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Location: Brentwood, TN 37027
Pets: 2 golden retrievers

This dual-entrepreneur couple and their two bright children, B8 and G5, are looking for a highly motivated individual to make their home run smoothly during the week. This role is for those who love to help support families in their success, have a high attention to detail, and truly enjoy “family life.” With a staff of people in their business world, it’s important to this family that this fit is comfortable being a part of their home-life. As a family they value spending time together, integrity, and traditional manners. They love to travel and try to do one big trip each year, usually to Europe. They are excite to meet “their person” who will support and enhance their lives!

Monday 6:45 – 10:45 AM + 2 – 6 PM
Tuesday 6:45 - 10:45 AM + 2 – 6 PM
Wednesday 6:45 – 10:45 AM + 2 – 6 PM
Thursday 6:45 – 10:45 AM
Friday 6:45 – 10:45 AM
FLEX HOURS: There are 8 hours per week that will generally be self-scheduled by the Family Manager to complete errands or household tasks. Occasionally, these hours will need to be allocated by the family for specific needs, such as Th/F evenings.
FLEXIBILITY: (1) Hours will shift when the kids are on school breaks (2) occasional evenings to 6:30 PM (2) Many weeknights may end before 6 PM
DURATION: Long-term, looking for a dedicated individual who wants to be in this role for years


This on-the-go family makes the most of their weekdays so they can spend quality time together in the evenings and on weekends. With their kids being older, they feel like life gets easier and easier with them and is more predictable. A typical day in this role would look like arriving at 6:45 to get the kids ready and out the door for school, driving the children in the family’s car to school (30 min commute) and driving back to their home. When back at the family’s home, the Family Manager would review inventory of household items, run errands, work on organizational projects, research or schedule a service provider, or assist with another type of household project. They have a daily housekeeper. This time is self-managed and expected to be very productive. There may be days where there is a break in between completing tasks and picking up the kids from school. Afternoons look a little different depending on the day, but generally school pick up and afterschool transportation will happen between 2-6. A family member handles most Thursday and Friday pick ups, so typically the Family Manager’s day will end with the morning shift, but they will need afternoons on occasion, with notice.

With these parents being driven and hard-working individuals, it’s been passed on to their kids and they are full of energy and excitement! B8 has the biggest heart, he is compassionate and sensitive. He’s very bright, thinks things through and is thoughtful. He loves art, being social, chess club and baseball. G5 loves everything girly, is self-determined, and also loves being social. She’s in gymnastics and she and big brother both attend Ju-jitsu classes. While most days the childcare component of this role is transportation related, there will be times when the kids are not in school or camps and an entire day will be spent having fun. It’s important to this family that the individual they hire really loves kids and wants to be involved when the job requires it. Other duties will eventually include some care for their dogs, which are currently in training for the next few months, but will eventually need to be taken to vet appointments, grooming, for walks, and possibly pet-sat in the off-chance their go-to person isn’t available. The family does travel a few times a year and may want their Family Manager to come with them on certain trips, so the ability to travel would be strongly preferred.

While the role will require their Family Manager to wear lots of different hats, there are a few key qualities they foresee the right person having. First and foremost, they value communication and integrity. They will communicate directly and would expect the same in return. This is not a role where there will be idle time, and are looking for someone who is observant and always identifying things that could be improved, whether that’s an area of the house needing organization or a system that could run more efficiently. Problem-solving, accountability, and anticipating needs are also critical qualities that will allow for success in this position. A confident, experienced, collaborative, and productive mentality will bode well in this role.

- Minimum of 2 years full time in a Family Manager, Family Assistant or Personal Assistant role
- Minimum 3 years of professional experience with children ages 5-10
- Previous longevity in similar roles OR proven dedication to this field of work
- Flexible availability
- Clean driving record
- Valid driver’s license
- Comfortable with dogs (gold retrievers)
- An iPhone (either using the one provided by family or candidate’s personal phone)

Hourly: $30/hr gross
PTO, sick days, and paid holidays off: offered
Other: This position will provide a vehicle, computer, and phone to use for work purposes

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