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Location: Green Hills, 37215
Pets: 2 dogs

A sweet family of three relocated to Nashville in early 2023 and bases out of here when they aren’t on the road together for Dad’s job. They welcomed their little girl in December 2022 and are looking for a supportive Family Assistant who will help with both the baby and helping maintain the home so these hands-on parents can balance spending a lot of quality time together as a family and also having time to work on their own careers. This position will mostly be focused on family and household support with occasional childcare for their spunky daughter!

HOURS: M – F 8:30 – 3:30 (35 hours) + 5 flex hours per week
The family will guarantee 40 hours and asks for some flexibility in the schedule to:
Stay later, work an evening, work on a weekend
START DATE: April/May 2024
DURATION: Long-term


As first-first time parents, this couple has gotten into the swing of this parenting thing and are settled into a great day to day routine. The are looking for a self-starter who loves to take initiative around the house and pitch in with whatever is needed. They have day to day needs that are routine, but will also have semi-regular or as-needed tasks that will fall within the scope of the role as well. Day to day help that support the family as a whole look like laundry, tidying up, loading and unloading the dishwasher, prepping easy and healthy meals for G1, recycling, maintaining their systems and processes for organization around the house, assisting with the dogs (feeding, walking), running the vacuum or steam mop up after the dogs/child. They will also need someone who is proficient with running to the grocery story, making returns/exchanges, and other errands. When mom and dad step out without their daughter, they want someone who can easily step in for childcare with G1 and keep her happy, entertained, and on her routine. Their ideal hire is detail oriented and has a strong innate sense of taking initiative in needed ways. They often host out of town guests and will need help preparing their guest rooms or turning it over after they leave. They are a private family with a high profile status, so reading a room and situation will be a key part of success in this role.

Mom is very laid back and dad is a goofball who loves to joke and prank, so going with the flow but also having a sense of humor will be key to thriving in their home. Their daughter is on the go and loves to play, be outside, go on walks and run around their front yard. She’s a very easy-going, fun, and funny little girl! Mom and dad are both athletes and they are a very active family, and feel a FA with an active lifestyle will be a great fit. G1 loves to eat and they make everything home-cooked for her. A nanny with prior high-profile experience would be ideal since there will be a strong need for professionalism and discretion.

This role will include travel, and possibly domestic relocation for 4 to 6 months for Dad’s job as a professional athlete. Additionally, the family may ask their FA to come on vacations or other short weekend trips throughout the year. Candidates must be travel-ready and able to relocate for ½ of the year.

- 3 years of professional nanny experience or equivalent*
- 3 years of hands-on toddler experience (age 1+)
- Comfortable around dogs
- Highly professional and discreet, prior HP experience preferred
- Flexibility to help in the evening or on a weekend with notice
- Travel-ready
- Able to be a self-starter and find proactive tasks to do if there is downtime or there is company over
- Scheduled but flexible, being mindful of timing and communicating with mom about any inconsistencies
or adjustments to schedules, etc.
- Have a strong work ethic “see something, do something”

*Equivalency for 3 years of nanny experience will be determined by the SSN team

- Bilingual in French or Spanish

Hourly: $25 - $30/hr gross
PTO, Paid Holidays, Sick days: Offered
Health insurance stipend: Offered

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