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We're Celebrating!

Hey Nashville! We're celebrating a big accomplishment over here at Southern Standard Nannies as the newest member of The Association of Premiere Nanny Agencies!

Ten years ago, if you had asked me if I pictured myself here, the answer would definitely be "...what?" With a vision of one day having a classroom of my own, I ventured out to Los Angeles to work as a nanny for what I thought would be a temporary job. It so happens this decision shaped the career I had as a professional nanny, and prompted me to build a service that, at its core, was built with honesty, integrity, and the passion to help those in need. I have always looked up to APNA agency owners as the leaders forging the path of what is right, fair, and cutting-edge, and now here I am as their peer; excited to continue offering the exceptional services and practices that I built the foundation of this company on.

After a rebrand, a new city and market, building our "A" team, and continuing to grow, here we are: the first and only Tennessee-based agency to be a part of this organization. We were picked over with a fine tooth comb to make sure we were leading the industry locally and nationally in business and ethical standards, and setting ourselves apart as a highly qualified, professional, and reputable service.

We are thrilled to be a part of this organization and to be recognized as providing the absolute best nanny & household staffing services to our Nashville community. Our process is never compromised, which means you likely talked through your needs with us in the comfort of your own home, or shook our hand hello when you sat down for an interview at our office. Hiring a household employee can be an information overload, but we likely put you at ease when we explained everything we do to walk you through each step. We simplify your responsibilities as an employer by breaking down the requirements in an easy to approach format. We go above and beyond for you, and even cover the costs for you to get started paying your nanny legally, simply because we want to encourage everyone to do the right thing. Ensuring clients and nannies are making informed and confident decisions is crucial, and by facilitating and monitoring the interview, offer, and hiring process we make sure that everyone is on the same page. We find so much joy in providing peace of mind, saving you time, and finding you the best of the best.

With this membership comes a continued responsibility on our end to uphold the required standards in ethics and business practices that APNA outlines for its members. We look forward to sharing the benefits of being named a member of this organization with our community by continuing to grow in innovative ways and adopting new best-practices along the way.

Thank you to our network of amazing candidates and clients who have helped us get here and provided incredible support along the way! We are dedicating this huge accomplishment to you.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Southern Standard Nannies and our local and national industry.


Laura Frank, Owner of Southern Standard Nannies

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