This adventurous family just put down new roots in Lebanon, TN (35 minutes east of DT Nashville) and is excited for this next phase! Mom works in downtown Nashville at a health care company and dad owns a growing business located in Lebanon. They have two sweet kiddos, B10 and G7 and they need some support with childcare and helping to keep their lives in order! No farm experience needed, but applicants must have a fun side that loves engaging with kids and being a utility player! There will eventually be some responsibilities related to managing vendors, helping with events and very light business matters in relation to their farm, but it's all very coachable for the right fit.

Hours: Generally Monday – Friday between 11:30 – 6:30 (could change slightly in the summer) + a later evening here and there for a date night
Guaranteed hours: 30 - 35/week depending on the agreed upon schedule
Start date: July/August 2022
Duration: 1 year minimum, hopeful for many years to come


This family is tight-knit and very close. They talk openly, praise each other, and always make sure they show love and compassion to one another. They’re so excited for this big change in their lives and are looking forward to settling into their new home. The children will both be in school during the day, so mom and dad expect the FA to get some household tasks or errands done during that time before bus drop off/pick up in the afternoons. Their challenge is all things after school + keeping up with their home like picking up, staying on top of laundry, meal prep, etc. All their family time is spent getting household in order so having someone who can help lighten the load and also help with the logistics of after school is their goal. Afternoons can be busy some days with after school activities or therapy for the eldest son.

These kids are very social, happy and love their tumbling and ninja classes. They are so excited to have some baby animals on their farm and have a pool and lots of room to ride bikes and explore. Their eldest has some challenges with speech and fine motor (struggles with buttons, putting on shoes) but he's high functioning. He has a service dog (Bernie doodle) that is mostly for comfort. There are no special requirements for his care, just patience and understanding when he gets his sounds mixed up, he’s motivated to communicate! On free afternoons with no activities, it would be great for this person to get the kids outside or doing something fun other than video games! They have electric cars, bikes, a trampoline and love crafts and games.

Qualities and skills that are desired for this role are having a high integrity and ability to manage your time well, being patient, organized, confident and proficient at all things kid + home. They stick to the rules in this home but always show love and compassion, so they will need someone who can adhere to keeping that dynamic going and being consistent for the kids.

- 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Experience in a FA role or household management
- Comfortable around water (pool, lake)
- Comfortable with pets, one service dog and one family dog
- Comfortable around farm animals (eventually)
- Looking for a long term commitment, they want the person in this role to feel like family and grow with
them for years
- Able to commute to Lebanon, TN (located 10 minutes south of I-40/Murfreesboro Road exit)
- Comfortable administering medications to children and either training or being open to getting
trained to carry/use an epi pen if ever needed (tree nut allergy)

This family does not have any covid requirements other than using good judgement and staying home if sick.

Hourly: $25 - $28/hr gross DOE
PTO, Paid Holidays, Sick days: Offered
Health insurance/health insurance stipend: offered