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Location: Green Hills, 37215

Hard working parents and their two girls, (4 and 11) are nanny to help with their girls over the summer while their fully time Nanny is on maternity leave! Mom is an ER doctor and Dad works full time outside of the home, so the part time schedule would be different each week to cover gaps in care when their girls aren’t in camps, or camp pick up in the afternoons. They’re hopeful to find a nanny who is flexible from early June – late July.

HOURS: Monday – Friday between 6 AM – 6 PM, *some days might be a split schedule with AM hours and PM hours* hours will be scheduled a week in advance
GUARANTEED HOURS: 20 - 25/week
START DATE + DURATION: Around June 11th through ~July 21


This family is an energetic and outgoing crew who are very active! They love spending family time together and getting out and about in the community on weekends. These parents are raising two very strong young women and will be needing help for someone who can help with transportation and planning fun things on days with no activities or camps planned. They love to play legos, play outside, swim, and play with their friends in the neighborhood! This is a vegetarian home so it’s something to keep in mind when preparing snacks or lunches for the girls. Occasionally they may ask for some help keeping the girl’s laundry going, but no other needs outside of basic nanny duties are required. Screen time is very limited and they would like the kids to be engaging in other activities while the nanny is there, but an occasional movie on a rainy day or something is fine.

A reliable vehicle will be required for this role and the family will cover mileage reimbursement for any transportation of the girls. They will need a flexible person who can have a varying schedule week to week, but they should be able to plan most weeks pretty far in advance, they’re still working on finalizing some camps still so the schedule isn’t set quite yet. This is great for a teacher who would like to earn an additional income over the summer and experience the fun summer kid activities Nashville has to offer!

- Minimum 3 years of childcare or related experience
- Previous nanny experience or similar (preschool, teaching)
- Experience with the girls’ ages (4 + 11)
- Want to get out and explore or be hands on with the girl’s and play with them
- Have a safe/reliable vehicle, clean driving record and valid driver’s license
- Be an excellent communicator and be able to communicate with employers who are direct and tend to communicate via text or email.
- Comfortable working around pets
- Have a flexible schedule that will allow for some variation in the weekly schedule

Hourly: $20 - $25/hour gross
Mileage reimbursement offered

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