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Location: Nashville, TN + Travel
Pets: 1 friendly, outdoor dog
Options: Live-in or Live-out (optional)

No two weeks look the same for this happy, active, and on-the-go family of six! With dad’s career as an athlete and four growing kids (6, 4, 2 and NB) this stay at home mom is needing a partner to tackle the day to day of the juggle! While their lives are a little unorthodox, there is also a lot of predictability with their routines and schedules, but the tag-team approach with mom each day is for those who thrive in a little bit of controlled chaos. They are open to considering both live-in or live-out candidates for the role!

Live-in: 40 – 45 hours per week, most likely a split shift M-F with off time midday. Flexibility for occasional extra hours on evenings + weekends
Live-out: 40 hours per week, split shift (AM shift M-F + PM shift 3-5 afternoon/evenings per week.) Flexibility for occasional extra hours on evenings + weekends
Guaranteed hours: offered
Start date: Early August 2024
Duration: Minimum 1 year commitment, could be up to 2-3.

About the family: This crew is a laid back but busy family. They value spending time together since dad’s career has him mostly out of the house or on the road from September – May each year, so the rare night together as a family is cherished. Originally from Canada, they love spending time with family in Toronto each summer which could be a fun opportunity for someone to join them for a few weeks. They are active and all follow a vegetarian diet. (They welcome meat eaters with no judgement!) They are constantly juggling schedules with dad’s career and the kids’ activities, so it’s a lively, but very fun and casual household!

About the children:
B6 is a mama’s boy who is active in baseball, hockey, golf and soccer. He is an avid swimmer and going into 1st grade!
B4 may be the most excitable and animated child you’ll ever meet! He feels big, loves big, and has a strong will. Whether it’s an activity or school, he’s running towards it and not looking back!
G2 is a mama’s girl through and through and loves to play in her kitchen, with her babydolls, and love on her baby brother. She’s never met a stranger and has a big heart for animals!
BNB is the newest tiny member and is attached to mama at all times right now. He’s exclusively BF and will be with mom for most of the time for the next few months.

Key responsibilities:

1. Flexibility with the schedule and the ability to adjust hours as-needed. Initially the family is not completely sure what the schedule will be because this is a new phase of life for them with two kids in school, a toddler at home, and a new baby. They ask for flexibility to figure out the right consistent schedule with the individual they hire.
2. Able to build a strong connection with the kids and play intentionally with them. They are adventurous, sporty, and kind and do well with a confident, creative, playful, gentle yet firm, and engaging caregiver.
3. Have a gentle approach to childcare and remain calm through tough moments with the kids, finding ways to connect with them during big feelings.
4. Work collaboratively with mom daily and form a partnership together. Each day may look a little different and responsibilities will be swapped back and forth daily depending on what’s going on. The majority of the work hours will be working alongside mom or caring for 1-2 children, there aren’t many times when the nanny would be responsible for all four.
5. Remain organized, anticipate needs, and assist with tidying up after meals, kid’s laundry, organizational tasks, errands, and a daily reset of the home. Some days mom will take on these tasks and other days they’ll be delegated to the nanny.
6. Light cooking or simple meal prep may be asked, mom likes to cook most nights but may need help with prep.
7. Driving the children to/from activities, school or outings (a car will be provided for work).
8. Spending kid-free time planning/researching kid activities, camps, etc.

- 5 years of full-time professional nanny experience
- Professional work experience with ages newborn – school ages
- Professional experience working with an infant for at least 1 year
- A proven passion and dedication for working in a career with children
- Strong swimmer, the family is building a pool at their residence
- Previous experience working for high profile individuals strongly preferred
- Comfortable with a shedding dog (whom they jokingly call the “outdoor cat”)
- Non-smoker/vaper
- Valid driver’s license and clear driving record
- Able to travel 1 to 3 times per year

Compensation + Benefits
$30 - $35/hour gross to commensurate with experience
PTO, Paid holidays + sick days

Please inquire about live-in arrangements directly with our team.

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