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Location: South Nashville, 37211/Nipper’s Corner
Pets: 2 senior cats

This dual-physician couple entered parenthood sooner than expected with their daughter’s early debut in April. The perk is getting a bit more time with her before mom heads back to work in July, and having some more time to seek out the right fit for their family. Given the nature of their work, this position will be rotational in nature and provide a full-time annual salary for about 36 weeks of work per year. This couple describes themselves as hard-working, but easy-going. They are very family oriented, and remain close with their parents and siblings, and hope to nurture that level of being a close family unit even when working full-time. They love to get out and hike around Nashville and are consider themselves foodies, always getting out to try new, local restaurants.

The schedule will reflect dad’s work schedule, which he knows 9-12 months in advance, so all work weeks will be known well in advance. A work week will be guaranteed 55 hours, but occasionally only need 30 – 35 hours. Hours will typically fall between 7 am – 7 pm Monday – Friday, but may occasionally fall on a weekend (with notice).
Total weeks on: 36 – 40 weeks per year
Total weeks off: 12 – 16 weeks per year
Guaranteed hours for “on” weeks: 55/week
Start date: JULY 2024
Duration: Ideally the person in this role would stay until their child reaches preschool or kindergarten


This warm, inviting couple is taking their parenthood journey day by day. With their daughter being 4 weeks early, her first few weeks have been spent in the NICU while she gains weight and strength. There are no foreseeable hurdles given her early arrival and she is a strong little one! A typical work day will look like arriving at 7 am for mom to get off to clinic in time, and then following a structured day with G3mo (at the start date) including naps, feedings, and creative playtime that focuses on age appropriate educational activities to reach her milestones. They hope to hire an affectionate person who will give their daughter lots of love and snuggles in their absence since they do work outside of the home. The day will wrap up sometime between 5 to 7 pm depending on the day. Once she’s older, they do anticipate having the nanny get out and about to the zoo, parks, library story time, or other baby-friendly community enrichments, but to start, the role will just be home-based with walks around the neighborhood.

Their parenting dynamic has a foundation of structure and schedule, with room for creativity and flexibility as G3mo needs it. This is a nanny focused role, and only needs relating to the baby’s everyday care will be required. A good fit will have worked with infants in prior nanny roles and be attuned to the developmental needs to meet milestones throughout the first year, and beyond. They feel strongly about not involving screen time into their daughter’s daily routine, but rather having stimulating sensory activities through play, crafts, and activities. Having experience as an educator or a nursing background would also stand out to this family. As time goes on, they foresee positive reinforcement being implemented through the toddler stages.

While they are early in their parenting journey, they do know how important it will be to have a consistent and reliable person helping their family for years to come, so they are focused on finding a long-term fit. As a family they value honesty and integrity. They are hard-working and need to show up for their jobs to help people on a daily basis, so while the “on” weeks may be long, there will be plenty of time to recharge every 3-4 weeks with an entire week off. There could be an occasional need for hours on the off weeks, but for now they anticipate the schedule to be well-planned out. This position will require candidates to be up to date on vaccinations, including all childhood immunizations, tDap, and annual flu shot. Covid would be ideal but is not required like the others. They have two senior cats who mostly hide out, but are around occasionally, so anyone with a cat allergy may have trouble working in the home.

- Minimum 3 years of full time professional childcare experience
- Longevity in former childcare roles
- Minimum of 2 years of full time infant nanny experience
- Comfortable with cats
- Able to use their own vehicle for work purposes
- Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
- Nonsmoker/vaper
- Seeking a long-term role

Annual compensation: ~$55,000 gross
On weeks: 55 hours guaranteed @ $25/hr base + $37.50 overtime
Monthly guarantee: $4,500 gross (if earned wages for the month are less, the family will bonus out the difference)
PTO, Paid Holidays off, Sick Days: offered
Holiday pay (OT) offered for any holidays worked
Health insurance stipend: negotiable

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