This family is making their way from NYC to Nashville and swapping their city apartment for a home with a forest view! The children, B5 and G2 have had the same nanny in NY their whole lives, so they’re very used to having a treasured extension of their family caring for them while mom and dad work hard in their careers. With work bringing them to the area, they will need a seamless gap between their old nanny helping them move here and their new nanny starting. They are excited for new beginnings all around and embracing this change with open hearts and minds!

Hours: Monday – Friday, the exact schedule TBD but will be 8 – 4 or 9 – 5
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: May 2022
Duration: Long term, they are looking for a nanny for 5+ years


This loving, adventurous family is ready to welcome a new nanny into their family and lives! They are looking for an experienced career nanny who has a track record of building strong, long term relationships with the families they have cared for in the past. They value someone who is reliable, kind, calm and loving. It is important for their kids to have stability, especially with a big move like this. B5 will begin school right away, so the majority of most days will be spent with G2 until B5 gets home.

Both children are bilingual in Spanish and English, and although it isn’t a requirement, it would be incredible if the nanny has the ability to speak primarily in Spanish to the children. They will be ready for their kids to be out in the community and get involved in what the Nashville area has to offer. Their eldest is in soccer, karate and is learning piano, he loves building and anything related to engineering. Their littlest is used to having a full calendar with music and art classes and other kid friendly social activities. She is also in the midst of potty training, so someone who is able to reinforce this when they start will be welcomed!

As the position evolves and both children are in school, they anticipate to need someone full time still and be available for the children. They will want the children’s food prepped, their closets and toys to stay organized and rotated, and handling all child-related purchases. Packing for trips and unpacking will also be asked. When the family travels, they would love to have their nanny join them, however this isn’t a deal breaker. They anticipate to take two 10 day trips per year and potentially some shorter trips as well. Overall, this family is hard working and has fun, the parents really need someone to ‘keep the midnight oil burning’ when they’re engaged in their jobs during the day and really just take charge, so a highly motivated person is key!

- 3 years of professional nanny experience
- Experience with ages 2+
- CPR Certified
- History of staying in nanny roles for multiple years (career nanny)
- Non-smoker
- Comfortable with pets (they have a 15 yo malti-poo)
- Have an authoritative but calm approach to setting boundaries, being consistent and implementing
rules with the kids
- Have lived in Nashville and know the town well (kid friendly places, suggestions on sports, classes,

- Can speak primarily in Spanish to the kids
- Will travel with them a few times per year (domestic + international/Italy)
- Has been vaccinated for covid

Hourly: $25 - $35/hr gross
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
PTO, Paid holidays, sick days: offered
Health stipend: negotiable