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Before hiring a nanny or household employee, having an idea of the current local  industry is helpful for planning for your family. Hourly rates are based on experience, expectations, & position-specific requirements. Below is a general guideline of Nashville nanny and household employee pay based on industry rates for professional household services and accepted job offers through our agency. Average rates have increased considerably from 2020 due to the high demand and the growing Middle Tennessee market. 

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Nashville, TN Market Rates

NANNY: $25  -  $30+/hr 

FAMILY ASSISTANT: $25  -  $32+/hr


*Requests such as infant specialist, RN's and Private Educators  DOE $35-$45+/hour

All rates are listed in gross hourly wages. Candidates are paid legally directly by their employer and are considered non-exempt household employees. Any hours worked over 40 in a week are paid at an overtime rate of 1.5x the regular hourly rate.

Industry Standard Employment Benefits

In addition to the above compensation, nannies and household staff are generally offered benefits that include:

1 - 3 weeks of PTO 


Health insurance stipend

Paid Holidays/sick days

Mileage reimbursement

Car seat(s) provided by family

Guaranteed pay: This is pay for requested hours per week even if the family does not need them for all of the hours. This is not a salary. Any additional hours are compensated at the appropriate hourly rate.

Performance based reviews, semi-annual/annual raises, & bonuses

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At SSN we require all clients to be tax compliant when hiring a candidate. Understanding the annual cost and savings from employing someone in your household are important. We trust the experts at GTM Payroll to handle payment and taxes.  Easily manage financial household employee requirements and estimate the cost of employing household staff using this paycheck calculator tool below.

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Let us guide you in the right direction with service professionals who can answer questions, clarify concerns, and offer solutions. 

Planning on using a payroll service to pay your nanny?

We'll help you get started. 

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