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Location: Brentwood, TN/College Grove, TN/Nassau, Bahamas/Montana

A warm and dedicated Family Assistant is sought by an on-the-go family based in Brentwood, TN with three children, G6 and 24, and B10 months. This family is seeking a hard worker who is proactive and can anticipate needs, and who can meet the family’s childcare and household needs to ensure that these parents can spend as much quality time with their kids as possible and also have adult time together! This is a position for a team player who is self-motivated, can problem solve, is efficient, and is an experienced traveler. The family has a home and yacht in the Caribbean, a home in Montana, and regular vacation destinations throughout the world where they would like their FA to join them.

HOURS: Full time, 40 - 45 hours per week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday + 2 week days. They can be flexible with occasional weekends with notice.
DURATION: This family hopes to hire someone who will grow with, and to be, a part of their family for years to come.


This role is for the Type A’s out there who are connoisseurs of organization and efficiency, are problem solvers and are experts in executing tasks. Mom is hands-on and spends much of her time with the kids, however she will need someone to step in from time to time when she has appointments, needs to run errands or has a commitment with dad. The day definitely switches back and forth between childcare and household tasks. An ideal fit is someone who loves kids and can build a meaningful connection with their children. They subscribe to a more Montessori educational approach and don’t like the kids in front of screens when they could be outside or immersed in imaginative play. They have a teacher for the kids that comes to the house weekly to homeschool. Dad works hard in business ventures and is in and out of the home and travels often.

The family travels once per month and likes to take their FA with them on most of the trips, but they can also be flexible with this.

The household assistant role will be about 60% of the job and child related tasks will be 40%. Tasks are generally listed in 5 categories and consist of:

1. Assisting the family daily with prepping or cooking kid’s meals and making salads/simple things for parent’s dinner, keeping food items stocked and organized, collecting mail and packages, running errands and making sure the dog has fresh food and water.
2. Tidying up around the house and making sure everything is picked up and put away before leaving daily. This includes toy pick up, making sure any laundry is put away, unloading the dishwasher, taking out trash and wiping off counters, cleaning fingerprints off windows, etc.
3. Making sure the children have their teeth brushed and are dressed and ready for the day, making food and feeding them, changing diapers, engaging with them (reading, playing indoors/outside).
4. On going household tasks including organizing/re-organizing, keeping household essentials stocked, keeping outdoor/pool area tidy (floats put away, towels picked up, furniture wiped off), replacing hand towels in bathrooms, putting kid’s items away in the garage, and as-needed projects like clearing items out of vehicles to get deep cleaned, etc.
5. Assistance with getting to/from travel destinations (packing/unpacking), keeping kids entertained during commuting time, meal prepping for trips for the girls (snacks, a lunch, etc.)
6. Helping when they host with childcare, calling in catering, prepping the outdoor space, shopping for items, etc.

The position will involve travel and the goal of having their Family Assistant accompany them on trips is to provide a low stress experience for everyone. An experienced traveler is a must since they need someone who knows what goes into preparing for travel, traveling, and adapting to new environments. There is structure to the position with the schedule, but they are requiring someone who is flexible to match their schedule as the week to week hours may vary slightly. They also don’t micromanage, so being a self-starter and tracking your work is the accountability of the hire. In all aspects of the role, attention to detail is key in this role as is completing tasks from start to finish.

- 3 years of Family Assistant, Household Manager or similar experience
- experience working with newborns – 5 years old
- experienced traveler, comfortable on small planes and boats
- strong swimming skills/water safety + ability to be on a boat for up to a week
- discrete and know how to read a room
- comfortable with a range of job duties, including cleaning tasks (indoors and outside)
- comfortable with dogs
- valid driver’s license
- helpful/supportive attitude, always asking how you can help if you’ve completed tasks
- playful and energetic, the kids are precious!
- Comfortable meal prepping and light cooking
- Pitch-in attitude, going above and beyond for the family
- Flexibility to meet the family’s schedule changes as they come up
- Comfortable caring for pets (family has a dog)
- Drug test required

Key qualities they are looking for are:
- a supportive person who wants to help wherever they can
- a connective person who builds relationships with all of the family members
- a hard-working person who doesn’t cut corners and is proud of their work
- a loyal person who wants to be in this role for years to come

Annual comp: $70k – $90k DOE
PTO, Paid holidays, Sick days: all negotiable

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