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INA National Nanny Salary Survey Results

The International Nanny Association has once again conducted a national survey to collect data on the current nanny industry across the US. Last performed in 2014, the 2017 survey results show changes in areas of salaries, benefits, and standards for current nannies and household employees. These findings can help guide nannies in their job hunt as well as help families know the industry standards for employing quality, trusted, and experienced caregivers.

It is important to know your local industry in comparison to what the national results reflect. Nannies in San Francisco and NYC have an average salary rate of $22 - $30 per hour with increased cost of living taken into consideration, while Nashville nannies make anywhere between $15 - $20+ per hour, depending

on experience, job expectations, number of total hours and qualifications. Another key factor in nanny jobs is the family's budget which is important to keep in mind and be aware that not every family can offer the same, or the highest rates. Our nannies set their own rates, meaning that we can't tell a nanny how much money they can or should make in any given nanny job, but we offer guidance and support in the process of negotiating a rate that is comfortable for each nanny and family respectfully.

We encourage nannies to share this survey with prospective or current nanny families to show them what the standards are nationally for employing a nanny! The survey results reflect a change towards higher hourly rate averages, more nannies using Work Agreements, receiving guaranteed pay, and getting the time off that you deserve in vacation or PTO benefits. The 2017 survey results can be found HERE.

If you have questions, concerns, or are unable to access the survey, EMAIL US! If you would like to learn more about becoming a nanny member of the INA, or taking the Credential Exam or Basic Skills Assessment, we can help!


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