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Loving parents to a sweet 2 year old boy are seeking a weekend nanny who will play with, get lunch and put their son down for a nap on Saturday + Sunday. They would love someone with knowledge of developmental milestones for toddlers and who likes to get involved in playtime. Mom and Dad are both busy in their careers and often have several hours of work on the weekends, so this role is to allow them to maximize their work-free time with the kiddos. This is a nanny role, no other household tasks are asked.

HOURS: Saturday 9 – 2, Sunday 10 – 4 + occasional weeknight needs (i.e. 5:30 – 8 for babysitting)
Guaranteed hours: 30 hours per month
Start date: March 2023
Duration: 6 months to start, may extend if its mutually working well


This family of three is looking for a fun weekend playmate for their little guy! Mom is a physician and dad is a lawyer, so they both have demanding positions that fill up their day and often carry over into the weekend. Hailing from Canada and Massachusetts, they don’t have family in town so they’re looking for an extension of themselves to be an integral part of their village! They have a full time weekday nanny and have had a weekend nanny for the past year, so this dynamic works well for them.

They are looking for a professional who can bring a fun and safe approach to the day and take the initiative to go to the park, do crafts, or play at home with his toys. They do not do screen time household, so the day will include lots of active playtime, engagement/talking with their son and spending time outdoors. A typical day will be arriving at their home, diving in to playtime, feeding the child lunch, putting him down for a nap, and then either leaving when a parent relieves during nap or staying through the nap (Sundays). He goes to some set activities in the afternoons with his mom and dad, so they don’t need someone later in the day on the weekends. They would really love it if the nanny in this role could also help out in the evenings from time to time during the week when they have a work event happening, but the weekends are the priority.

Ideal candidates would be able to problem solve and not need a ton of direction once the position is learned and comfortable. They are on a great schedule and are all used to this dynamic so it should be easy to step in to. They are very flexible if you have a personal commitment on a Saturday or Sunday, they would just ask for advance notice so they can plan ahead. They do travel about once a quarter and the weekend would be off as well, they can be very flexible for the right fit and understand many personal obligations fall on weekends.


- 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Prior nanny experience
- 2 years of experience with age 2-3
- Great at working independently, requiring little direction but also able to respect and fulfill parent’s wishes in parenting dynamics/philosophy.
- Fully vaccinated including the COVID-19 vaccine
- Able to make a 6 month commitment
- Able to be flexible with the schedule changing from 8-4 to 7-3 on occasion
- Have a helpful, supportive and team-player mentality

Hourly: $25 - $32/hr gross to commensurate with experience
Guaranteed hours: 30 hours every month

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