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Location: Belle Meade, 37205

A wonderful SSN family is growing their family in June 2024 and looking for a supportive team member to help aid mom and their full-time nanny. The role will focus on postpartum care for mom + baby, household related responsibilities, and as-needed care for their two older boys, ages 3 and 1. This role will be dynamic and range from caring for baby and mom in the early postpartum stage and supporting the flow of the home with managing household inventory, maintenance, organization, scheduling, and more. This is a down-to-earth family who is thoughtful and respectful of their employees and appreciative of the humans who help enrich this parenting journey.

FLEX HOURS: 5-10/week come in earlier, stay later, or help on the weekend. These would be scheduled in advance, but could be last minute if they need emergent care or covering if daytime nanny is sick.
GUARANTEED HOURS: 40 – 50/week depending on final schedule/arrangement
START DATE: March/April 2024, the family would like to transition someone into the role before baby arrives so everyone is prepared.
DURATION: A minimum 1 year commitment


This family is about to sail into uncharted territory with welcoming their third child and they feel confident that they know how and where their family will need support leading up to and after their little one’s arrival. Their family is active, prioritizes a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys spending time together as a family. They are no stranger to hiring and have built great relationships with their nannies based on trust, mutual respect, and open communication. They would like someone to begin before baby’s arrival to help ease the transition and get to know their needs, their boys, and how their home runs. They are looking for someone who will primarily be at the home and who knows how to stay busy, be proactive, and stay on top of routine household need. This could look like laundry tasks, meal prepping kid’s lunches/food, collaborating with their FT nanny, managing household inventory, scheduling repairs or vendors, opening packages and keeping things organized, while also having the aptitude to easily fold into childcare needs for the big boys. A good fit is someone who can easily taking direction and pivot as needed.

Their boys are both sweethearts and it will be important to get to know them and develop a relationship with these tiny humans! Some afternoons may be very involved with them, picking up from school, driving to extracurriculars, playing in their playroom or backyard, or going through their dinner + bedtime routines. Their daytime nanny covers most of the planning and logistics for school, playdates and educational or social outings as she’s there in the morning through the afternoons. Success for this family heavily relies on schedules and routines, and maintaining naps and consistent sleep environments for all the kids. This role will allow this to happen while the kids are at all different stages. Eventually, they foresee their needs or job scope evolving, and are looking for someone who can grow with their family through the anticipated changes.

As dad’s work picks up again right around when baby arrives, it will be important to have someone who is reliable, dependable and flexible. Mom may need help over the weekends if dad is traveling or working long hours, or may need some hours covered earlier in the day if she can’t help with a big-kid scheduling conflict when baby is little. There is a possibility that some weeks could be more than 50 hours. A good fit it someone who is gentle with sharing suggestions, non-judgmental, and respectful of the choices the parents make for their children. Work ethic is imperative to them, they’re looking for someone who can be efficient, proactive, and intuitive in their scope of work. They keep a tidy, organized, and green home. They are calm, patient, and easy going and feel that these are qualities that would align well in a personality fit. They love a positive, optimistic mindset and a loving, warm approach to caring for children!


• Minimum 3 years of newborn + infant nanny experience. (While newborn care will not be a full time ask,
candidates must have experience caring for babies who are days-old)
• 2 years of experience with ages 1 – 4
• Ideally postpartum support experience or working with a family who welcomed a new baby while hired
• Prior experience with Family/household assisting
• Home organization expert!
• Scheduling/coordinating experience
• Very routine/schedule oriented
• Supportive and consistent with systems and processes that work well for this family
• Looking to work more hours (45+)
• Comfortable with a more home-based role but also flexible to fill in for more nanny duties if/when
• Responsible driver, valid driver's license
• Longevity in former roles/loyalty
• Flexible and able to work evenings/weekends
• Go with the flow with schedule changes AND job scope evolution over time
• Comfortable working in a home with a small, friendly hypo-allergenic dog

Strong Preferences in which the family will prioritize candidates for:
• Up to date flu, tDap, and covid vaccines
• Professional infant care and/or postpartum certifications

HOURLY: $30 - $35 to commensurate with experience and qualifications
PTO, Paid major federal holidays, sick time: offered
Health insurance stipend: negotiable

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