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This upbeat, thoughtful and all around wonderful returning SSN family is looking for an intentional nanny to join their crew until their son begins full time preschool in August 2023. They are a structured family who believes their son’s primary job is the exploration of the world around him and their job as parents/caregivers is to facilitate his safety and expand his opportunities to explore, and to love him! He attends school 2 days per week which is reflected in the schedule outlined below. This little guy has two beloved old half siblings (8 and 11) who will join the crew every other Thursday + Friday.

HOURS: Monday + Friday 8 – 5, Tuesday + Thursday 3:30 – 5:30, Wednesday 7 – 4
*They do need one late night per week, which alternates between Thursday and Friday: Every other Thursday 5:30-9:30, Every other Friday 5-9
START DATE: Jan/Feb 2023
DURATION: A commitment through early/mid August 2023 (exact school start date TBD)


As this little man grows and gains confidence in the world, these parents are bringing an intentional and safe space for him to learn and explore! They are looking for a caregiver who can provide him with the opportunity to learn at home and out in the community. He is in school at St. George’s preschool every Tue/Thur until 3:30 and would need school pick up and bringing him home before mom or dad take over at 5:30. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are looking for a nanny who will engage him in imaginative play, adventures and natural learning opportunities!

This little guy had an SSN nanny when he was a baby but has been in preschool full time for the past few years. He is very curious, adventurous, active, loves playing outside and being physical (swinging, sliding, running, jumping.) You can also find him pretending to be a superhero, playing with figurines, or putting on a play costume. He loves to read and will sit and listen to someone read to him for a long time, audio books are also a hit! His imaginary life is very central to who he is right now and he also loves to make up stories with a caregiver on the spot too. He’s still a napper so there is about 1.5 hours on the long days where the nanny can count on him sleeping.

He is bold and he needs someone who is high energy, he likes to climb/jump and the parents are hyper vigilant, but also let him explore. As parents, they set rules, boundaries and expectations with him, and since he’s 3, sometimes a verbal reinforcement of what is expected or even praising good behavior is warranted. They always try to be calm and regulated so that they model desired behaviors for their son. When he’s napping or engrossed in self-play, they would like someone who can tidy up, unload or load the dishwasher, clean up any messes made throughout the day, and occasionally help a random additional task here or there. Big brother and sister are there every other week in the afternoons (they’re both in school), but also building a relationship with them is important to these parents.

They will need someone who can drive for pick up and drop of purposes and for going on outings. They could offer their vehicle on certain days, but not every day, so they would require their nanny to have a vehicle they can use to transport one child.

- 3 years of professional childcare experience
- 1 year minimum of professional nanny experience
- Educational background
- Professional + collaborate with parents on their preferred parenting style
- Great communication skills
- Relaxed + calm demeanor, approach to discipline is teachable
- Valid driver’s license and vehicle to use for transporting 3 year old in car seat
- Covid + flu vaccines (preferred)
- Comfortable around dogs (very sweet, 10 year old retriever)
- Comfortable driving around town
- Able to make the commitment through this August

Hourly: $24 - $26/hour gross
PTO, Major Federal holidays, sick days: offered/negotiable

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