A delightful family in Belle Meade is seeking an organized and energetic nanny to conquer afternoon logistics and help keep their family on track. The three children are B9, G7 and G2.5 and are all in school 5 days a week. Mom and Dad work demanding jobs and are seeking someone who can keep their household running during the day and be very responsible with the children in the afternoons with homework, extracurriculars and dinner time! They have had two nannies for their children and have had excellent experiences long term with each of them. The LOVE having a nanny in their family dynamic.

Weekly: Monday – Friday
Core hours: 8 – 10 AM and 2 – 6 PM (30 hours per week)
Flex hours: mid-day or occasionally staying until 7 pm, (10 hours total)
Guaranteed hours: 40 per week
Start date: September 1
Duration: Long term, they are hoping to have the same FA for years to come


These kids are very active in sports and love to play together. B9 is very studious and responsible, he loves playing with his sister, G7, and they both compete over who will get their baby sister up from nap (they love her!) G7 is very athletic and affectionate. She will need some daily assistance with homework (2nd grade). Education is very important to this family, they value it highly and the oldest kids have homework every night. They also value reading and would love for someone to read to their youngest whenever possible. The kids are all fairly independent when it comes to playtime, mom and dad aren’t keen on screen time so there won’t be much of that after school. Daily dinner prep is needed for the kids.

This position is ideal for someone who can self-manage during the day with household tasks such as grocery shopping, running laundry, tidying up, keeping inventory of household items, and prepping dinners/meals for the kids. There will be a total of 40 hours guaranteed, with core hours that are required, and then flex hours that will be scheduled by the FA unless the family needs specific coverage that week. There will be days when the FA will have time off to do personal things in the middle of the day, but the family is leaning on this person to be responsible with getting tasks accomplished so they aren’t left to the parents to do. There may be occasional overtime but it isn’t very common. They will need drop off in the morning for their youngest and then pick up for all three kids in the afternoons (the oldest two are at the same school). In between drop off and pick up is when they will expect the FA to proactively schedule out the 10 flex hours to accomplish the family support tasks. Mom works from home but is not available during the day with her work load and often travels to NY for her job, she works East Coast hours so she is already in her work day when the FA will arrive each morning.

The family would love if their FA would consider traveling with them, mostly to the NYC area, but also on other family vacations. They relocated to Nashville from NYC in 2020 so they have a lot of family and friends in the north east which still feels like a second home. This isn’t a deal breaker, but would be incredible to have someone come with them occasionally. Overnights on the rare occasion would also be a wish-list item. This is a rules-based home so there is a foundation for the kids and they are needing a FA who will be firm, but also loving with the children and establish a relationship with all of the kids.

- Minimum 3 years of full time childcare experience
- Two prior full time, long term (minimum 1 year) positions held as a Family Assistant
- Excellent references
- Be well versed in how to manage a home and have excellent time management skills
- Potty training help/experience for their youngest
- Value education and able to help guide homework time for their middle child
- Have a reliable vehicle that can be used for work purposes (mileage reimbursement offered)
- Consistently able to work 5 days a week + be on time
- Comfortable with pets (they may get a dog in the future)
- Not reliant on screen time
- Vaccinated + boosted for Covid

Wish list:
- Able to travel with the family occasionally
- Overnight help a few times a year
- Familiar with the Ensworth drop off/pick up routine

Hourly: $25 - $35/hr to commensurate with experience
PTO, Paid Holidays + Sick time: offered
Health insurance stipend: Offered if needed