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Location: Green Hills, Nashville, TN

This busy, professional couple recently relocated their family to Nashville from the East Coast and are feeling settled and into a new routine. Their two littles, G5 and B3, are full of creativity, love and light. They are hands-on parents, but have careers that bring them all around the world, so the need for a consistent and stable nanny is a must in their world. After their long days, their home is their sanctuary, and spending time with their kids is incredibly important, so having someone take on the daytime kid-related tasks so mom and dad can be intentional with their kids in the evenings and mornings is their goal. They are look for a proactive and hard-working career nanny who brings a collaborative, peaceful, and positive energy into their home.

Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM (6 PM on Tu/Fr currently with how extracurriculars are right now).
*The family needs flexibility for later evenings on occasion, travel, and overnights.
Guaranteed hours: 50/51 per week
Start date: ASAP
Duration: This hire is ideally someone who will grow with their family and be a part of their world for years to come


This household full of artists who recently relocated from NYC are excited to put roots down in Nashville. Given mom and dad’s careers, the role will have some travel involved which is mostly domestic, but potentially international as well. Since both parents are called out of town for work often, the need for staying in town with the kids and staying overnight as-needed will also be requested. The day to day will be focused on the children, and child-related tasks or some family assisting when the kids are in school. Anything kid related from laundry to keeping their belongings organized and stocked will be asked along with driving the kids to activities, some light cooking assistance (kid only) and other child-related responsibilities will be expected. The parents give their nanny a lot of autonomy to order supplies, clothing, etc. for the kids and appreciate someone who takes a lot of initiative and is rarely idle. Errands like grocery shopping, dropping off packages, picking up gifts or dry cleaning, or similar will be asked as-needed.

This family values strong connections, creativity and expression, manners and showing respect, believing that you can do anything you put your mind to, and a home-cooked meal at night (which mom usually makes). They do everything with love and teach their children to do so as well. Having a nanny who not only supports their family’s choices and parenting styles but implements them in the parent’s absence is very important to them. The kids absorb everything, so having a positive energy, positive self-talk, and modeling health communication is very important to them. Trust is crucial to this couple and they like to be in the know about where the kids are or what the game-plan is for the day.

This position will require frequent flexibility for a later evening, traveling with the family, or staying overnight. There will be busier times during the year where the nanny may be traveling with the family for a few weeks at a time. Due to mom and dad’s profession in the entertainment industry, they have little control over their schedules and need an adaptable person who can (usually) always say yes to their scheduling needs. While they want someone to be an extension of them when they’re gone, they are also looking for a professional relationship where boundaries, discretion, and mutual respect are at the forefront. With as many variables as their lives bring, they are grounded in routines for their kids and provide them a consistent day no matter where they are. Mom is hands on when she can be and really wants to be. It’s important for her to know that her kids eat her home-cooked food and she does everything for them with a heart full of love. She is needing a collaborative nanny-partner who can understand and support a working-mother that jumps at any opportunity her schedule allows for her to be involved.

Their kids are their entire world, they love how joyful, loving, and full of light they are and want this to be nurtured and encouraged, always. Creativity and imagination are huge in this home and being able to play with the kids and dive into their make-believe worlds is an absolute must. Overall, the family is needing someone who is energetic and will amplify the positive energy their home exudes. They model desired behaviors to their kids and talk things through when behavior needs addressing, approaching it calmly, with reasoning, and without shame.

- 5 years of professional full-time nanny experience
- Longevity in previous roles
- 5 years experience with ages 3+
- Flexibility to stay late, travel or stay overnight
- Experience with high profile families + able to sign NDA
- Strong swimmer (kids love to swim)
- Covid vaccinated
- Travel-ready and have or able to get passport
- Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
- Self-starting and great with time management
- Professional, discrete, and strong communication skills

Hourly: $30/hr + applicable OT rate for guaranteed hours + any beyond
Estimated weekly income: $1,650 gross
PTO, Paid holidays off + sick days: offered
Health insurance stipend: negotiable

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