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Location: Franklin, TN 37069 (near Walnut Grove Elementary School)

The time has come for this big, joy-filled family to hire a full-time nanny to aid in the daily operations of their busy, but fulfilling, days as a family of six! With four kids, B7, B4, G2, G2, they are looking for a nanny to help their family have more balance in the pursuit of everything they enjoy. With everyone going in different directions these days, mom needs a collaborative and flexible co-pilot to navigate where each day takes them. They would love a nanny who can easily work alone, usually with the twins or the youngest three, but also balance a tag-team approach with mom with all 4 kids. Having experience with a big family previously would be very welcome- they know it’s a unique dynamic and takes a big, patient heart!

Monday 12 - 6
Tuesday 8:30 - 6
Wednesday 12 - 6
Thursday 8:30 - 6
Friday 8:30 - 5

START DATE: March 18, 2024
DURATION: Ideally 2 years


As this family has grown, they have also lived all over the US and have welcomed each new addition in a different state! They are now happy to call Tennessee home and have put their roots down here. They have fully embraced the big-family lifestyle and are ready to enjoy exploring each child’s interests a bit more intentionally and putting less stress on mom to make all the magic happen in a day. With two left in diapers (but hopefully not for long) it’s time to enlist some full time help to bring more balance and sanity to their day. Mom is excited to work in tandem with their nanny and feel comfortable sharing childcare responsibilities. This role is 85% childcare and 15% family assistance, which will not be anything routine, more so on an as-needed basis of running an errand or helping with some simple meal prep for the family. Keeping a tidy home is an everyday effort with six family members and they’ll absolutely need help with picking up and reminding the kids to pick up after themselves.

Their kids are all very active and they have a goal to spend more time outside this year. They value time together as a family, good health, and furthering themselves to learn new things or pick up a hobby. They feel like an active, naturally energetic person will be a good match for playing with the kids, but also welcome someone who can bring calmness and help reinforce self-control in the kids. Their family motto is “always do your best or give your best effort” and their kids do best with someone who can set firm boundaries but does so with kindness and understanding. With a big family, things can get out of hand easily with a million questions flying your way at once or trying to wrangle everyone into the car in a timely manner. This is where the family greatly cherishes someone who has a flexible nature and can roll with the punches when something inevitable changes last minute.

These kids are creative, fun, and love playing together. Mom is always surprised by their creative side and would love an innovative nanny who can turn a amazon box into a rocket ship or have a inclusive baking day with the little ones. As a family they appreciate play-based learning and find that so many activities fall into this philosophy! B7 is very mature, thoughtful, and sporty. He loves reading, playing soccer and basketball, and plays really well with his peers. B4 loves anything B7 loves (naturally), playing outside, and gets along with everyone. He’s in preschool full time right now. G2’s are identical twins on the outside but are their own little souls inside! While one is very extroverted and opinionated, the other is an observer and introverted. They both love Duplo blocks and playing with their big brothers. They are in preschool 2 days a week and mom hopes to get them potty trained with the help of their new nanny!

This down-to-earth family is in their prime of raising their kids to be, responsible, resilient and have healthy habits as they grow up. While they may travel from time to time, they don’t foresee it being necessary for their nanny to join them, maybe their glamourous vacation era will come eventually- but this isn’t it! They can’t wait to welcome their nanny into their big, happy family

- A minimum of 3 years of professional childcare experience
- A minimum of 2 years of nanny experience or comparable (i.e. elementary school teacher)
- Experience with big families or group setting childcare with different ages
- Experience with ages 2 - 8
- Understanding this role is one where you will be working with a stay at home parent
- Potty training experience
- Flexible in nature with the day to day, can easily go with the flow of changes
- Valid driver’s license + safe driving record
- Non-tobacco user

- Spanish fluency
- Skilled swimmer

Hourly: $26 - $30/hr to commensurate with experience and qualifications
PTO, Paid holidays, Sick days: Offered
Health Insurance Stipend: Negotiable

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