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A professional and on-the-go family based in Brentwood, TN is seeking a full time live-out/live-in nanny to join their team and travel with them to Buffalo, NY for 4-5 months out of the year. This role is ideally live-out in Tennessee and live-in in Buffalo. Dad is a professional athlete and mom is an entrepreneur, so their lives are constantly changing and evolving with their work schedules, but they want to bring a sense of consistency + calm to their day to day. Their beautiful babies are G3 and B6 months and are sweet as can be! They would love someone to get out with the kids and be on the go with them each day.

LOCATION: Brentwood, TN (January – August) + Buffalo, NY (August – December)

Tennessee schedule: Monday – Friday 8 AM – 3:30 PM + 5 additional flex hours each week to be scheduled as needed
Buffalo schedule: TBD, but will need occasional Sundays (not negotiable) + 24/7 care for 2-3 days 2x per month when mom travels for work
START DATE: Flexible, could hire anytime between now – August 2023
DURATION: 1 year minimum


This fun-loving family is full of love, respect, and hard workers! Both parents are soaring in their individual careers and they still make lots of time for family time each day because it’s really important to them. This family has had a beloved part-time nanny since their 3 year old was a baby, but they now need to transition to full time care due to mom’s new business and splitting their year between two different places. They have loved that she jumped right in and isn’t timid, since that won’t get anyone very far with this sociable crew. This family believes that the people make a place a home and they want their nanny to feel welcome and apart of their team. It is also very important that the person they hire is open-minded and accepting of all people, being cultured is important to them and they want their babies to be raised to be proud of who they are.

Before the move to Buffalo for the season, the day to day will mostly be spent doing fun activities with the kids, or just the oldest, with going on outings, finding fun kid-things to do around town, meeting up with friends or taking G3 to gymnastics. Mom tends to have the baby or grandma may be around to keep him, but that will likely evolve as the role changes when going to Buffalo, and the nanny will be responsible for both children. When in Buffalo, mom will need to travel a few times a month and they will need the nanny to be on with the kids throughout the duration of her trip. They will also need occasional Sundays when dad has a home game since mom is always there to support him for those. They want to live as normal a life as possible, so a nanny who takes initiative to find classes, activities or other kid-friendly things is encouraged, they love a self-starting planner!

They are open to hiring before August 2023 for part time or full time. If they do hire someone before August for full time work, the position may involve more errands and tasks to reach the 40 hours each week, but once in Buffalo it will be child-focused.

Their ideal situation is to have someone who will live-out in Nashville and live-in with them when they are in Buffalo. They will work with the person they hire to ensure they are comfortable and happy during their time in Buffalo and would love someone who is adventurous and embraces the opportunity to live in another city for a few months! They are hopeful to find someone who is supportive, devoted, and dependable during this new phase for them so their children have consistency and comfort throughout the change. They have 4 large dogs who have been professionally trained, but it is important that the person they hire is not timid around large dogs since they are a big part of their family.

- Minimum 3 years of professional nanny experience
- Ability to relocate to Buffalo, NY from August through the end of December
- Clean driving record and valid driver’s license
- Safe and reliable vehicle
- Open to occasional travel outside of Nashville – Buffalo
- Up beat and social personality
- Keen awareness of privacy and confidentiality
- Strong ability to read situations and step in/out appropriately
- Able to make at minimum, a 1 year commitment
- Comfortable with large dogs

Hourly: $26 - $35/hour depending on experience
PTO, Holidays + sick time: offered
Health insurance stipend: negotiable

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