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Location: Sylvan Heights Neighborhood, West Nashville, 37209

Adoring first time parents are taking this parenting thing in stride and enjoying their first few weeks with their son who was born in late August. They are excited to hire their first nanny to care for their son and prioritize his development and needs during the day. He’ll be four months old when the position begins. Work will be gearing back up for them both at the start of the year so they anticipate needing their nanny to start on January 2, however they intend to make a hiring decision by early December since they’ll be traveling to see family in the northeast for baby’s first Christmas!

Monday – Friday, generally from 9 AM to 5 PM, but may need to shift the schedule to 8 – 4 or 8:30 – 4:30 on occasion, with notice
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: Jan 2, 2024 (making a hiring decision by Dec 15, 2023)
Duration: Hopefully long term as they plan to expand their family quickly and would love someone to grow with them for 2-3 years (or more!)


This couple welcomed a chill, happy, and smiley baby boy at the end of the summer and has been soaking up all the baby love since! They are still figuring out their groove as parents and finding the balance between a structured schedule and time for fun and activities as their son gets older. They are having a lot of success using the Mom’s on Call method for schedule and routine, but don’t feel weighed down by following it to a T. As a family they love to be outside, going for walks with their 5 year old mini Aussiedoodle, eating good food at new restaurants, and traveling. With both parents being transplants, they love to go see family out of town when they can! Their jobs demand a lot of their time during the work week, so they really maximize their time together as a family when they aren’t working. Their goal as a family is to raise their son in a happy, loving home and teaching him the values of hard work, enjoying life and quality time with friends and family, and their intention would be to hire a nanny who can amplify those goals! As parents, their wish is for them and anyone who cares for their son to have a calm, loving approach while providing consistent and structured message and environment.

Since child development is not either of their professions, they are excited to meet someone who takes their career really seriously and loves to take initiative with planning to fill their son’s day with activities that will enhance his development like practicing gross and fine motor skills, outdoor time observing nature, and more. It’s important that their nanny also align with their value of keeping a schedule and being consistent. They hope to introduce baby-led weaning and would prioritize a candidate who can help making wholesome, fresh foods for their son. While they don’t track his actions during the day, they will be looking for someone who can notice if something isn’t consistent and communicate that. Speaking of communication, these parents are both Type-A and stay connected with each other throughout the day and know they will really enjoy being plugged in to their son’s day too. Receiving photos or updates of things he’s doing or milestones he’s achieved will be welcome! Dad works from home but he’s up on the third floor in his home office until late 2024 when his firm’s offices will be ready, so he’s really out of sight, and Mom will be working out of the house. Their dog will be around but he’s trained and sweet, he may need to be let outside a few times a day but otherwise just lays around.

As a family, they do travel a few times a year and would welcome a nanny who would be open to joining them on 2-3 week-long trips. They also hope to expand their family quickly and have another child close in age to their son, so ideally a long-term fit would be ideal for their plan as a family. Eventually, they will want their son to be in a Montessori preschool program, so a Montessori background would be welcome, but not required.

- A minimum of 2 years of prior full-time nanny experience with a baby in their first year
- A minimum of 3 years of total full time, professional childcare experience from age 18 on
- Longevity in former nanny positions
- Updates flu and tDap immunizations
- Experienced and knowledgeable with infant milestones
- Have experience planning learning and educational goals to work on achieving milestones
- Safe driving record + valid driver’s license
- Child development background strongly preferred (but not required)
- Excellent communication skills and keeping parents updated
- Non-smoker/vaper

Hourly: $24 - $28/hr gross depending on experience
PTO, Paid Holidays + Sick days: Offered
*The family takes 2-3 additional weeks of time off that will be guaranteed hours but offered as additional PTO (not required to perform any work tasks).

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