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Location: Bellevue, TN 37221

Are you someone with a “can do” outlook on anything put in front of you? This family is looking for a positive-minded and proactive Family Assistant who is always 2 steps ahead! This busy couple and their four kids need a steady Family Assistant/Household Manager who can come in and help their family run efficiently from after school logistics to the inner-workings of keeping the household running. The kids are B8, G11, G16 and G18 (although she’s away at college now) and G16 is driving, so there's some help with logistics!

Regular hours: M-F 10/11 am – 7 pm (sometimes a little later with notice)
*Flexibility: on occasion, you may be needed until around 8 pm if both parents have work commitments.
*Summers will be more like 9 – 5 or 10 – 6.
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: Anytime between May – June
Duration: They are hoping to have the same person in this role for years to come


This family is no stranger to the past year bringing about a lot of change. A few years ago they relocated their family of 6 from Manhattan to Nashville, but they’re here, settled, and immersed in their new city! Both mom and dad have demanding C level jobs, and they can’t be active in the day to day management of the home, cue the Family Assistant! The family is in need of a dual role, someone who knows which lightbulb goes where, can schedule, meet, and settle up with a vendor at the home, or can restocking to fridge when things are running low while also being a friendly, engaging caregiver to their kids in the afternoons. They need an eye for detail, a self-starter, a problem solver, a proactive communicator, and someone who doesn’t only know what needs to be done, but fully executes it.

Mornings and mid-day will be for household management things and afternoons are kid focused, making sure the three youngest are where they need to be when they need to be there. Mom needs you to be the person who gets the “I forgot x,y,z” call that is bound to come with this many children and trusts you to make sure you figure it out. The kids kind of run themselves, they are independent and autonomous for the most part, but still need help with things. Pre-kid time will be spent tidying up the kitchen and kid’s rooms, running loads of family laundry, errand running, scheduling a repairman, feeding the dog or managing the family calendar. Afternoons are dedicated to the kids and doing school pick ups, occasional carpool for a friend, getting them to afterschool activities, and making dinner for the kids.

When home, both parents are very involved but due to their demanding careers they make weekends for family time, so they would rarely, if ever, need someone on a weekend. They travel as a family and don’t need anyone to come along either. They’re the perfect balance of Midwest values meets NYC dreams and it’s landed them here in this new home in Nashville. They hope to find their missing piece who will allow their family to keep functioning by taking on all things family management Monday – Friday. Their dream would be to keep you until their last child walks across the stage with a diploma in hand!

- 4 years of nanny experience
- 2 years of household management or family assistant experience
- Safe driving record and vehicle to transport the kids (mileage reimbursed)
- Quick learner + problem solver (sometimes the parents aren’t available immediately so solving things or
figuring this out is key.)
- High energy/motivated
- Represent the family and assets in a professional, respectful + discrete manner at all times
- A love for people, children and dogs (they have a Coon Hound)
- Be an excellent communicator and comfortable with parents who are direct, while also being
comfortable following up on unresolved items/questions
- Independent/ a problem solver, finding solutions and ways to get things done/make things happen.
- Very organized and great at multi-tasking
- Be passionate about helping families maintain their groove
- Covid vaccination required

HOURLY: $30 - $35/hr gross depending on experience
Benefits offered to include: PTO, stipends, bank holidays off + more

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