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Location: Currently NYC --> relocating to Nashville, Green Hills, 37215

These loving, proud parents of a curious and sweet B2 are moving back to Nashville after spending a few years in New York City. They are expecting another baby in the Spring of 2024 and looking forward to enjoying more space and a different pace of life. Both parents have busy work schedules but enjoy moments of time with their son during they day when time allows. With so many life changes on the horizon, they are eager to meet a professional, passionate and loving nanny/family assistant who will help them settle into their new home and grow with them for years to come. Their ideal candidate is a career nanny with a background in early childhood development/education who is looking for a collaborative and “team-like” dynamic with these intentional parents.

M – F 9a – 5p or 8a – 4p, TBD
Flexibility to occasionally work a longer day (i.e. 7 – 5) and reduce hours on another day that week.
Flexibility to shift hours earlier when baby arrives, i.e. 6a - 2p or 7a - 3p and then shift back to 8 - 4.
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: ~January 2024
Duration: The family is looking for a long term fit, ideally 3-4+ years


As driven, hard working parents, their number one priority for their son’s day to day enrichment is to provide him the opportunity to learn and be in an educationally-rich environment as much as possible. Coming from NYC, this family knows there will be a lot of adjustments to living in Tennessee, and while they foresee getting their oldest into a preschool program, they also believe learning can take place anywhere with the right guidance. While their approach is informal, it’s important to them that their nanny/FA is constantly providing learning opportunities for their son, both educationally and life-skills. They feel rooted with the Montessori principles of letting children learn independence and go at their own pace of learning, but always providing an environment that supports that. Whether it’s a walk talking about colors and what you see or helping with unloading the dishwasher, they see it all as learning. B2 is a outgoing little one who loves being around other people, kids and adults alike. He enjoys a lot of stimulation and being engaged with. Some favorite activities and peek-a-boo or anything involving a ball! He love to read, do puzzles and play with his toys and animals too. The family is very schedule oriented and B2 does well with a predictable routine. They use a gentle approach to parenting and get on B2’s level to talk through things, but they are open to future adaptations knowing that new challenges will arise. They are patient, calm, and don’t have big reactions since they feel this usually triggers strong reactions or testing boundaries from their son.

As this family grows, the responsibilities may change as well. With a lot of adjustments in the first year like welcoming a new baby, mom being on maternity leave, and B2 probably starting a part time school program, the nanny/FA’s responsibilities may be fluctuate depending on the season the family is in. They are not only looking for someone who will provide a safe and enriching environment for B2 (and eventually baby) but who can also make use of kid-free time to help with household tasks and running errands. Some bigger needs they have like laundry or managing bottles/dishwasher can be a task that B2 is involved in or when he’s napping. Communication and taking/giving feedback is a big priority for them and something they’re looking for in the right fit, a very collaborative approach to working together.

The family may travel for 1-2 weeks in the future and would love their nanny to join them, but it is also not a deal breaker. Also, coming from NYC they will need to buy a vehicle or two and would need their nanny to use their own vehicle at least to start before they get this situation figured out. They will provide mileage.

- 5 years of recent full time nanny experience
- 3 years of experience with ages 0-1
- 3 years of experience with ages 1-3
- At least one year of FA responsibilities
- Longevity in former nanny/FA positions
- Montessori background
- Early Childhood education/development background
- Own vehicle to use at beginning of position
- non smoker/vaper

Preferred but not required
- Spanish speaking
- Sign language (ASL)

Hourly: $25 - $35/hour doe
PTO, Paid holidays, sick days: offered

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