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Location: Nashville, TN 12 South Neighborhood (37204)
Live-in option: Brand new garage apartment with private kitchen, bathroom and living area built in 2023.

This sweet on-the-go family recently relocated back to Nashville, but now with two sweet kids G5 and B3, and as they get back into the swing of working, they need a “third parent” to help them tackle the day to day of kid and household needs. They are hands-on parents who will be around, but some days they have work projects and it will be a more kid-focused day, while other days they are hands-on with the kids and the FA’s tasks could sway more household. Most days will be more household focused, unless mom needs a hand in the afternoon or an evening. This role would be a 70/30 split with more household tasks than childcare.

Monday – Friday: Flexible, but approx 12 - 7 M-F. They have the ability to be flexible for earlier in the day. They will also need occasional overnight help + some evening help.
Guaranteed hours: 30 – 35/week (could possibly do 40 for someone who could provide more deep cleaning)
Start date: ASAP
Duration: Their ideal situation is having this person become a part of their family for years to come


This active family is settled in the 12 south area and are in a good routine. Since moving from California, Mom and Dad are both relaunching their careers and are looking to dedicate more time during the week to that, while also wanting to remain hands-on parents with their kids. Tasks related to the family and home will take over the majority of the hours, things such as tidying, organizing, running errands, laundry, and odd jobs will be the bulk of the week. These parents really want to cherish time with their kids while they're little, so their preference is to be the ones with them, however there will be times when childcare is needed when mom or dad have a work or social commitment. Flexibility to shift hours later on certain days (with notice) would be asked.

They live a very health-conscious lifestyle and would love someone who shares their values or can respect and carry out their lifestyle choices. They all eat a whole-food diet/paleo, are active, and care about what they put in their bodies. They do not have any vaccine requirements and in return, will need someone who is comfortable with their personal choices as well. They’re hopeful to find a fit that meshes well with both the children + parents, since they’re a tight-knit crew and you’ll all be spending time together. Their approach to parenting leans towards gentle parenting, but they do set boundaries and appreciate someone who can be firm and enforce rules with kindness and respect. Their oldest, G5, is in Kindergarten and B3 is in part time preschool. Both kids are very sweet, and this family is very close and spends a lot of time together- something they all love and want to stay consistent with. A good fit for their kids is a bubbly and joyful person who will be playful and engaging with them when caring for the kids.They will need evening help if they have an event or social commitment but know this well in advance. There is also the possibility of overnight support with the kids once everyone feels comfortable with one another. Since their kids are in school and are sick from time to time, it would be important that their FA is comfortable still being around and in the home during mild-illnesses.

The family does travel both domestically and internationally a few times per year and would love it if their FA can join them from time to time, but nothing is last minute. If their FA isn’t traveling with them, they’ll need you to hold down the fort in town and check on the house, complete home projects or pet sit on occasion. Although they do not currently have a pool, the kids spend a lot of time in the water so they will need someone who is a strong swimmer and confident swimming with kids. They have hired in the past and the best first have tended to be easy-going, happy and can join in on their sense of humor. They are very down to earth and sweet people. They keep things light in their home and think it’s extremely important to model the behavior they expect out of their kids. They are big on open + direct communication and always want to talk through uncomfortable things rather than stifle them.

- 3 years of prior professional childcare experience
- Longevity in former roles (1+ Year)
- Experience with ages 3 – 6+
- A career candidate looking for a long term role
- 2 years of professional nanny or family assistant experience
- Open to traveling (have or can get a passport)
- Safe vehicle to use for work purposes either with kids or running errands
- Valid driver’s license and safe driving history
- Being in the home/around the kids when they're mildly sick
- Comfortable with dogs (9 y/o French Bulldog)
- Experience with positive parenting/gentle parenting
- Collaborative and excited about working in a home where mom and dad are involved and being a
teammate with them

- Household management experience
- Bilingual in Spanish

Hourly: $26 - $30/hr gross to commensurate with experience and/or live-in/live-out variable
PTO, Sick Days, Holidays: Offered

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