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Proactive Hiring: The Importance of a Work Agreement for Household Employees.

If you've held a job before, you know that you probably signed a work contract, code of conduct, or something along those lines that outlines your performance expectations. This shouldn't be any different when dealing with a household employee. Work agreements for a nanny or other household employee job are vital on varying levels, ranging from outlining expectations to being effective in retaining employees. Not only is this an important document for families, it benefits nanny's to know exactly what their expectations are, benefits, terms of service, and much more. It helps eliminate miscommunication, and is always amendable when it comes to jobs evolving over time, as long as it is a mutual agreement.

We furnish all of our clients with a Work Agreement template that covers all your bases. Your time with your little ones is invaluable, so we designed a form that allows you to fill in the blanks, print, and sign for yourself and your nanny to hold on to.

Are you a nanny? Do you have a work agreement? It's never too late. Ask your nanny family today to create a work agreement so you're all on the same page.

We suggest taking a look at this Work Agreement Quick Reference from a highly recommended service, HomeWork Solutions, who can offer guidance and payroll services once you hire your supernanny!

As always, our mission is to provide traditional care for your modern day needs!

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