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We have a passion for helping

Our woman-run organization is a passionate team of professionals with over three decades of collective experience in the industry.  Our diverse backgrounds include former nannies, mothers, and individuals who have employed nannies themselves. We believe that finding the perfect candidate is a blend of method and intuition which has been our practice locally since 2013.

Meet Our Founder
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Laura Frank
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Laura Frank, Founder and Owner of Southern Standard Nannies, jumped head first into her professional nanny career in Los Angeles, CA after receiving her New York State teaching credentials. Over several years, her love for adventure, culture, and new experiences brought her to different cities across the US, eventually settling her in Nashville, TN. 


Before starting SSN, Laura had over 10 years of dedicated childcare and teaching experience as a substitute teacher, travel nanny, house manager, high profile nanny, and newborn nanny. Throughout her career, Laura was constantly approached by families on the playground, in play groups, and at schools asking where they could find another “one of her.” This was an eye-opening discovery that quality, dedicated, & loyal care was hard for families to find on their own. 


Knowing the next natural step was to help on a larger scale, it was time to build an independent brand that would serve families on a local level and provide focused, intentional childcare services to families in need. In addition to this, years of hands-on experience with families, nannies, and working in fully staffed homes gives Laura the foresight for applying the matchmaking skills needed to secure strong partnerships between the very best nannies & household staff and their employers.


Laura has been rooted in Nashville for a decade  with her husband, son and dog. When she isn't connecting people you can find her cooking, traveling, hiking and reading historical fiction.  She is a published contributor to City Year's Culture & Values with her winning photo for the organization's Founding Story, "The Starfish Story," a message that is carried out in the core values of daily operation at SSN as well. 

Meet Our Team
Valerie Venerosa

Valerie grew up in the Los Angeles area and made her way to Tennessee to continue her nanny career. Soon after her arrival, she joined the SSN team in 2018 and is now our Candidate Specialist, walking all of our stellar candidates through the vetting process. Valerie has a knack for connecting with people, organization and offering  support and guidance to our candidates. When she isn't chatting with our candidates you can find her event planning, baking the most delicious treats, or spending time with her family!

Melissa Salter

Mel is SSN's behind the scenes ninja! Before joining the SSN team in 2022 she was a certified Behavioral Therapist and beloved nanny. With two grown children, she understands parenting can be one of the most magical and challenging endeavors in life, and no one gets through it alone! She loves being apart of an industry that makes connections to enhance the life of families. When Mel isn't working to build dream teams, she is loving on her sweet, old Bernese mountain dog, trying a new recipe or restaurant or spending quality time with her friends and family.  You may also spot her on an early morning walk too. If you do, say hi!

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