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A wonderful SSN family in Green Hills are seeking a nanny to care for their sweetie pie 17 month old boy and assist their family with keeping their home running smoothly here or on the go! Both mom and dad have non-traditional jobs, dad is in entertainment and mom is a content creator, so they both work in and out of the home. They prioritize their health, are very active, and are very intentional about living a “clean” and holistic lifestyle. They are looking for someone to join their family for years to come and who will be with them as their family grows.

HOURS: Generally Monday – Friday 8 – 4:30. The family does need someone who is very flexible, they guarantee 50 hours of pay each week but usually end up using about 40-43 hours during the weeks when they’re home in Nashville.
TRAVEL: Summer – Fall 2023 will be joining dad on the road to tour domestically, late fall/winter will be a few weeks in Europe.
DURATION: Long term, this family would like a consistent and stable nanny for their family throughout their children’s youth.


This precious couple welcomed their little one in 2021 and have been enamored with every little thing he does! He is all boy and loves to learn, his brain is growing so fast! He is a jokester and loves being scared! He is walking and chatting, loves the park and going to My Gym, loves being read to, and enjoys being cuddled. He’s the type of tiny human that is hard to leave at the end of the day!

This position will be child-focused but also involve helping with running errands, grocery shopping or doing some light cooking for family meals/child’s food. They cook everything from scratch and nutrition and quality ingredients are very important to the parents. They live a low-toxicity lifestyle and try to stay away from processed foods and sugars and keep their home full of “clean” lifestyle products. They are not requiring someone to be on the same page or live the same lifestyle, but to respect and support their choices and be an extension of them to their son, as it’s really important to them.

Both parents are very active and health-conscious and hope that their nanny would being active and instill this type of lifestyle in their son as well. They love to get photo updates and have their nanny capture precious moments to share with them, but they are a very private family and are seeking a discreet nanny to help them preserve this privacy. They are developing their parenting philosophies but one thing they are sure of is wanting their son to have and know boundaries while remaining gentle. They want you to become family, and hope to build a strong relationship with someone who will respect their parenting and love to spend time caring for their son! They get along really well with a bubbly, sweet, supportive nanny who is gentle and collaborative. They hope to have more children and would want their nanny to also be experienced and comfortable with babies.

Given the nature of their work, this is not the typical nanny/FA model and will be a collaborative environment where if mom and dad have some time during the day to switch to kid mode, they would like someone who can take initiative with other tasks. This position will involve travel, sometimes for longer durations, as mom wants to be on the road with dad during his longer tours. They are hopeful a nanny will be on board with this and be comfortable being away from home for several weeks at a time when on the road domestically or when traveling abroad. They don’t usually need weekend help unless it’s while traveling.

- Minimum 4 years experience with toddlers (12 months+)
- Minimum 4 years experience with newborns/infants
- Prior experience with high-profile families
- Prior experience traveling as a nanny
- Experience with involved parents (able to support mom with all types of care for child and making sure she has time to care for herself)
- Supportive of breastfeeding
- Adaptable and communicative
- Able + experienced at traveling domestically and internationally
- Hardworking and focused on doing whatever is best for the child + family
- Patient and nurturing
- Non-judgmental of a holistic/crunchy lifestyle
- Non-smoking
- Exceptional at making judgment calls and prioritizing the child’s safety
- Valid driver’s license and clean driving record (family will provide a vehicle)
- Clean background check

- Experience with traveling on a tour bus

Guaranteed weekly income: $1,155 - $1,250
PTO, Paid Major Federal Holidays, Sick days: offered

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