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Location: Green Hills, 37215
Pets: one friendly + sweet mini poodle

A laid-back family just grew by one with the arrival of their youngest son in early February. They recently moved to the area from San Francisco and are enjoying the southern pace of life with their two boys, B2.5 + B1mo. These parents are looking for a full time nanny/family assistant who can occasionally travel and grow with them as their needs evolve over the years. They are seeking an easy-going fit who takes a lot of pride in their work and the role they play in allowing families to spend quality time together and thrive, which is exactly what they’re looking for. Mom and dad both work part-time, flexible schedules which has allowed them to be involved in their children’s lives. A punctual, positive and active parenting partner is just what this family needs!

Hours: Typically Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:30
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
*Some flexibility will be asked to shift to a 12 – 8 schedule (or similar), with notice
*Occasional travel during work weeks and over weekends, with notice
*Occasional overtime as-needed, with notice
Start date: Between April – May 2024
Duration: ideally a long-term commitment (2+ years)


This new-to-Nashville family just welcomed their second child, joining big brother who is 2.5. As a family, they thrive on routine and love to keep a upbeat energy in their home, which shines through in their positive, gentle parenting style. While they have two children, this position will not require the nanny to have both kids all of the time. B2.5 will be in school 2 - 5 days a week (still tbd) and Mom and dad plan to be able to spend one on one time with each child daily and also do things together as a family during the week, which would be when the nanny/fa switches to family assisting tasks like running to the grocery store, working on an organizational project, or keeping up with the kid’s laundry. A tidy home is important to this family and while they have a weekly housekeeper, they are also looking for someone who picks up as they go throughout the day. The ideal fit would be proactive with tidiness and organization, and have an eye for doing the little things that make their lives a lot more manageable.

B2.5 is a sweetie! He is cautious, conscientious, and wise beyond his years. He loves anything with wheels and loves golfing on their backyard mini course. While he’ll be in school part or full time (still pending), he does love learning and loves sitting down to work on “projects”. They have memberships to all the kid-friendly places in Nashville and envision lots of outings to these places as well as trips to the park. Outings with the littles will require the nanny to have their own vehicle as they do not have a third vehicle at this time. Little brother was 4 weeks premature and is only a month old, so he’s still getting his baring’s on life earthside. By the time their nanny/FA begins, they foresee having a good routine and rhythm with him. While they are an easy-going bunch, their expectations for safety and awareness are high and it’s crucial for the right fit to be focused and intentional while at work. They have a strong preference for a no-screen, distraction-free environment around their children as much as possible, and will provide an apple watch to make this easier.

This family sees themselves growing with the right fit over time and had a very beloved nanny in the Bay area that set a wonderful standard for how wonderful a nanny-family partnership can be. They will need the person in this role to travel with them throughout the year, and could occasionally travel without them and may require house sitting. This family is private and likes to remain professional with their personal lives, but when it comes to their family, they are eager to welcome a devoted, warm, and sweet soul into their lives who adores children.


- Minimum 3 years of professional nanny experience with ages 0 - 3
- Minimum 2 years of professional infant experience
- Minimum 1 year of experience in a Family Assistant role or similar
- Strong references speaking to work ethic, loyalty, and punctuality
- Ability to travel as-needed (with notice)
- Safe, reliable vehicle to use for work purposes
- Clean driving record
- Valid Driver’s license
- Wearing an iWatch during work hours
- Dog-friendly
- CPR certified
- Current flu + general vaccinations (covid is not required)

Hourly: $25 - $30/hr gross depending on qualifications
PTO, Paid holidays off, Sick days: Offered
Health insurance stipend: negotiable

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