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Location: Brentwood, TN 37027

An easy-going family welcomed twins earlier this year, joining big brother and sister, 4 and 2. Once they doubled the number of children in their family, they realized it’s imperative to have another person helping mom throughout the day even with their eldest in school full time. Most days are spent with the twins and occasionally G2 joins as well. This family practices a gentle approach to parenting and nurtures their children’s interests.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 8 am – 7 pm or 9 am - 7 pm
Guaranteed hours: 40 - 44/week depending on final schedule
Start date: January 2024
Duration: The family is looking for someone to grow with their family for years to come


This sweet family is finally in the groove of being a family of six and looking forward to having a helpful, reliable and engaging nanny/mothers helper. Before the twins came, Mom had loved being involved in the daily lives of their B4 and G2 and didn’t want that to change too much, she likes doing school drop offs and pick ups, so the nanny will typically stay home with the twins when mom is out running the older kids around or running errands. Having infant experience will be an important factor, however there will be a lot that mom can teach and model as well. This is a very collaborative position, which is focused on being a mother’s helper and supporting her with all things child-related. When spending time with the babies, they want someone who will be active and engaging with them, coming up with ideas and activities that will aid them in reaching milestones. They will want this person to be intentional with their older children too and foster their individual interests through play, conversation and engagement. They live in a walkable neighborhood with paths and playgrounds making outdoor time easy and accessible. Their son is very independent and loves to read, play with trains and play quietly. Their daughter is full of energy, loves playing with her brother and making new friends, she’s super friendly and outgoing. There will typically always be another parent around, usually mom, so the nanny would not be caring for all four kids unless it was an emergency or something discussed in advance.

In addition to helping with the babies, this role will also support the parents with washing bottles, washing or chopping fruits and veggies, tidying up after the kids, and possibly helping with tasks like folding the kid’s laundry from time to time. Dinner, bath and bedtime will be a group effort on workdays. Mom loves to keep her home running smoothly and doesn’t need someone to take that over, but more so to support her to allow her to be able to manage all things home and kid related on a daily basis. Someone experienced in working alongside a mom and working in a role like this previously would be ideal since it is a different dynamic than most nanny roles. This family is so sweet, positive, and easy-going, it’s going to be easy for the right person to fit right in with their family.

- 3 years of paid professional childcare experience
- Hands-on infant experience (minimum 2 years)
- 2 years of experience with children ages 2 - 5
- Comfortable working alongside mom/parents in the home
- Prior experience with multiples (twins) and/or 3+ kids
- Flexible with tasks/duties in overall support of mom/the home
- Positive references speaking to reliability and patience
- Non smoker/vaper
- CPR certification

If you’re up for travel in the future, that would be a huge plus to this family! They used to travel a lot before having children and they would love to get back into it as a family, but will definitely need the help.

Hourly: $25 - $30/hr gross to commensurate with experience + applicable OT
Guaranteed hours: 44/week
PTO/Paid holidays/Sick days: offered
Health insurance stipend: Negotiable

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