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Location: Nashville, TN

This dual-working professional couple is seeking a qualified and highly experienced professional career nanny for their two young children under 2. Candidates with a background working in similar roles who have a strong educational foundation in their nanny approach, and have proven career nanny aspirations are encouraged to apply. This position prioritizes their children’s needs, care, and development over the other needs of their home and are looking for someone who can offer a wealth of experience and knowledge as they navigate their growing family.

FORMAT: Rotational 7 days on/off or 14 days on/off
HOURS: Generally 8 AM – 6 PM with 24/7 flexibility for evenings/weekends on the “on weeks”
DURATION: initial 1 year commitment preferred


This family has a staffed home to allow them to ensure their children and home are in the best hands possible while they are working and building their careers. Their current need is to hire a full time ROTA nanny to focus on care for their oldest child for now (toddler) until their infant is no longer in the care of their newborn nanny. In addition to full-charge nanny duties, the primary responsibilities will include keeping their oldest child on their schedule, taking to scheduled activities, getting out and about in the community, fostering an environment that heavily focuses on education, and working on reaching milestones. Once their younger child is a bit older, the newborn nanny will phase out and the full time nanny will care for both children, full time.

Communication is crucial in this role, not only with the parents but also with the other household staff. There will need to be clear and proactive communication with family members and staff. The nanny will be responsible for all child-related tasks as the family has a household manager who covers a lot of the family’s other needs. Basics like keeping inventory of children’s products, prepping the children’s food/bottles, and keeping toys, clothing and other child-items organized and tidy will be the nanny’s responsibility. They are seeking a true professional who can bring up needs or be a resource of knowledge for what to expect next in each child’s development. Their oldest is involved in lots of activities outside of their home and they would love someone who can keep this up and encourage new skills to be learned and worked on.

Given the nature of their jobs, their work blends a lot with their social engagements so they do need to attend events during the week in the evenings and often on weekends. Outside of typical hours of 8 - 6, they will require flexibility during “on weeks” to cover later evenings, weekends, overnights, or earlier mornings. Travel and overnights will also be required throughout the year. Candidates must also be comfortable working in a home with cats.

- Minimum of 10 years of professional childcare experience from age 18 on
- Minimum 5 years of full time nanny experience
- Minimum 4 years of experience with ages newborn - 5
- Experience nannying children very close in age
- High-level knowledge of milestones and how to introduce educational/learning activities throughout
the first years leading into preschool prep.
- Proven longevity in nannying as a career
- Non-smoker/vaper
- CPR certified
- Fully vaccinated (flu, tDap, Covid + booster)
- Extremely punctual and reliable
- Able to commit to a rotational schedule
- Excellent communication skills both verbal and written to be able to relay important details to mom/dad
and work through challenges

- Background/degree in early childhood education or similar
- Strong swimmer/water safety

$85,000 - 100,000 annually

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