duration: July 2020 only 

This family has an active 20 month old who is on the go! They are looking for someone to keep him happy, safe, and on his routine while they are working. They have a full time nanny that will be working Monday - Thursday and has been with them for over a year. They live in a 3 story town home, and this position requires someone to go up and down multiple flights of stairs per day. Centennial park is in their back yard, and they encourage stroller walks when it’s nice out! 

The family has 2 cats, so please be comfortable working around cats. 

The family would like someone for 1-2 training hours before starting on 7/10. 

Must be:

- currently registered with SSN 

- have an up to date CPR certification

- be very timely and flexible with end time each Friday

- able to commit to all the listed dates above

- have experience with toddlers and be comfortable with the long work day


Hourly: $18/hr 

Daily compensation: $190 - $215+ depending on total hours

#B815 - AUG 2020 OR SOONER


Super kind and loving family is seeking a part-time nanny to help support their family +  their three children, B1, B3.5 and G6 in Belle Meade (37205), right near Cheekwood! 



HOURS: hours are flexible but the family needs 20-30 hours between the hour sof 8:30 – 5:30 M – F. Preference would be for a flexible schedule, but they can narrow something down if needed.

START DATE: Early - Mid August, could do sooner for the right fit

DURATION: 1 year contract 



This growing family is seeking an easy going and laid back nanny who is also routine oriented who can jump in to their family dynamic and go with the flow of their day to day needs! The position will be for all three children, although mom is very hands on throughout the day, and the eldest will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Mom loves it when she can easily switch on and off with childcare and household tasks with her nanny. Also, someone who can anticipate their needs is ideal, i.e. Mom is with all three kids when the nanny gets there in the morning, so the nanny starts packing lunches for the day since it needs to be done. They need someone who is creative and imaginative too, since crafts, DIY projects and simple learning games are a big hit in this family. The right fit is someone who can stick to the family's schedule and routine (this is big to mom!) and who can collaborate with mom daily on what is needed for that day. Someone who can keep up with developmental milestones (for the baby + kids), reinforce manners (please, thank you) + easy chores (bringing dishes to the sink, cleaning up toys), and take care of all things kid related (clean up, pick up toys, laundry). 

​This is a family returning to hire their next nanny through us, they are so sweet and an easy family to work for!


Must have/be:

- Experience with ages 1+ 

- meet all minimum requirements through SSN

- a self-starter who doesn't need reminders or to be asked to do things over and over

- a pitch in mentality (see something that needs to be done and does it)

- someone who can truly partner with mom to take on the day and support one another

- someone who thinks being early is on time

- hands on and energetic (not distracted with your phone)

- lots of patience and keeps their cool with a calm and soothing voice during breakdowns

- is loving

- loves organization

- has a safe vehicle that can fit 2 car seats 

- current CPR certification

- The family is asking that candidates who apply are practicing social distancing and being very cautious about social and public interactions.


HOURLY: $17-$20/hr gross

PTO: Offered



#B0227 - JUNE 2020


A long time SSN family is seeking a full time nanny for their youngest son, 11 months old, in West Nashville (37209). 



Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM 

Hours: 40/week

Start date: Mid June 

Duration: 1 year contract 


This easy going family is looking for a helpful nanny to watch their youngest son, 11 months old. They would like someone who is engaging with their son during his awake time and plays with him. When he's napping, they would like help picking up the kitchen, washing bottles and dishes, help prepping an easy family meal for dinner (all food and recipe provided), vacuum as needed, and other light household tasks. Occasionally, care may be needed for the older two boys, 4 and 6, but this is not a regular need. 

The parents will be in/out during this time or working from home, please be comfortable with that dynamic. 

Familiarity with food allergies would be appreciated. 


- hold current CPR certification

- have 1-2 years of nanny experience, 3 years of childcare experience total 

- have reliable transportation to/from work and ability to possibly transport the kids

- be comfortable working with siblings 

- have experience with ages 11 months and up

- be able to commit for one year 


Hourly: $18 - $20/hr gross based on experience 

PTO: Negotiable

Paid Holidays: Negotiable


#GH600 MAY/JUNE 2020


A loving and professional family in Green Hills is seeking a nanny for their daughter (18 months) and occasionally for their son (6 yo) for care in their home. 


Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 12:00 pm (with some flexibility to stay 30-60 minutes later some days)

Guaranteed hours: yes

Start date: ASAP

Duration: 1 year commitment


This family is seeking a nanny who is engaging in playing with their daughter who will not be returning to daycare, so a focus on growth and development through play, activities, and education is sought. The family would love someone who can plan ahead and keep their daughter entertained while at home, and who takes a positive disciplining approach. Lots of patience and a warm and nurturing heart goes a long way with this family. They hope to find someone who is comfortable assisting with kid's laundry once in a while and light meal prep so mom and dad have a little less on their to-do list at the end of the day. Some care for their 6 year old will be needed, but he is very independent and will be going back to school in the fall at FRA. 

It is important for this nanny to be a strong communicator who will have open dialogue about positive and negative things that happen with the kids. 


- current CPR certification 

- 2-3 years of nannying experience, 3 or more years of working with children in total

- some flexibility with the schedule here and there

- a strong knowledge of 18 months - 2 years old and developmentally appropriate activities

- comfort working with parents who work from home for now due to covid-19

- comfortable working in a home with a friendly dog

* COVID-19 Request: The family is asking that candidates are practicing strict social distancing guidelines and limiting their interactions with other people to be considered a fit for this role. They are comfortable with someone working with another family who is also adhering to strict guidelines and measures. 


Hourly :$17+/hr gross 

PTO: Negotiable

Paid Holidays: Negotiable 

#WK650 JUNE 2020


An always-on-the-go family is seeking a weekend nanny for their 3 kiddos to help Dad out and have a fun, easy going weekend in Hendersonville, 37075. 


OPTION #1 Saturday 8 am - Sunday 8 am

OPTION #2 Saturday 8 am - Sunday 5/6 pm (for those who want more hours)

Start date: flexible, hoping between June - July

Duration: At minimum until Nov/Dec 2020, but ideally long term


This growing family is seeking a weekend nanny (which they have had in the past) to help relieve Dad and pitch in with keeping the momentum of structure, fun, and enjoyment going for the kids (boys 5, 5, and 3) throughout the weekend. They have a full time weekday nanny who is off on weekends, so your role will be to work collaboratively on this parenting team to be consistent in parenting dynamics and discipline. 

Once things start to open back up, daily outings on nice days to parks, museums, the zoo, etc. will be expected. The nanny will plan these and coordinate packing and preparing for the daily outing. The family will provide an SUV to use while working. 

The right fit for this family is someone who is easy going but structured, knowing when to be firm with the kids, but also rolling with the punches on things. Experience with toddlers is a must and someone who has a patient and teacher-like approach to kids would be a great fit. 

This position has the possibility to turn into a full time role in November when the family welcomes a new baby, due in August. They will be hiring a full time live-out daytime nanny for the older kids, and their live-in nanny will continue care for the infant. Job requirements will change such as the schedule and needing some holidays and traveling with the family, so if you would like more information on this, please reference this position in an email to Laura@southernstandardnannies.com and mention you would like more information on position WK650 turning into a long term role. 


- CPR certification 

- Water safety knowledge: this family lives directly on the lake, so extra safety precautions are taken at all times

- Strong swimmer

- Flexible and adaptable mindset

- Positive energy and attitude 

- Playful and creative with ideas and activities

- Happy with being busy, multi-tasking, and being on the go

- a degree in early childhood development would be preferred, but not required

- minimum 5 years of nanny experience (from age 18 an on)

- ability to commit to every weekend + living in while on duty. 


The family will provide a guest room for the nanny to use for the live-in weekend requirement. The kids all sleep through the night, so the nanny isn't on duty, and Dad is usually home, but it's his "night off." The nanny would be expected to get up with the kids in the morning and get them breakfast and ready for the day . The position can not accommodate a full time live-in nanny, so the live-in accommodations are only provided during the weekend shift. 


Hourly: $17/hr net/take home

Overnight: $75/night net pay

Weekend net approximate take-home pay: $245 - $415 depending on # of hours worked

PTO: negotiable 

Mileage: The family will provide a SUV vehicle for the nanny to use for outings, etc. over the weekend

#MJ7020 JULY 2020


Incredible, hard working parents need a reliable and loving nanny for their two girls, 8 + 10 in Mt. Juliet, TN (37122)  They are open to live in or live out, please note the option you are interested when applying!




M-F 5:30 AM - 7:30 AM 

break/possibly help with household tasks + errands some days

M-F 2:30 PM - 8:30 PM (end time flexible, but must work until 6:30)


M-F 2:30 - 8:30 (the hours of 2:30 to 6 are critical, and someone who could stay until 8:30 some nights would be a big help!)

