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Location: Green Hills, Nashville 37215

Get ready to have your heart stolen by the most contagious smile you will ever see! This sweet family of dual - physicians and their 2 year old son are looking for a wonderful teammate to help amplify B2’s day with learning, fun, crafts, and reading! This young family has adored having a nanny for the past 1.5 years and their experience has been incredible, which they are looking for again with a long-term fit!

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: January 2, 2024
Duration: Ideally long term, 2 – 4 years


This sweet, silly and smart little boy is a big goofball who loves playing, reading and exploring his curiosities. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll be two peas in a pod! And just wait until he smiles…your heart will melt! He’s a big sensory kid and enjoys playing with trucks and playing sports. As the world’s biggest fan of hippos, your day may involve this much-loved animal, but will also include lots of reading, playing, dedicated learning time, and trips to the library or nearby park! Education is very important to these parents and they want their son to be provided with an enriching environment that is device free and really focused on him, reading books, planning activities or crafts, creating sensory activities, and keeping him engaged. B2 is on a great schedule right now and is a routine-oriented kid. He’s got lots of energy and channels it towards keeping busy with exploring his toys and environment! He goes to school two days a week which the nanny will be responsible for drop offs and pick ups.

Their ultimate goal would be to have a nanny grow with their family and stay long term. While he’s in school the family has been having their current nanny work on some household tasks like his laundry, running errands, craft/activity planning for non-school days, and other odd-jobs that come up with relation to B2. This part of the position may grow into some more family assistant tasks if/when they add more school days, but for now is mostly child focused.

Doing some light meal or snack prep for him will be asked occasionally (they cook from fresh foods), but mom or dad also prepare a lot of his food. They do have one dog who is a sweet and gentle giant and he loves his little brother! The family wants to ensure that their nanny will be comfortable with a bigger dog, and while he’s mostly with mom in her home-office, making sure he doesn’t get too excited around B2 is occasionally needed.

This family is very safety-minded and wants a nanny who will always be mindful of their son’s safety. They are both physicians and have seen it all, so this is an important trait they will be looking for in the right individual. They do require driving for the role and provide a vehicle, which the nanny will be added to their insurance as a driver. They all thrive on strong communication and are hopeful to have a nanny who has excellent communication skills and is comfortable with mom working from home.

- 3 years of professional, paid childcare experience
- 2 years of prior nanny experience with children age 1
- An understanding of developmental milestones for 1-3 years old
- Safety-minded
- Engaging and can create a fun, stimulating and enriching environment daily
- Comfortable with big dogs
- Covid vaccination required
- Annual flu shot required
- Looking for a long-term position
- Extremely reliable and punctual
- Live within a 30 minute commute to Green Hills
- Strong references that confirm reliability
- Valid driver’s license and clear driving record

Hourly: $24 - $26/hr gross depending on experience
PTO, Sick Days + Holidays: Offered

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