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Location: Belle Meade (Nashville) 37205

This sweet power-couple in the entertainment industry had their first child (B1) a year ago and are about to welcome another baby in July! Their ideal fit would be a nanny with a strong background in working in similar roles and with a career-oriented outlook on the profession. This position prioritizes their children’s needs, care, and development over the other needs of their home and are looking for someone who can offer a wealth of experience and knowledge as they navigate their growing family.

HOURS: M-F 7 AM - 7 PM* + flexibility for shifting the schedule to a later evening, overnight or adjusted schedule when traveling.
*Many days will end before 7 pm but the hours/your time will be in your GH.
START DATE: MAY 25, 2023
DURATION: initial 1 year commitment preferred but long term (2+ years) fit will be prioritized


Now that they have the parenting basics down, this couple is excited to welcome their second child and also find a compassionate and (overly) communicative nanny to add to their growing needs. They are still developing their parenting style and considering what will be best for their kids, but they remain open to learning from their nanny on a lot of things. When beginning the position, the nanny will be responsible for B1, and eventually the new baby after their arrival. Since mom runs her own business, she will slowly be introducing work tasks in the coming weeks until she is full time.

At the moment, their sole focus is having someone who is consistent, punctual and experienced with babies and newborns. They want to focus on getting into a routine with two and ensuring the children are meeting their developmental milestones. They will prioritize a comforting and nurturing individual who is confident and supportive. A formal education in early childhood development or similar would stand out to this family. Mom and Dad work a hybrid schedule from their home offices and out in the field, but they love to be kept in the loop with updates. Additional support will be all child-related as the family has a household manager who covers a lot of family needs. Basics like keeping inventory of children’s products, prepping the children’s food/bottles, and keeping toys, clothing and other child-items organized and tidy. They are seeking a true professional who can bring up needs or be a resource of knowledge for what to expect next in each child’s development. Having a focus on educational and enriching time spent with the children and keeping them on their routines/schedules is important to this family. A playful, engaging and nurturing nanny is a great fit for their needs.

With the nature of their jobs, they would prefer to hire someone who is flexible for occasional overtime on evenings and weekends when they have events to attend. They also occasionally have to travel for work which may mean they need overnights, or have their nanny travel with them to work or vacation destinations. Comfort around cats is also important, they have two indoor Bengal cats.

- Minimum of 5 years of professional childcare experience from age 18 on
- Minimum 4 years of full time nanny experience
- Minimum 4 years of newborn/infant experience
- Experience with 2 under 2
- High level of knowledge of milestones and how to introduce educational/learning activities throughout
the first year
- A strong past as well as future outlook in nannying as a career
- Non-smoker
- CPR certified
- Fully vaccinated (flu, tDap, Covid + booster)
- Extremely punctual and reliable
- Flexible to work later in the evening, weekends, overnights + travel
- Excellent communication skills both verbal and written to be able to relay important details to mom/dad
and work through challenges

- Background/degree in early childhood education or similar
- Strong swimmer (family has a pool) but no requirements for swimming with the child at this time,
strictly for water safety

HOURLY: $27 - $30/hr gross DOE
Weekly income: ~$1,890 - $2,240/ week gross

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