Mornings hours from 5:30 - 7:30 would be a bonus, even if only a few days per week


START DATE: July 2020 

DURATION: 1 year minimum contract, seeking long term fit for 2+ years 


This down to earth family needs an extra set of hands with their two sweet girls, especially when it comes to school drop off and pick up. While the AM help would be ideal and appreciated by this family, after school pick up and evening routine are critical. The family has employed a live-in nanny in the past and has a en-suite room for the nanny that is separate from the rest of the bedrooms in their home.


Not looking for live-in? They would be happy to have a reliable, live-out nanny who can pick the girls up daily in Donelson at their school and bring them home, staying with them through the evening and helping with homework, some light dinner prep, and having fun with them, making sure they are bathed and getting ready for bed. 


It is important to this family that they employ someone tidy and who makes the most of their time while working. They have demanding jobs, and thrive off of having a nanny who is a team player and can take initiative to be thorough with cleaning up, finishing tasks, and following the routines their family has in place. In addition to this, they're looking for someone who truly loves kids and likes to engage with them,  having high energy and being very involved in the girls' lives. Getting to know their girls individually and to know how to appropriately manage sibling conflicts, or kid behavior, must be no foreign task to their new hire. Merging with their family and becoming an extended family member is important to them and they hope to develop this relationship with their future nanny! 

Their nanny will have exclusive use of a vehicle for work-related purposes, and if living in, they will provide the car for non-work related purposes too. 


- Have 2+ years of nanny experience

- Be up to date on CPR certification

- Have experience with school-aged kids

- Have high energy and a positive spirit

- Be a team player and be able to be firm, yet loving with the girls

- Take initiative around the house, putting things away, keeping up after the girls, and being tidy


Live- in: Please inquire 

Live-out: $15 - $17/hr gross

PTO: 2-3 weeks/year 

Paid Holidays off:  9/year 

Nanny car: provided 



Sweet, professional, and loving parents in Belle Meade are looking for a part time nanny for their lovable little 5 month old baby boy on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week at their home in Belle Meade (37205). 


Monday - 6:30a - 1:30p (7 hours)

Tuesday: 8:30a - 12p (3.5 hours)

Wednesday: 10:30a - 6p (7.5 hours)

Total hours: 18 - 20/week

Start date: By August 1, 2020

Job duration: 1 year + 


This loving family recently welcomed their sweet baby boy and they are over the moon with having been able to spend so much time with him recently, but mom is gearing up to go back to work in July and she's been working from home a lot recently, so their need for a nanny to begin between June 1 - July 1 is a top priority.  Primary care is for the newborn, and you'll be around a human-loving pup (chocolate lab) while you are spending a productive and developmentally focused day with the little man. Mom and Dad both work in and out of the house, but they are usually 100% focused on work when they are home, so they need someone who take initiative to keep being the primary caregiver for their little man. 

Mom is a developmental psychologist and is seeking someone who emphasized developmental growth in everything they do throughout the day whether that's narrating a walk around the house and looking out windows, reading books and singing to the baby, working on strengthening and grasps, practicing tracking, and doing all things that are playful. Minimal screen time is desired, but this family has music on all the time! This family  is passionate about learning, music, literature, and the outdoors and they hope to find a nanny who can support and encourage those passions in their absence.

There are also two older children who are not around a lot, but it is important that the nanny be open to developing relationships with them when they're around early in the mornings getting on the bus or welcoming them home from school on the rare occasion if dad isn't there to greet them. 


- Current infant CPR and first aid certification

- Be well versed in developmental milestones 

- Be comfortable around (super loving and cuddly) dogs 

- Be comfortable working at home when the parents are home

- Open to staying at home/not driving (they live in a safe + walkable neighborhood close to a park)

- Be comfortable with baby-lead cues and flexible on routines (they have structure but it's fluid)

- Have prior work experience with newborns and great references

- Hold a degree in an education related field 

*The family asks that their nanny does not wear strong scents due to some sensory preferences of the kiddos


Hourly: $18 - $20+ gross 

Income: $325 - $400/week 

PTO: 1 week

Sick days: offered

Paid holidays off: 5 annually that fall on a regular work day



A Nashville family due with baby No. 4 is seeking a highly qualified and strongly referred professional baby nurse for their infant due early August 2020. 


