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A Nashville-based family of 7 is looking to add to their staffed home in Nashville, TN (37215). They are looking to hire a rotational nanny to join their team of nannies to work a two-week on, two-week off shift. When on duty, the nannies will work in teams of two (always on at the same time), so a team-like approach to caring for this family’s five children (ages 4,4, 5, 12 + 14) is an essential quality they are looking for in candidates. If not local to Nashville, housing will be provided in a separate staff home across the street from their home with a private room and bathroom, fully stocked fridge, and more. Local candidates are welcome to leave for the evening if they will not be required to stay overnight, however, the two week on shift would be “on call” and the hours needed will change day to day.

As-needed for the two weeks on: the weekends are heavily childcare focused and there is more flexibility during the weekdays for breaks and downtime. The schedule generally follows the parent’s work schedule, and they are gone most weekends and home during the week.
Start date: ASAP
Duration: This is a full time, long term position


Flexibility is the key to this role, while on duty for the two weeks, the schedule will be day by day and there will be downtime, however weekends will typically be 24/7 with the other nanny on duty. There will also be travel with the family as well, so candidates should enjoy traveling and flying. It is extremely important to wear a professional hat in this role to be able to work well with others, be an excellent communicator, be discrete and always remain focused on the children. Their ideal fit is someone who balances professionalism and being personable and easy going, and who can work well with the other staff. This role also requires critical thinking skills and being two steps ahead with planning, safety, and preparation.

The family has several pets, so it is important to be comfortable working around cats and dogs. No pet care is required. Accommodations will be provided on the property in a separate guest/staff house if candidates are not local and commute back and forth. The family is putting a strong preference on candidates with an Early Childhood Education Degree (or similar), who can connect well with the young children and older the two older kids, who is an expert in the field with years of experience in previous full time nanny roles, and who can handle/has experience in a full-charge role in tandem with another nanny. When the kids are in school, the nannies will divide duties and help with organizing/cleaning up the home, making grocery orders or runs, and helping with other kid-related tasks.

The family is truly wonderful, they are kind and generous and take care of the people who help take care of them. They are seeking a likeminded person who has a high emotional intelligence and can read situations well. They welcome a joyful, optimistic and positive personality who knows how to balance the seriousness of their role and the down-to-earth vibe they are looking for. They truly want to build a team that not only builds meaningful bonds with all of their children, but who also works incredibly well together and supports the family to be successful. This person will need to be able to adapt and adjust to the family’s set dynamic, rules, and discipline protocols, however the parents are very open minded and welcome ideas, suggestions, and opinions. The nature of this role is a mix of really busy times and relaxed times, just depending on the day, so someone who can take each day in stride, roll with the punches and create a consistent and cohesive day for the kids is their priority.

REQUIREMENTS – Only candidates who meet all of the requirements below will be contacted for consideration:
- Minimum 5 years of full time, full charge nanny experience
- 5 years of professional experience working with toddlers (ages 1-5)
- Professional Experience with ages 12+
- Flexibility in the schedule when “on duty”
- Able to work in a fast-paced environment
- Prior experience traveling in a nanny role
- Fully vaccinated for covid OR open to testing regularly. Due to the nature of the parent’s jobs, this is a
- ECE experience/teaching experience/or similar
- Agreement to sign and adhere to an NDA prior to interviewing
- Clean driving record and safe driver, the family will provide a vehicle
- Clean background check
- Non-smoker/vaper
- Collaborative

Annual: $90,000 – 100,000/year gross, DOE
Health insurance: provided for the employee (full coverage)
Time off: every other two weeks + holidays + additional paid time off throughout the year

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