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Location: Hendersonville, TN

A growing family in Hendersonville is seeking a helpful caregiver to assist them with welcoming their second baby who is due on Christmas day! This position will be for 6 months (December 2023 – June 2024) to help them adjust to a family of four and allow this SAHM to heal and have time to bond with both of her children. Job duties will range from playing with G2 while mom is with baby, going on outings all together eventually, tidying up, and resetting at the end of each day. This is a support role for mom so she can have a smooth adjustment to mothering two little ones. The family would welcome a bilingual or Spanish-speaking candidate as mom is from Ecuador and fluent, and only speaks to G2 in Spanish (dad speaks to her in English). They have a well-trained Pomeranian who is part of the crew too!

M – F 10:30 – 6:30 or 11 – 7 *flexible to shift hours if someone has school/another regular commitment during these hours
Hours: 40/week
Start date: Dec 11, 2023
Duration: December 2023 – June 2024

This sweet family is eager to meet their little boy! They live in a quiet neighborhood in Hendersonville where the park is right down the street and G2’s soccer and music classes are in their clubhouse. They love their home and are looking forward to welcoming someone into their day to day to help them feel supported and cared for. As a SAHM, mom is very involved in the day to day but knows it will be challenging to care for G2, their home, and their new baby, so she is looking for a mother’s helper/nanny to join her in toggling these three things so it isn’t overwhelming. At first, a typical day could look like playing with G2 or staying back with baby while mom takes her to an activity, washing bottles or loading the dishwasher, sweeping up after a mealtime, or resetting the house at the end of the day to start fresh tomorrow.

This family takes a very gentle approach to parenting, practicing redirection and following Taking Cara Babies method for their infant. They are very routine/schedule oriented and there is a strong Montessori presence in their home with no screentime or noisy/flashy toys. They did baby-led weaning with their daughter who still does not consume sugar and plan on doing this with their son too. And while it’s a short term position, it’s important to mom that someone is familiar or willing to learn these concepts so that they can be consistent when with one child or the other. Along with this consistency also comes mom’s desire to work with someone who is bilingual, conversational in Spanish, or just confident with “toddler Spanish” i.e. knowledge of general vocabulary and phrases or willingness to pick these up from mom. She is proud of her heritage and language and wants to instill this in her daughter. Dad, who works from a home office, does speak to G2 in English, but mom wants as much Spanish reinforcement as possible in G2’s day, especially in her absence.

Having a knack for tidiness, organization and willingness to take direction will be important in this role. There will be a lot of time spent with mom in this role, so it’s important to them that the person they hire is very comfortable with this dynamic and with their family as a whole. They value privacy, respecting and celebrating other people’s diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, and living in harmony with one another.

- 3 years of professional childcare experience (teaching, daycare, nanny, etc.)
- 2 years of experience with 0 – 2 year olds
- A helpful, positive, hard-working attitude
- Able to take direction well and adjust to the parent’s preferences, routines, etc.
- Able to make a 6 month commitment
- Active and energetic
- Take initiative
- Gentle, patient and calm personality
- non smoker/vaper

*A huge plus would be Spanish-language knowledge or proficiency, however it is not a strict requirement

Hourly: $23 - $25/hour gross
PTO + Paid holidays off: offered
Guaranteed hours: offered

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