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Location: Nashville, TN 37215

A close-knit family of soon-to-be five (B5, B3, NB due 3/2024) are relocating to the Nashville area and are excited to start a new chapter together. As this family puts down roots in Nashville, they are eager to find a wonderful nanny to join their inclusive and collaborative crew. Mom and Dad are both hands on and strive to be present and intentional with the time they spend together as a family and the nanny’s responsibilities will shift to their newborn since the boys are in school full time. Their foundation as a family is built on inclusivity and respect, and they strongly value education too. As a high profile family, they are looking for a discreet and professional nanny who has a good balance of professionalism and feeling a part of the family with grace and ease.

Hours: Exact hours TBD, but 40 hours Monday – Friday with occasional weekend help or traveling with the family
*ideally the nanny they hire will have some flexibility to swap a week day for a week end day when needed and also have the ability to flex the hours occasionally. They are very scheduled and structured so they know the changes usually, at minimum, a week in advance.
START DATE: JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2024. The family could hire sooner if the nanny wants to temporarily relocated to New Jersey.
DURATION: Forever? They would love a nanny to grow with their family and eventually turn into a Family Assistant role once both boys are in school full time.


With a lot of recent changes, this family is looking forward to settling in Nashville once their time in New Jersey comes to an end at the beginning of 2024. With this new permanent move and expecting another baby in March 2024, they are looking for a long-term nanny who can provide structure and stability and add a little magic sparkle to the day to day of their children’s lives. Their family’s philosophy is built from leading by example for their kids, respecting one another, providing structure in the day to day, and showing love and compassion even through tough moments. The parents consider their style to be “firm gentle parenting” and work very hard to raise their children with methods that get to the core of shaping and addressing behavior. Manners are big in this home and reinforcing them daily is important. Mom and dad are very involved, and bath and bed time is their favorite family time together each day! They love to take them to school and pick them up and plan on being involved in their day when they can, and especially once the baby arrives in March 2024 which will be the nanny’s primary responsibility.

These brothers are active little guys who would spend all day outside if they could! Their eldest is the sensitive big brother who is wise beyond his years. He jives with calm caregivers who can set firm boundaries and follow through. Little brother is the life of the room, he’s a goofball and light hearted. They would love a nanny who is crafty and will bring in fun, engaging and educational activities for the boys. Both boys are in set routines and will be attending either full or part time Montessori school until they start elementary school.

This family likes to be on-the-go when they can, and while they are welcoming a new little one in early 2024, they will likely resume travel next year as a family of 5. They would like a nanny who is open to traveling with them domestically and internationally for trips that are on average 4-5 days a few times a year. They hope to become regulars on the slopes too, so experience with skiing or snowboarding would be a perk! As a family who is in the spot light often, they cherish their privacy and look to their nanny to be an extension of protecting that for their family and boys. Their past nannies have been like family and they hope to find that connection with this next hire and work together for years to come.


- Minimum 3 years of prior FULL TIME nanny experience
- Minimum of 3 years working with ages newborn – 5
- Minimum 2 years of newborn/infant nanny experience
- Experience working with siblings close in age (boys are 16 months apart)
- Able to travel domestically and international
- Strong innate ability to read situations/read the room
- Experience working with hands-on parents
- Discreet and respectful of the family’s privacy
- Is very safety minded and has current CPR/First Aid
- Respectful of the family’s active and healthy lifestyle and provide active opportunities and healthy food
choices to the kids
- Naturally have a calm, low-key demeanor and foster a low-stress environment
- Montessori knowledge/experience
- Experience with toddler transitions (potty training, crib to bed, etc.)
- Valid driver’s license and clean background check
- Comfortable with a big, friendly dog
- Up to date on tdap required, covid + flu strongly preferred

*If candidates would like to begin sooner and are open to temporarily relocating to New Jersey, they family has a separate apartment that could be provided.

Hourly: $30 - $35/hr gross depending on experience to start, with room to grow
Health insurance stipend: Offered
PTO, Sick Days + Holidays: Offered

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