24/7 care from arrival home to 12 weeks old 

Guaranteed contract duration of 3 months

Start date: on or around August 10, 2020 - Nov 10, 2020

This family has had expert care from their trusted baby nurse for their first three children, however covid-19 is preventing the family from being able to use her for the arrival of their 4th baby.


The family is looking to hire a loving, attentive, professional baby expert who has provided 24/7 infant care for 10+ years. 

The primary goals of this role would be:

- Expect infant to be sleep trained (sleeping thru the night) before leaving

- Expect infant to be taken on at least two walks per day, weather permitting.

- Expect no cell phone usage while baby is awake.

- Expect no use of devices or tvs to entertain infant

- Expect strong communication skills with the parent and other staff members


- Must have 10 years of professional experience as a baby nurse/night nurse/newborn care specialist

- Must have in depth knowledge of sleep training and getting the baby on a schedule

- Experience working in a home with other staff, the family has three nannies

- Ability to work independently and collaboratively 

- Strong sense of knowing when to step in/step aside when a parent is caring for the baby

- Have a proven record of meeting the goals listed above

- Have strong references from former baby nurse positions

- Have worked in a 24/7 role previously

- Be able to live-in for the 3 month duration

- Have a professional resume outlining the experience required for this role 

Out of state candidates are eligible to apply, but must be able to relocate temporarily to the Nashville area. 


Three month contract will guarantee $24,000 - $30,000 gross depending on experience 

Qualified candidates can apply or inquire about further details at Laura@southernstandardnannies.com



First time parents in East Nashville are looking for a playful and loving nanny to care for their adorably sweet and not-shy-at-all baby girl three days per week from 8:30 - 2:30 so mom can get some much needed work done! (Location: 37206)


Days: Either TU/WED/THU or TU/THU/FRI from 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM 

Guaranteed hours: 18/week 

Start date: June 1 (tbd with current stay at home orders)

Duration: June - December 2020 



While dad is traveling most of the spring for work, mom is seeking a helpful nanny who can watch their baby girl while mom gets some much needed work done in her real estate profession. Playing around the house, sticking to feeding and napping schedules, and going on local outings will fill up your mornings with this sweet pea! Mom is in and out of the house for work, but typically is not around. They are hoping to secure a reliable and loving person who can be a consistent part of the next few months of their lives, and take care of their girl like they would if they were home! 


- CPR Certification

- Safe + reliable vehicle if opting for outings

- Safe + clean driving history

- Love to play with kids and get on the floor with them, reading, encouraging imagination, and talking to them to encourage language development

- Be an awesome communicator 

- safety conscious and keeping their little cared for 


Hourly: $18 - $20 per hour

Guaranteed hours: weekly agreed upon amount

PTO + Holidays: negotiable

#501 MAY 2020


New parents of a sweet 4 month old baby girl with a big soul are looking for a wonderful nanny to join their family to provide loving and intentional care for her while they work.


Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or other three day combination), also open to FT for the right person

Hours: Roughly 9 AM to 5 PM 

Start date: As soon as the right person is found

Duration: Initial 6 month contract, open to longer 


Duo songwriting parents are seeking a nanny who can join their team and care for their curious, aware, and nature-loving little one! She loves to be outside and loves to be read to. She is very tuned in and loves to be entertained. Mom is currently nursing and she easily takes a bottle when offered. Talking to the baby, engaging in playtime inside and outside, teaching new sounds and words to, being soothing and nurturing when it's needed, and providing a safe space for the baby to thrive is desired. 


Both parents work from home mostly, but mom occasionally goes and work in other studios a couple of days a week, which will be the case once it's safer to do so. Some days will be more childcare focused and others will be helping mom prep a meal/grocery shop/organize, etc.  The ideal fit is someone with good energy, kindness, and positivity, and someone that brings a grounded feeling to the room. A calm voice and presence is a big plus. The deep soul feels definitely resonate with this couple, and they want to connect with their nanny on a personal level so their girl is around a very close-knit team who is on the same page. 

As mentioned above, some days mom may be home and spending time with her daughter. They would still want to guarantee someone work, so they are hopeful to have some household assistance with errands, helping prep a meal, running a load of laundry, and able to pitch in for the overall success of keeping the home running is ideal. 


