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Location: Edgehill/12 South
Pets: 1 dog, friendly Labrador

This driven, down-to-earth couple are eagerly expecting their daughter’s arrival in early March. They are excited to soak her all in and share this special time with family during the first few weeks after her arrival, but know they will need full time care once it’s time to return to work in early June. Ideally the right fit will begin mid-May and be fully prepared to take over full time once mom returns to work. They are a family whose faith is front and center and will play a big part in how they raise their daughter. They like to be outside and active with their dog, travel, try new foods, and spend time on the lake. They are team, a unit, and are excited to have their Nanny be a key member of that team!

Days: MON + WED - FRIDAY OR TUE – FRI (whichever 4 day combo the nanny prefers)
Hours: 10 hour shifts, typically 7:30 – 5:30*
*some days may start as early as 6 AM or end as late as 6 PM, this would be communicated well in advance
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: May 20 (ish)
Duration: The family is looking for a 12 – 18 month initial commitment


This hard working couple is excited to partner with a supportive, experienced, and accommodating individual who will both enhance the developmental growth of their daughter, but also understand that while these parents work, they still want to be plugged into her day. They envision their nanny utilizing their home and eventually the community to provide enriching environments for their daughter to learn and grow using minimal to no screentime. Mom is very scheduled and organized and is leaning towards following the Moms on Call approach. Routine and consistency are very important to this crew, and since Grandma is watching the baby one day a week, it’ll be crucial that everyone is consistent and on the same page with approach, schedule, etc. They’ll want to tackle the “firsts” on weekends with their daughter but are open to gentle guidance on milestones and when to make transitions. Mom also puts a huge priority on communication and is looking for someone who can communicate well, even on sensitive topics.

General responsibilities will revolve around baby and baby-related tasks such as keeping baby on their schedule, fostering development, baby’s laundry, bottle prep, keeping baby’s items stocked and cleaning up after baby. With so much growth and change in the first year, adapting to new schedules, routines, and transitions will be essential. As we may have mentioned, mom is a planner, so with both parents working outside the home, they may occasionally have early or late meetings at their office and will need some flexibility when it comes to arrival time each day and coming home each afternoon. They have every intention to do their very best with the schedule, but need understanding if it fluctuates. They promise to communicate well in advance, and often! They may occasionally request their nanny to work five days, with overtime pay, or swap the day off for the week. With working such long days too, mom or dad may occasionally request a lunchtime visit at their office to sneak in some snuggles with their daughter!

As a close-knit family, they can’t imagine a world where their daughter’s nanny didn’t also feel like family. They also want to ensure whomever they work with is comfortable in their faith-based, conservative home. With both parents being passionate about the work they do, they want to feel and see that commitment and enthusiasm from their nanny as well. A big deal for them is being intentional, and in their absence their wish would be for the nanny they welcome into their home to be intentional, loving, and present with their daughter. A requirement for this role would being up to date with tDap and all childhood immunizations. The flu vaccine is strongly preferred as well.

- Minimum 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Minimum 2 years of work with newborns and infants from age 2mo – 18 mo
- Minimum 1 year of full time nanny experience
- Longevity in former roles
- Strong references
- OK to work in a home dogs (friendly Labrador)
- Safe, reliable vehicle to use for work purposes
- Valid driver’s license
- Clean driving records
- No tobacco use
- Able to work in a home with multiple flights of stairs
- Able to make a minimum of a year commitment

- Bilingual in English and Spanish
- Able to travel on family vacations

Hourly gross wage: $25- $28/hr to commensurate with experience and qualifications
PTO, Paid holidays, Sick days: Offered

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