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This sweet, returning SSN family of 3 is looking for a motivated and easy-going family assistant/nanny to help them with 50/50 childcare and household tasks for 30 hours a week. They are hoping to find an individual who will grow with their family over the years and develop a strong connection like they have with their first (and only) nanny so far. They adore the human who keeps their child safe and happy while both parents work and appreciate the help around the house during kid-free hours so that they can enjoy more quality time together as a family.

HOURS: Weekday hours M-F; 2 days per week 11 – 6:30 & 3 days per week 2:45 – 6:30. Flexible on early/later days upfront but will want a consistent schedule once the days are established.
+ 1 late night per week to be flexible for weekday or weekend (scheduled in advance) to guarantee 5 additional hours
DURATION: Long term, 1+ year desired


This warm and upbeat family is an incredible returning SSN family who is looking for an incredible person to care for their son and their home. They are seeking a family assistant who can help with childcare in the afternoons + one later night per week, and also help 2-3 days per week with errands and light household tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, unloading the dishwasher, making the child’s lunch for the following day, and/or prepping some items for dinner. Their son will be in school 5 days a week until 2:45 so the shorter days would start with his pick up from school. Right now, their current nanny stays late one evening per week and it’s been something they’re accustom to and would love to keep, this night can generally be the same evening each week unless there is a specific event they are attending in which case it might change for the week.

This little man is a total sweetheart (trust us, we know his nanny!) and he loving, curious, and funny! He loves trains and cars, whether it’s playing imaginatively inside or seeing them outside in the real world! He is a joy to be around and once you’re in, you’re in for good with him! Afternoons will be full of playing with him and taking it easy at home or maybe an outing here or there to do something fun. Mom or dad might be home in the evenings before 6:30 but they would love it if someone can stay so they can get dinner started or some other chores done before family time kicks in.

Their currency in this home is communication – it’s as good as gold! They are looking for a super communicative FA who will be able to dialogue the day, speak up about any issues, hear feedback, or generally problem solve anything that needs to be addressed with their son. Being a self starter goes a long way to them and they would love someone who takes initiative around the home. They’re straightforward people and would appreciate the same in the person they hire. They are wonderful, respectful and conscious employers who welcome their FA/nanny in as family and hope to build a long-term working relationship with someone who can grow with their needs over time.

- 3 years of professional, paid childcare experience
- Longevity (1+ year) in a previous nanny or family assistant role
- Minimum 2 years experience with ages 2-3
- Experience helping with errands or household tasks in previous roles
- Strong communicator who is straightforward
- Loving and warm as a caregiver
- Able to manage time well and work each part of the role at the appropriate time
- Can make a minimum of a 1 year commitment
- Licensed driver + clean driving record
- Reliable vehicle that can fit 1 car seat
- Up to date on covid and flu vaccines
- Comfortable providing care when the child is sick

Hourly: $25 - $27/hr gross to commensurate with experience
PTO, Sick Days + Paid federal holidays: offered

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