Since our beginning in 2013, Southern Standard Nannies has been dedicated to offering exceptional, curated household staffing services that evolve with the modern family.

At SSN, we set you up to make informed and confident hiring decisions with our methodical approach to learning about each client's needs, and finding the right candidates for the role.  We take a proactive approach to observe compatible experiences, qualifications, skills, and dynamics to ensure an impeccable match.  Our dedication to your needs and attention to detail sets us apart by offering an approach tailored to securing the best match.

We love what we do, and we love giving you your time back. 

Meet our founder!
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Following Graduate School as a certified teacher in New York, Laura Frank, Founder and Owner of Southern Standard Nannies, jumped head first into her professional nanny career in Los Angeles, CA. Over several years, her love for adventure, culture, and new experiences brought her to new cities across the US, eventually settling her in Nashville, TN. 


Laura has over 10 years of dedicated childcare and teaching experience in several different realms, including a substitute teacher, travel nanny, house manager, high profile nanny, and newborn care nanny with an emphasis in premies + multiples. Throughout her career, Laura was constantly approached by families on the playground, in play groups, and at schools asking where they could find another “one of her.” This was an eye-opening discovery that quality, dedicated, & loyal care was hard for families to find on their own. 


Knowing the next natural step was to help on a larger scale, she took a position as a on-call placement coordinator at a nation-wide nanny agency. Equipped with the tools and proper training to serve families using recommended and best practices, it was time to build an independent brand that would serve families on a local level and provide focused, intentional childcare services to Nashville families in need. In addition to this, years of hands-on experience with families, nannies, and working in fully staffed homes gives Laura the foresight for applying the matchmaking skills needed to secure strong partnerships between the very best nannies & household staff and their employers.


The ability for Southern Standard Nannies to give back to the community it serves is one of the most rewarding parts of being a local company, and something that Laura and her team have worked hard to be able to do. We are so fortunate to be able to give back to local non-profits in our community by donating 5% of our annual sales to child and family related non-profits. 


Laura resides in Nashville with her husband, son and dog-child. When she isn't connecting people you can find her cooking, traveling, hiking and reading historical fiction.  She is a published contributor to City Year's Culture & Values with her winning photo for the organization's Founding Story, "The Starfish Story," a message that is carried out in the core values of daily operation at SSN as well.