This family just welcomed their newest little member in early November and are excited to welcome a nanny as an extension of their family! They are no strangers to employing a nanny, but have been in a nanny share most recently. They are now ready to hire a full time nanny for their growing family. They value playtime and learning, and want to focus on finding a fit that has prior experience caring for a infant + toddler siblings. They live in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville.

Hours: M – Th 9 - 6, Friday 9 - 4 (43 hours) or M-Th 9 - 5:30 and Friday 9 - 3 (40 hours)
Guaranteed hours: 40 - 43/week
Start date: December 5
Duration: Long term, hoping for at least 1 year but hopeful for “forever!”


With the addition of their newest little one, this family is looking for a nanny who will care for their newborn and almost 3-year-old daughter during the week while mom works from home as the a CEO of a start up and dad works outside of the home as an attorney. Mom will need to return to work in, at minimum, a part time nature by early December, so there will be responsibilities for the newborn right from the start. Their daughter won’t be in preschool until next year, so she will also be in the nanny’s care too. Their little girl is bright, talkative and curious! She enjoys reading books, puzzles, playing outside and going to the park. She is also a big fan of trips to the zoo, science center, and other kid-friendly outings.

This household loves schedules and structure, but they’re also generally flexible people. Their daughter still naps and with the help of their night nanny they’re hopeful to get their newborn established on a good routine when it’s appropriate. Their hearts feel settled when their children are happy, learning and engaged. Minimal tasks outside of caring for the children will be asked, but will include picking up after them, washing their bottles/dishes, and keeping their toys/belongings neat and tidy. They hope their nanny will have an understanding and passion for development in the early years who will plan and work on learning/educational activities with their oldest and help their baby reach developmental milestones.

They are a close family who values spending time together which comes in many forms, but some of their favorites are eating dinner together at night, going on family outings, and playing together. This family does travel to their home in Connecticut in the summers and would love for their nanny to join them along with a few other trips. In total, they anticipate needing the nanny to travel with them for about 3 weeks per year.


- 3 years of professional nanny experience
- 2 years minimum experience with newborns + infants
- A strong desire for candidates who have experience with infants 1 month old
- 2 years minimum experience with toddlers
- A background in early childhood education and/or a strong knowledge of milestones and learning for
children 5 and under.
- Valid driver’s license and safe driving record. Driving will not be required right away, but if the nanny
drives eventually, the family will reimburse for mileage for the nanny to use their own car.
- Up to date Covid + Tdap are required, flu is preferable
- Comfortable with pets (small hypoallergenic dog)
- Career nanny goals/long term commitment

Hourly: $25 - $27/hr to commensurate with experience
PTO, Paid holidays + sick days: offered