- Current CPR certification

- Prior experience as a nanny with a baby

- Minimum of 3 years of childcare experience post age 18

- a soft, loving, genuine approach to caregiving

- someone who can work alongside mom or dad, but also work solo 

- comfortable working in a home where the parents work from home

- comfortable/not allergic to cats (the family has a cat)

- ability to make a 6 month commitment


Hourly: $17 - $21/hr 

Holidays: Negotiable

PTO: Negotiable



Sweet parents in Mt. Juliet are seeking an experienced nanny to care for their sweet little girl who is 13 months old! (Care is in 37122)


30 hours guaranteed per week, schedule is consistent, but rotates on a "A Week" and "B week":

Week A: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: either 7AM-3:30PM OR 2PM-5:30PM + Tuesday 7 AM – 5:30 PM

Week B: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: either 7AM-3:30PM OR 2PM-5:30PM + Thursday 7 AM – 5:30 PM

START DATE: March/April 2020

DURATION: 1 year contract 

What to expect: This family is seeking a nanny who will engage their daughter in developmentally appropriate activities and routines throughout the week. They expect someone who can bring an educational approach and work on social, emotional and physical development, aid in milestones and respecting the family's choices in schedule/routines/upbringing. The family encourages reading, singing, talking to/engaging the child throughout the day, and being "checked-in" while the baby is awake. Taking their daughter to story times and other child-friendly and approved places is encouraged. They are looking for a mature, experienced nanny who can seamlessly blend into their everyday life.

Help with the child's laundry, keeping common areas tidy, wiping up spills and messes, loading/unloading dishwasher, and sanitizing the baby's toys will be expected. 

This family has 3 cats. There are no expectations of care for them throughout the day, but need to be comfortable and not allergic to cats.  

About the family: This family is hoping to find someone who is respectful of their family dynamic, but can also be silly and have a sense of humor. Reliability and punctuality are important as both parents have professional jobs outside of the home that expect them to be on time as well! Their daughter is a sweet and happy baby. 


HOURLY: $17 - $19 BOE

PTO: 1 week 

PAID SICK TIME: yes, offered

GUARANTEED PAY: 30 hours/week

#8618 (ON HOLD)


A lovely family in Brentwood (37027) is seeking a part-time nanny to care for the B4 + G16mo 2-4 days per week. They treat everyone who comes into their home as family and are seeking someone who shares this same value. 



Flexible for 2-4 days per week (M-F) from 8:30/9 - 4/4:30 for a total of 20 - 30 hours per week

1 date night per week + occasional Saturdays will be needed  

Start date: May 2020 

Duration: 1+ year


The nanny will be asked to help with child-related tasks such as playtime (inside & outside), children’s laundry, keeping play rooms tidy, engaging the kids in activities, etc. Someone who can keep the kids happy, safe, and on their regular routine/schedule while mom and dad work is essential. Must be comfortable with driving and have a safe vechile for school pick ups. Cleaning up the kids room's and kitchen after meals is also needed. 


Other family related tasks that may be asked on occasion are grocery shopping + easy family meal prep.


Someone with patience who is kind and loving is ideal for this family. They need someone who can pitch in when a need arises. They would also be happy to welcome someone with an OT background or someone studying it in school.


- have CPR current certification 

- have a safe + reliable car

- has experience working with two children

- has 2+ years of part-time nanny experience 

- can make a 1 year commitment to the role



Hourly rate: $17 - $19/hr gross

Guaranteed Hours: Yes

Mileage reimbursement: Yes

Performance based reviews w/ raise incentives: Quarterly



A professional, loving couple in Oak Hill is seeking a mature, confident, focused, driven nanny to join their team as a nanny who provides care for their infant son and 3 year old daughter. This is a role for someone who has the mindset that they are there to help the whole family succeed. 


Four days per week, 4-5 hours each day. Flexible on days but ideally two mornings and two afternoon shifts per week (ex: 8 - 1 or 12 - 5). 

Guaranteed hours: offered, 16 - 20 per week. The family will consider offering more hours to the right fit

Start date: Summer 2020 (position is on hold)

Duration: they would love a long-term fit 


This family loves the idea of a family assistant who can help them with their priority of childcare, but also help out with the everyday tasks of life as a family of four. They need someone very well versed in the baby stages and developmental milestones as that will be a focus during the day when spending time with the baby. Someone comfortable working when mom and dad are also around and working as a team, often switching on and off duties. They feel most comfortable with someone staying around the house for now since their little one is so young, and mom would like to be able to take the kids out individually for one on one time. This person will need a lot of energy and the ability to be active, they have lots of stairs in their home and their livable spaces are on multiple floors. 

