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Location: Franklin/College Grove, TN
Pets: 1 friendly older Spaniel

This kind, welcoming, and loving family of five is sadly losing their nanny of four years to an out of state move, but they are making room in their hearts to welcome another family-like nanny into their faith-based home! This role is very collaborative and not often full-charge. Mom and Dad both work flexible jobs from home and like to be involved in the day to day, whether it’s taking the bigs to school or joining in on a Zoo outing with all three. They have had such a loving, warm, and familial bond with their nanny and have enjoyed the connection, communication, and collaboration that has resulted from their time together. They value spending time together as a family as they know these years are precious and fly by. They are looking for a long-term nanny to join their family as they grow for years to come!

M + W 9 – 5:30
T + TH 9:15 – 5:15
F 9 – 4
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: May 28, 2024
Duration: At minimum 18 months, but preferably long term (3-4 years)


This hard-working and warm couple have hearts full of love for the family they are raising! Their jobs allow them to have flexible work hours so they can experience special parts of their kid’s days and be present with them. They value family so much and living close by to both sets of grandparents has been such a welcome dynamic in their worlds. Their faith is the cornerstone of their home and they are looking for a nanny who shares this value as it’s woven into how they parent their children. Eating family meals together is one of their most cherished moments of the day to connect and be plugged in as a family. They are routine oriented and the kids do best with consistency and routine. All three nap or take quiet time still, so there is a few hours to rest and recoup! Nap times will also be a time to tidy up, reset, keep the kid’s laundry going, or plan fun crafts and activities for the week.

The kids are all so different but really active, amazing tiny humans. Big sister, 4, is a rule follower, sensitive, and crafty. She is the family’s hype girl for any and all activities! She’s a girly girl and loves anything with princesses or jewelry. Little sister, 2.5, is big into baby dolls and would prefer to be called “mama” (how cute!) She is a bit more outgoing than big sis and is the goofball of the family, making everyone laugh so much! Both girls are in MDO on T/TH from 9 – 2. This means those mornings are spent solo with little brother, 1, who loves to eat anything in front of him and could play independently in their playroom for hours on end. He’s crawling and starting to scale but not quite walking yet. He’s their biggest baby but he’s also quite independent with most things like eating and getting from point A to B.

The family is about to put their house on the market in Franklin and move to their dream home in College Grove! Here they’ll live in a neighborhood with walking trails, a resort style pool, playground, pickleball courts, and more! This move is a dream for them and this new neighborhood feels like an oasis. They are not the type of family where the kids are out and about everyday, so having things close to home is important to them. When they do go on outings or “fieldtrips” as they call them, a parents is usually joining in on the experience to the Zoo, a story time, a park, or Cheekwood. If driving is required eventually, the family will provide a vehicle. Their parenting style is very hands-on and involved, and they are looking for a fit who encourages and understands their desire to be present while also working their careers. At the end of the day, they are truly looking for someone who will be a part of their family unit long term and love on their children as if they were their own.

- Minimum 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Minimum 2 years of nanny experience
- Experience with ages 1 – 5+ (growing with the family)
- Experience with 3 kids strong preferred
- Creative and proactive with planning activities for the kids to do and encouraging the development in milestones and reading/writing.
- Tidy and cleanly, they like to keep their home organized and functioning
- Able to commit long term
- Open to house sitting/dog sitting when family travels on vacations (does not need nanny to travel)
- Comfortable working in a home with a strong Christian faith
- Punctual and reliable
- Excellent communicator
- Clear driving record
- Non smoker/vaper
- Can work in a home with a dog (Spaniel/mut mix)

Hourly: $25 - $28/hr depending on qualifications
PTO, Paid Holidays off: Offered
Health insurance stipend: Offered
Guaranteed hours: offered

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