This on-the-go family isn’t slowing down any time soon and it’s truly a two-person job to get the kids where they need to go on a daily basis and keep the household running smoothly. While dad works, mom has been working with their part time nanny to take on the day, but with their current nanny is starting in her degreed career and they are needing to hire someone full time to fill her shoes and work alongside mom daily. The family lives in North Brentwood and they have a big, beautiful home where there is a lot of room for everyone to spread out!

Monday – Friday 12 – 7:30 + flexibility for a date night or to help on an occasional Saturday for a few hours
Guaranteed hours: will offer up to 40/week, can be flexible
Start date: Flexible for July/August
Duration: They would love a 1-2 year commitment


This crew of 4 kids, ages B9, G7, G6, and B3 are all going to be in school in the Fall and will have activities like dance, swim, and soccer as extracurriculars. They are between two schools that are 10-15 minutes from the family’s home, so it will likely be a divide and conquer situation in the afternoons with mom. The day will start with arriving at the family’s home and helping with kid-related tasks such as making lunches for the next day, prepping an easy family dinner, planning crafts, tidying up the playroom or kid’s rooms, and making sure swim or dance bags are packed before doing school pick up. There will be a car provided by the family to use for driving the children.

Mom handles a lot of the errands and household management type things, but she is looking for someone who is proactive with noticing what needs to be done and taking initiative to do it. They have help with laundry, so that isn’t required, but noticing things like when the milk is running low or a kid’s toy needs new batteries are so appreciated. The family has two dogs that need minimal attention, they’ll just be lying around. The family would love someone who is open to traveling with them, they have a trip to Disney planned this Fall and may have one or two more trips annually that would be so helpful to have you join.

Each of the children are so unique and have their personalities and it’s important to these parents that they’re treated as such. They are looking for a nanny who will get to know and bond with each of the kids and learn what they like, be intentional with them and engaging in hands-on and focused time with each one when possible, and learning how each child responds to discipline. Their oldest has ADHD and their 6 yo goes to speech therapy for a delay, there will be certain tools and ways that each child responds best to, and it’s important that their nanny is consistent and learns these things. All of the children have chores and responsibilities so they’ll need their nanny to reinforce this and make it fun! They feel like someone with teaching experience (or similar) could be great at differentiating their approach to each child, while also building boundaries in a firm but kind way. Four kids is a lot, and these parents know it’s a big job, so this needs to be someone willing to dig in and build a relationship with their whole family!

- 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Former nanny experience, 2 years minimum
- Experience with big families/3-4 children
- Classroom experience would be a plus
- A safe driver and valid driver’s license
- Be flexible with the day to day job duties
- Be intuitive and self-manage tasks that are known day to day needs
- Be able to make at least a 1 year commitment

This family has no specific covid requirements

Hourly: $25 - $29/hour gross to commensurate with experience
PTO, Paid Holidays, Sick Days: offered
Health Insurance Stipend: Negotiable