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This on-the-go family is always headed in a million different directions and needs the support of a Family Assistant to help with the afternoon and weekend hustle. Most of the logistics stem from the boys (11, 9, 7 and 3) playing sports, specifically travel hockey. They are looking for a sporty/active nanny who will be an intentional and supportive side kick to mom when they’re home, and an autonomous parental figure when the parents are out of town on a travel hockey trip with a child, or traveling by themselves. This family spends their entire summers in Idaho, which would be a perk if you're up for adventuring out west with them!

TU, TH, FR: afternoon - evening
SAT + SUN: full days (plus overnights when the parents are traveling) , but at least 1 weekend off per month (this could be more depending on the sport season).
Guaranteed hours: 40/week
Start date: ASAP
Duration: Ideally long term, their last beloved nanny was with them for 5 years!


As these boys get older and more serious about hockey and their sports, their need for care has shifted and instead of a traditional “9 to 5” these parents are seeking out an extraordinary FA who can help them in the afternoon/evenings from about 2 – 8 PM 2-3 weeknights and full days on the weekends (+overnights when the parents are traveling with one or two of their boys for tournaments). The schedule is subject to change slightly from week to week, but they will always aim to provide two days off to recoup and recharge. Their need for flexibility is paramount, since their schedules change depending on the week, month and season, however they often know their schedule weeks in advance.

Their ideal fit is an upbeat, friendly, type-A person, who is a go-getter and has a hard work ethic, making sure things are organized and everyone is on-time. This is someone who will work alongside mom and be ready for whatever when it’s a divide and conquer day, but who can also step in as the lead when the parents aren't there and mirror their parenting dynamic so there is consistency. They are big on manners, and aim for their boys to be respectful, kind, honest, well-mannered, positive and grateful by teaching and modeling this to them. Between the four boys, they play hockey, lacrosse, golf, and pickle ball and they all love being on the go. Their hope is for a nanny to be encouraging and supportive of the parent’s desires for all of their boys to feel like they can pursue their individual interests and not be held back because of logistics or being a part of a big family. It's important for this person to get to know each of the boys and engage and connect with them based on their interests.

They have a support system of other household staff that loves to step in and help, so working with a team in addition to the parents will be a part of this role. Their desire for a friendly, outgoing, and personable FA who can roll with the punches and not get frustrated when something changes is what will work for their family right now. In addition to helping with the boys, they would appreciate someone who has an eye for organization/tidiness, awareness of when they’re running low on something, ability to care for the boys 24/7 over long weekends, and who can confidently drive around Nashville, including on highways. The family has a dog that will need minimal care, but he’s a part of the family so letting it out and caring for him when the parents are gone will be a part of the role.

- 3 years of full time, professional Nanny or Family assistant experience
- Flexibility in the schedule, they may need earlier/later or longer days on occasion
- Experience with big families is a plus, especially boys
- Athletic/energetic- these kids never sit down
- A collaborative mindset, but knowing when mom is home she’s the primary caregiver
- Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
- Ability to travel with the family for vacations (usually the Bahamas) and ideally Idaho in the summers
(but this part isn't a deal breaker)
- Able to work in a home with dogs, they have 3

- The family is open to either having a FA drive their car or providing a vehicle, whichever is preferred.
- The family does not have any covid requirements

Hourly: $28 - $30/hr
PTO, Paid holidays, sick time: offered
Health stipend: Negotiable

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