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A wonderful family in Brentwood (near DT Nolensville) in 37027 is looking for an active and nurturing nanny who will help them provide a loving and stimulating environment for their 2.5 year old daughter and baby due in March. They also have a 12 year old son who is very independent and may need some entertainment in the summers, but he’s a great kid and doesn’t need a lot of “nannying.” Their ideal fit is someone who is confident with newborns, loves to stay busy, and has a creative and imaginative side.

Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 4 PM, flexibility for a 7:30 start and 4:30 end on occasion would be ideal.
Guaranteed hours: 40/week, any ad-hoc overtime is paid at the OT rate
Start date: February 2023
Duration: 1 year commitment is ideal (could renew to be longer)


This family is about to welcome their newest little member of their crew and is looking for a sweet and dedicated nanny who will join their family for the next year or so. They have had a beloved nanny through SSN for the past 2 years, but a family emergency is calling her back home. Both parents work outside of the home and big brother is in school full time. At first, days will be spent with their 2.5 year old daughter while mom gears up to welcome their third child. She will be on mat leave for about 3 months but will need some help with the newborn starting right away, just not full time. Once she is back at work, responsibilities will be for both of the youngest and getting big brother on the school bus at 8:30. They are hopeful to hire a nanny who has experience with the toddler/baby duo.

A typical day is full of creativity, playing outside, engaging with the little girl and being playful. Mom would love someone who can provide very casual “preschool prep” and work on learning some things, very low pressure, at home. Their nanny takes the little one to the park and the library often, or has her tag along to run an errand for mom like a grocery run or picking up a package. Once baby is also in your care, it will consist of general childcare duties like bottle prep, putting down for naps and working on milestones during playtime. They hope to get their 2.5 year old into a part time preschool come the Fall. All three kids will be home during the summer, and between camps, they would love if their nanny can involve all three in activities and outings, or just getting outside into their pool. These parents highly appreciate someone who picks up throughout the day and can be in charge of the kids laundry, sweep up messes, vacuum any common play spaces to ensure they’re clean for the baby, and clean up the kid’s dishes and bottles. An occasional errand or grocery item pick up may be asked, but not regularly.

This family is looking for someone to be an extension of them when they aren’t there. A fine balance of being structured, outgoing, active, and loving would fit in incredibly well with this crew! The family travels several times per year, and although they don’t anticipate needing someone to travel with them, it could be beneficial in the future. They would love to find a nanny who is open to helping out with occasionally watching their home when they are on family trips, which typically falls around school breaks and holidays. A happy, cheerful and supportive “can-do” person is what they are used to and feel works so well with their crew.


- Minimum of 2 years experience working with infants ages 3 months +
- Minimum of 2 year experience working with toddlers (ages 1-4)
- Minimum 3 years of professional childcare experience in total
- Pursuing childcare or work related to children as a career path
- Comfortable with pets, the family has a 14 y/o lab
- Pitch-in/go-getter mentality, they want a team player!
- Safe driving record and safe vehicle to transport 3 kids (2 in car seats)
- Knowledge of developmental milestones for newborns and toddlers and the tools to bring activities
and ideas to the day and incorporate these
- Be assertive and a great communicator
- Be a strong swimmer and comfortable with monitoring/swimming (have pool)


Hourly rate: $23 - $26/hr gross to commensurate with experience
Health insurance stipend: negotiable
PTO, sick days and paid holidays off are all offered

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