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A remarkable professional couple in Old Hickory are looking for an experienced FA to balance both childcare and household care during the week to help their family thrive! After over half a decade with their last loving nanny, their needs are changing now that both girls (5 and 9) are in school, and the household management component is where they could use a great deal of additional support in. They see this as a “third parent” model with the intention of their FA teaming with mom and dad to build a strong and joyful foundation for their girls so they can feel safe and trust in that foundation, and feel empowered to explore and grow to be strong, independent young women.

HOURS: Monday – Thursday 10 – 6, Fridays 7:30 – 5:30*
• *This schedule will change in the summer + then again when school begins but will always remain around 40 hours.
• They are always happy to offer additional hours with evenings or weekends if the candidate is seeking more
DURATION: Another 6 years? Realistically, they see needing someone for several years to come


This family is incredibly intentional and organized in how they see someone providing assistance to their family, how they approach their children individually, and how they function as a family with core values and principles. They are building a strong foundation for their girls to thrive through childhood and into adulthood, but also making plenty of room for them to be kids. The girls are both in gymnastics and will be in the same school next year when the youngest starts kindergarten. Their oldest is the caregiver, nurturing and attentive to everyone’s feelings and needs, while the littlest is the leader, exhibiting likely more confidence than she actually has! Big sister is in a running club and connects with caregivers through a shared interest in being creative, whether that’s crafts, setting up an obstacle course or making up a scavenger hunt. Little sister loves to do whatever her big sis is doing, and connects with people through play and engagement. They’ve both been taught (by modeling) from a young age about eye contact and really listening to someone when they’re talking.

Before it’s time to focus on the girls and pick them up from school, this role will involve household management ranging from grocery shopping and running errands, keeping up with laundry, preparing lunches for the following day (and if you’re into cooking more dinner prep would be very welcome), keeping the house picked up and organized, monitoring stock of items/making orders, and staying on top of vehicle/home maintenance (this can be a sliding scale of responsibility depending on comfort/experience.)

Harry Potter fans will get along well with this family who reads from the books each night before bed! They live by the lake and have a pool, so they are hoping to find someone who is a strong swimmer to join or just monitor the girls while swimming. Mom and dad are trying to instill in their girls that they control outcomes by their decisions, otherwise called the Locust of Control. They are seeking candidates who value this intentional school of thought and also apply it to their work ethic. Their youngest daughter is in school in Oak Hill, so her pick-up is about 30 minutes from their house but this will only last through the summer until she’s 6 minutes away from their home at the elementary school. The family also has a hypo-allergenic cat, and it truly is hypo-allergenic because dad is highly allergic and has no problems at all with their little feline. Minimal duties for the cat will be asked such as feeding it on occasion.

- Prior experience as a household manager or family assistant
- 5 years of experience with young kids (5 - 10 years old)
- Child psychology or elementary education degree preferred
- Highly motivational and intentional in your “nanny” approach
- Comfortable getting up to speed with the parents in the parenting approach and adopting the methods
that work for their family.
- Reliable vehicle, valid driver’s license and safe driving history
- Strong swimmer
- Active + high energy
- Enjoys to be outdoors
- Comfortable around cats (hypo-allergenic)
- Highly organized and have the skillset for a hybrid role
- Extremely reliable and dependable
- Seeking a long term commitment

HOURLY: $25 - $35/hour to commensurate with experience and education
PTO, Paid holidays + sick days: offered

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