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Location: Green Hills, Nashville 37215

This busy crew is full-swing into a new school year and looking for a dynamic Nanny/Family Assistant who is both great with kids and can tag-team household tasks with mom who is generally very hands-on with the kids. They have three kids, B9, B7 and G3, all whom are in school during the day. Their lives are busy, so they need a lot of support in the afternoons with activities for the kids and mom and dad often have a lot of evening events for work and like a date night once a week. Mom also can’t get the kids to where they need to be in the mornings, so this family is needing a split shift schedule to help with their pinch points during the day.

30 Core Hours: Monday, Tuesday + Thursday 7 – 9:30 AM + 3 – 7 PM
Wednesday 3 – 7 PM
Friday 7 – 9:30 + 3 – 6 PM
10 Flex hours: + 10 additional flex hours scheduled in advance as they are needed each week. This will typically be in the form of a later week night, 2-3 Saturdays per month, or full days on weeks when the kids are out of school.
Total guaranteed hours: 40/week
* additional needs may be for overnights or weekends 1-2 times per year.
*Traveling with the family may also be asked 1-2 times per year.
DURATION: The family is looking for a 1 year commitment


Flexibility is key for this busy family of 5! With lots of support needed in the mornings and afternoons, they also want to find someone who can be flexible with 10 of their hours each week to stay later or come in on a Saturday. Dad starts work at his practice really early and takes the kids on Wednesdays, but the other mornings the split shift will be needed. At this point, they need to overhire and offer full time to really ensure they find a great person who can be there to help since they really need it during this chapter of life.

A typical day will look like dropping one or two kids off at school, coming back to the house and cleaning up breakfast and starting the dishwasher before leaving until the afternoon shift begins. Afternoons may start with school pick up or something household related if mom is getting the kids. Afternoons vary depending on the day, but could look like driving a kid to an activity, prepping dinner for the kids, unloading the dishwasher, running an errand, or tackling an organizational project at the house. They have someone who deep cleans the home, but maintaining the clutter and messes in between will be part of the job. Mom also needs help with the kid’s laundry.

This family always leads with kindness and understanding when it comes to their parenting style, and gravitate towards someone who is calm, patient, and confident. The parents need a team-player who will work with them to raise responsible humans; being kind towards their siblings and others, cleaning up after themselves, and reading each other and situations well. When mom is home she wants to be the parent, but also needs someone who can be consistent with their parenting approach when she isn’t there. B7 does have a ADHD diagnosis and responds well to someone who is patient and calm, while also remaining in control. It takes him a little bit longer to warm up than the other kiddos. It’s important to this family that their Nanny/FA develops a good relationship with all the kids and bonds with them individually with things they like to do, like playing a sport outside, getting crafty, or playing games together.


- Minimum 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Minimum 2 years of full time nanny or FA experience
- Experienced with ages 3 - 10
- Flexible nature and easy-going personality
- Open to travel, overnights, or long-weekends a few times a year
- Clean driving record, valid driver’s license + vehicle to use to transport kids
- non smoker/vaper

HOURLY: $23 - $27/hour
PTO, Paid Holidays + Sick time: offered
Health insurance stipend: Negotiable

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