In the past, their doula helped with laundry/folding laundry, doing dishes, washing bottles, tidying up, prepping lunch for their toddler, and prepping a planned dinner. They would love to have this type of support in their Family Assistant as well. The live a very health conscious lifestyle, and someone who can support their preferences in eating organic, etc. is best.

This family runs on checklists and lots of structure. They would love for someone to come in and mirror their lifestyle. Ideally they can run someone through their preferences, routines, schedules, and their family assistant can pick up on it quickly and anticipate what to do when walking in each day. Trust and communication go a very long way with this family and it's very important. 


- have current Infant and Child CPR certification

- have at least 8 years of infant experience 

- have an all-in approach to helping a family

- be seeking a long term commitment 

- be comfortable with direct communication, and better yet, be a direct communicator yourself!

- not rely on a phone during the day other than for communicating with parents/emergencies

- not rely on screen time

- be well versed in developmental milestones and how to reach those with bringing ideas to the table

- have reliable transportation to/from work

- be reliable, punctual and respectful 

- want to join a family that views this as a team mate and not someone to raise their children for them, but to help them be as present as possible given their careers and commitments outside of the home. 


Hourly: $22 - $25 BOE

Guaranteed hours: yes

PTO, Paid holidays, sick days: all negotiable 



An active and busy traveling family in the Belmont neighborhood (37212) is seeking a family assistant to help mom and dad with their growing family of two boys, ages 5 and 3, and newborn baby sister!


Monday - Friday + occasional Saturdays for a full time schedule. Hours on days will vary and are somewhat flexible

Full weekend help on Sat/Sun may be asked occasionally when Dad is traveling

Overnights: Required occasionally

Travel: Required

Position start date: ASAP! 

Position duration: Long term, ideally someone looking to take on a job for the next 3+ years 


This busy family needs a helping hand with just about everything! Mom is seeking a dynamic and adaptive team player who can work with her daily to tackle childcare and household tasks such as:

- Playtime! Outdoor time is BIG and Dragon Park is a short walk from their home. Creativity in planning activities, games, and coming up with new and inventive things to play with goes a long way with this family. 

- Maintaining routines (mornings, after school, dinner/bath/bed)

- Help with children's laundry

- Keeping the kitchen tidy and picked up

- Organizing the children's toys and bedrooms

- Prepping family meals 2-3 times per week 

- Grocery shopping + other errands

This role will also really focus on watching the baby at home while mom takes the boys to school and picks them up, and help keep the house in order. Patience goes a long way when working with a big family, so this is a good role for someone who doesn't easily get overwhelmed and prefers redirection. Engaging and active involvement in every step of the day with the children is highly important. They are hoping to find their Mary Poppins! 


- be seeking a career role, the contracts will be yearly, but the family intends to renew for years to come with someone who is dedicated to growing with their family and needs

- be easy going and calm by nature. The boys don't need someone to energize them- they have enough! 

- happy to go along with a plan for the week that's set up by the parents

- adaptable to new situations, people, places, and routines

- be comfortable working alongside a parent most days

- be flexible with the schedule, they are offering full time hours for full time flexibility 

- be engaged and present while you're at work (don't succumb to technology!!)

- love to cook and make dinners a few nights per week

- be supportive of this family's dynamic

- be CPR Certified 

- have a minimum of 1 year working for the same nanny family (3 years of childcare total)

- have a safe car you can use to drive the children (carseats provided)

- have a pitch in mentality, be positive at work and know professional boundaries

- be openminded and accepting of all people 

- be discrete and respectful of the family's privacy 


Hourly: $17 - $20 gross with room to grow 

Yearly annual anticipated income: $35,300 - $41,600 (+) 

Guaranteed hours: full time

PTO: 1 week to start

Paid Holidays Off: 6 Federal Holidays Annually 

Raises/bonuses: Negotiable

Health Insurance Stipend: Negotiable 

#TN0203 (PAUSED)


Loving parents to brothers, 2 years and 5 months, are seeking a loving nanny who is easy going to join their family for a live-in or live-out position in Brentwood, TN (37027) that will involve traveling with them. 

A live-in nanny is preferred, but the family would consider a currently local live -out candidate.


Typical day: Monday through Friday 9 to 3 or 10 to 5

Travel day: hours shift to the evening to cover childcare during shows

Guaranteed hours: 40/week, but generally you only work 20-30.

