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Location: 12 South Nashville, 37204
Pets: None

This wonderful SSN family is welcoming their second child in July, joining big brother who is 3! They are looking for a NCS to join them about a month after baby’s arrival to assist with overnight care for 3 nights per week. Both parents are physicians and Mom will be returning to work in November, but will be looking for established and reliable overnight care before then and likely through early 2025. These parents are looking for a partner who will complement their parenting style and assist them in encouraging independent sleeping.

3 nights per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Ideal candidate would also be able to work 5-10 daytime hours on the weekends
Shifts hours: Prefer 8 hour shifts from 11p – 7a but are flexible for up to 10 hours
Start date: August 10, 2024 (baby will be approx. 1 month) but flexible to start as soon as Aug 1
Duration: August 2024 – February/March 2025


Having been through it once already, these parents are preparing themselves for the newborn phase by hiring an NCS to provide overnight support for their second child. The NCS will be responsible for all overnight feeds and waking with baby. Overnight duties will also include replenishing the changing station, cleaning bottles or pump parts, changing bedding, and occasional baby laundry. Mom will be up to pump once per night but does not plan to nurse.

The family is looking to hire a credentialed NCS or a candidate with a similar background. They are eager to find someone who will care for baby overnight, but will take a similar approach to their parenting style in helping baby identify their own soothing mechanisms when developmentally appropriate by putting down drowsy but not awake, and not having baby rely on being rocked or bounced to sleep. Their goals would be to have baby sleeping through the night by 6 months, or sooner. The position may taper down in days if overnight sleep stretches are being achieved, but will work with their NCS on determining that. Mom will be returning to work in November and does not foresee any changes in the schedule until early 2025.

The ideal NCS would also offer some daytime hours on weekends so that mom and dad can have some quality time with their 3 year old. They have a full time nanny during the week, but will want to prioritize some one on one time with their oldest on weekends. They are looking for an experienced candidate who has working in an overnight NCS role previously.

- Minimum 4 years of experience with newborns and infants
- At least 2 prior overnight NCS or night nanny positions, with references
- NCS certification strongly preferred (or similar qualifications i.e. neonatal nurse)
- Collaborative approach and respectful of parents’ wishes
- Nonsmoker/vaper
- Available from August - November
- Available on weekends (strongly preferred)
- Comfortable working in a bilingual home (English/Spanish)

Hourly: $30 - $40/hour depending on credentials and experience

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