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Location: East Nashville, 37206

This hard-working couple who have both been focused on building their professional careers welcomed their daughter in July 2023 and have enjoyed diving in to their new world of parenting! They love to see her curiosity about the world around her and are embracing the moments of watching her grow by being intentional and engaged when with her. As a family they value kindness to others, education, social conscientiousness, and environmentalism. They are navigating the waters of how those values are incorporated into their parenting choices and decisions and wish to partner with a nanny who will be mindful of their approach and feel akin to their investment in creating an environment that will nurture their daughters’ physical and intellectual growth.

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
*parents may occasionally need flexibility for later than 5 pm, with notice
Guaranteed hours: 45/week
Start date: January 3, 2024
Duration: Initially a 1 year employment duration with the possibility to renew if mutually agreeable


This couple met here in Nashville but are both transplants from other big cities. They enjoy living in their East Nashville neighborhood with its sidewalks, proximity to coffee shops and local restaurants, and in general the sense of community. They welcomed their daughter in July and she will be 6 months when the position begins. She is a curious, easy-going little girl who doesn’t tend to have big emotions unless she’s hungry or uncomfortable. She is a great independent sleeper who is on a regular feeding and sleeping routine. She enjoys being stimulated during her awake time with her Lovevery toys or with singing or being talked to. The family finds great value in narrating the day and talking to her a lot and hopes to find someone who uses this in their nanny approach as well. An educational background is very important to this family and they find themselves to be life-long learners and would love to work with a nanny who also values learning themselves and incorporating it in their daughter’s development. They are a no-screen family around their daughter and prefer their nanny not to use their phone while their daughter is awake. They read to her, play or sing with her, and engage (an appropriate amount) to also allow her to also observe and discover things on her own. They are very open to neighborhood walks and eventually driving her to community happenings like a music or story time or to a park.

This position requires nanny-only responsibilities and while baby’s laundry is not included, they are seeking someone who can keep stock of baby-item inventory. While she’s napping they would like help tidying up her things, sanitizing baby bottles or items, and replenishing any baby items. They have very specific protocol and needs for sanitary conditions and will train their nanny on their preferred ways to warm up breastmilk, clean up spaces, and more. They have a desire to partner with a nanny who will be supportive, understanding, and patient with not only their daughter but also these parents as the navigate decisions and figuring out what is best for their child and family as their daughter grows. They hope to be able to tap into their nanny’s wealth of knowledge and experience to accompany their own research as well as the insight they gather from trusted friends and family members. It’s important to this couple that their nanny is proactive with anticipating their daughter’s needs and planning ahead for developmental activities to ensure her milestones are met.

The family has a beloved terrier mix who does shed but is a friendly pup. They do not anticipate needing anyone to travel with their family. They do work a hybrid work flow and are sometimes at home and sometimes go to the office. As it gets time for their daughter to go on non-walkable outings, they will ask their nanny to use her own vehicle and reimburse for mileage. They also many needs some flexibility with the work hours, with notice. There are certain times during the year where they may both have cases at work that require deadlines to be met and they may need until 7 pm on those evenings.

- 3 years of professional childcare experience
- 3 years experience working with age 6mo – 18 mo old
- At least 1 year of full time infant nanny experience
- Educational integrity, whether that is continued professional development, career advancement opportunities, or a degree in education or similar
- Knowledge of the American Academy of Pediatrics standards of care
- Fully vaccinated for covid, flu, and tdap
- Be comfortable with sanitizing or washing hands regularly and maintaining a sanitary environment
- Non-smoker/vaper
- Infant CPR certified

Hourly: $25 - $30/hr to commensurate with experience, hours over 40 paid at 1.5x
PTO, Paid Holidays off, Sick time: Offered
Health insurance stipend: offered
Continuing education stipend: offered

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