Non-typical day (while touring): Weekdays + Weekends with hours shifted towards the evening.

Start date: The family will be waiting until after Covid-19 is less prevalent to make a hiring decision

Duration: 1-2 years minimum 


This loving, sweet, and down to earth family is looking for a helpful nanny who is an expert at engaging with children to foster their development and growth and is looking to help a family in those big and small ways. The most important part of this role is connecting with the children and caring for them with a big heart. 


This role requires someone who is extremely adaptable and flexible. The schedule will change slightly daily; dad is a touring musician and mostly goes out on the road over weekends, which the nanny and family often join in on. Mom is currently traveling out of town weekly for 1-3 days, but that will slow down soon. Weekend help will be required when travel overlaps and when the family travels together. These parents are relying on their nanny to be there when they need her to, while being fair with advanced notice and shifting days for time off after traveling.

 It is important to providing consistent care for their children whether at home or on the road. They truly need a seasoned professional who is self-directed and a self-starter, but can also have great judgement on when to step back when Mom or Dad take over. Confidence in either solo-care or being around mom and dad will be key!

Your general expectations would be: all childcare duties as well as occasional family-assistant tasks or errands. Some weeks there won't be a big need for childcare and they may ask the nanny to help with organization, errands, and meal prep. Keeping track of things around the house would be very helpful! At the end of the day, they really want their nanny to feel like family, someone they can trust, who they have respect for, and who they have open lines of communication with. They are silly but laid back, like to be home bodies, enjoy spending quality time as a family, and have a deeply rooted faith that is part of their daily life as well.


- encourage imagination + creativity in the children and be very hands-on

- be on time!

- pet friendly, they have a small poodle mix

- have infant nanny  experience (min 2 years)

- have toddler nanny experience (min 2 years)

- not rely on the tv a lot 

- be helpful and have a pitch in mentality

- be discrete and private

- have a hard work ethic 

- love to be outside and play 

- be CPR certified 

- have a safe car + driving record

- experience traveling with a family


HOURLY LIVE-OUT: $18 - $20 + OT pay when applicable

HOURLY LIVE-IN: $14 - $16 + OT pay when applicable

Daily travel rate/per diem when traveling: hourly + $50/day



PTO/Holidays: Negotiable 



A lovely, growing family is looking for an *almost* full time Family Assistant to help them with their childcare needs in Green Hills! The family moved here from Philadelphia in the last year and is expecting their child boy in mid-April. They have two boys, ages 6 and 3. 


Hours: Monday - Friday, 12 - 6 PM

Guaranteed hours: 30 hours per week 

Start date: Ideally by April 1st

Duration: 1 year contract 

The family is looking for a self-starter, who is compassionate, energetic, outgoing, and loves to play. They prioritize playtime after school with the big kids and can plan fun things to do with them. Infant care will be needed, especially once the baby is a little bit older and mom wants to pick up the kids while their nanny cares for the baby.

A typical day will include picking up the older kids at their school in Brentwood, playing outside, reading with the kids, going on a local outing on days off school, prepping easy kid meals and bottles, cleaning up after the kids, helping with laundry, bathing the kids and cleaning up dinner. 

Both parents are really neat and tidy, so someone with an eye for keeping things put away, cleaned up and organized (and taking action to get it done) is really helpful! 


- have some experience with infants (1+ year nanny experience with infants is preferred)

- experience with school aged kids 

- experienced and safe driver 

- current CPR certification

- comfortable with working alongside mom 


Hourly: $18 - $23 gross/hour

Anticipated annual income based on 30 hours/week: $28,000 - $35,800

PTO: 1 week annually

Paid holidays off: 6 annually 



This new-to-Nashville family is looking for their missing piece! Siblings, B10, B9, and G8 need a fun, energetic and organized caregiver to keep the afternoons running smoothly with school pick ups and driving to activities. Mom is also seeking a productive and organized family assistant to keep this busy household running smoothly. The family is renting in the heart of 12 South right now and will likely purchase a home near-by in the coming months. (37212)


Core hours: Monday - Friday,  2 -  7 PM (25/week)

Flex hours: Monday - Friday, scheduled for Family Assistant hours and some later evenings as-needed (15 total hours)

Guaranteed hours: 40 per week

Start date: By April 1, 2020 

Anticipated job duration: 1 year commitment 


This family has a lot of moving parts, between just moving here and settling in, the kids being between two schools, and after school activities starting to be scheduled, they are looking for someone who is looking to help them balance it all out! The kids are all really bright, well-mannered, and lively. Their interests range from loving art to animals and gaming! 

