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Planning your Placement - How to set your interview up for success.

The doorbell rings, your potential nanny interview is 10 minutes early. Automatically, you think thats a good sign, but then reluctantly make your way to the door because you were hoping she'd show up on time so you could quickly google some interview questions to ask. You were counting on those 10 minutes. Of course, you meant to do it last night, but the kids kept asking for one more bedtime book and you fell asleep rocking your littlest one who has a fever from teething to sleep. Yeah, you need a nanny, but now that you're not prepared for the interview, how will that effect the turn out? Will you be hiring the wrong person because you forgot to ask them a few vital questions?

Do you know that there are key questions to implement and ask during a interview with a potential caregiver? Many of these questions are generic and can be used across the board with every type of family, however, you have some personal homework to do to when it comes to hiring the right nanny.

But remember, you're not on your own! We know how important it is to have the right person caring for your pride and joy, so at Southern Standard Nannies we give you a complete hiring packet that covers every category of questions that you can pick from to ask your future nanny. Ask a few or ask them all! We do the hard work so you don't have to. Check out this article that details what responsible questions to ask yourself before asking the right questions of your potential caregiver.

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