Mom is entering the work force again after staying home for the past year with the kids at their home in Texas. She realizes what a huge role the Family Assistant is and is looking to find a partner who will help with driving the children, managing the calendar, keeping the fridge and pantry stocked, running errands, ordering supplies, laundry, and keeping the house picked up. Dad is home on weekends, but he commutes back and forth to Texas for work, so it's a lot of solo parenting on the mom's side. She needs a true helper who is a go-getter and doesn't need to be micro-managed (not something she wants to do!). 

The big ticket items to this family are:

- being a good/safe driver (they're likely providing a vehicle for work-related trips)

- being a team player

- being proactive with communication 

- being very organized and detail oriented

- having prior nanny/FA experience 

- able to make intuitive choices/decision based on the family's dynamic + parenting philosophy

- self-control to not be on the phone around the kids, especially when driving

- having lots of patience! The kids are high energy 

- being a listener who can take the time to listen to the kids share a story + have invested conversations

- having a personality that has no issues with rolling with the punches, there is a lot that is unpredictable

- being dog friendly, they have an 11 year old sweet and loving Golden Retriever

- being open to traveling with them (not often)

- being open to staying overnight with the kids (there is a possibility that if mom takes a job this would be a requirement 1x per week, but it is unknown at the moment) 


Hourly: $20 - $25/hour gross

Annual anticipated: $40,000 - $50,000 

PTO: 1 week + 2 weeks in the summer when the family goes on vacation 

Paid Holidays off: offered 

Mileage: offered if they do not provide a vehicle



Entrepreneurial parents and their three incredible kiddos G9, G6, B2 are seeking a perfect fit for their spirited and welcoming family. The family lives on Belmont Blvd. 


Ideally 2-3 days per week from 8:15 - 4:30, they are flexible with just about anything and want to be able to work around someone else's schedule as best they can. 

Total hours per week: 16 - 25

Start date: as soon as they find "the one"

Duration: would love someone a year, will take an incredible fit for 6 months 


This creative, fun, loving, empowering, and inclusive family is searching for a creative, educational, and all hands on deck type nanny to help them with all the moving pieces they call life. Easy going, flexible, and adaptable are the key components to describing this family, and they work best with someone who embodies these too.


This is someone who brings joy into the house with laughter, creativity, fun and genuine enjoyment of engaging with children. It would be a bonus if that person were musically-inclined and artistic, but it's not a requirement.  More than anything, they want someone who fits their family well and connects with each of the children--understanding their unique personalities and how to meet them where they are (we're talking full spectrum of worm-hunting to kiddie manicures to theatre bug). It would be wonderful to find someone who understands social-emotional development for the different ages of the kids. We definitely need someone who can lean into the chaos and the challenges that come with the everyday, someone who knows when to laugh things off, and someone who knows how to be present and patient when kids are having "big" feelings.

The day can be lead by a combination of things mom has planned, things you would want to do with the kids, and things that are scheduled like appointments, gymnastics, tennis, etc. You'll work with mom a lot to coordinate things, but she's in/out throughout the day.

They're the family that has the kid's friends over, and they have such a warm and welcoming home, you'll feel it as soon as you walk in! They have space to P L A Y and that's what this family is all about, from sports to building to dancing or acting out a movie in costumes, you name it, they play it. A creative personality who encourages this would fit right in. 

The best fit for this family is someone who is willing to help out wherever is needed, whether running errands, putting groceries away, picking up a child from school, an impromptu trip to the zoo, buying a gift for an upcoming birthday, greeting the dog trainer for a puppy school session, or tossing old items in a fridge, it all comes down to pitching in to keep the flow going. 

Must be dog friendly (they have a new puppy who you do not have to train/be responsible for), be reliable and on time, be comfortable with the parents working from home (it's a big house), respect the family's privacy and be discrete, have a pitch in mindset, have some nanny experience, be open to being a loved extension of their family.


Hourly: $20/hour

PTO: negotiable

Holidays: usually will reschedule the work day for another day, if not you'll have the day off paid 

Guaranteed hours: yes 

Mileage: vehicle provided 


Greater Nashville area

Nashville families are continually looking for back-up caregivers, date night sitters, and help during school breaks. If you would like to be considered for these positions, apply below. Hourly rate is competitive and commensurates with experience.

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