A professional, loving couple in Oak Hill is seeking a mature, confident, focused, driven nanny/family assistant to join their team as someone who provides care for their infant son and 3 year old daughter & helps keep their home running smoothly. This is a role for someone who has the mindset that they are there to help the whole family succeed. 

The family is a 0/1 on the covid-19 tolerance scale and would be seeking someone who is practicing the same protocol. A member of this family is immunocompromised and they cannot accommodate someone who has another job they would be working in addition to this.

Hours: M-F generally 7:30 - 1:30 but they need flexibility for this to change (could be 1-7 pm some days)
+ occasional weekend help with notice 
Guaranteed hours: offered, 25 - 35 hours per week
Start date: August 1, 2020 
Duration: 2 year contract 

This family loves the idea of a family assistant who can help them with their priority of childcare, but also help out with the everyday tasks of life as a family of four. They need someone very well versed in the baby stages and developmental milestones as that will be a focus during the day when spending time with the baby. Someone comfortable working when mom and dad are also around and working as a team, often switching on and off duties. They feel most comfortable with someone staying around the house for now since their little one is so young, and mom would like to be able to take the kids out individually for one on one time. This person will need a lot of energy and the ability to be active, they have lots of stairs in their home and their livable spaces are on multiple floors. 

​In the past, their doula helped with laundry/folding laundry, doing dishes, washing bottles, tidying up, prepping lunch for their toddler, and prepping a planned dinner. They would love to have this type of support in their Family Assistant as well. The live a very health conscious lifestyle, and someone who can support their preferences in eating organic, etc. is best.

​This family runs on checklists and lots of structure. They would love for someone to come in and mirror their lifestyle. Ideally they can run someone through their preferences, routines, schedules, and their family assistant can pick up on it quickly and anticipate what to do when walking in each day. Trust, honesty, integrity, and communication go a very long way with this family and it's very important. ​

- have current Infant and Child CPR certification
- have at least 8 years of infant experience 
- have 7 years of professional nanny experience (more is preferred)
- have an all-in approach to helping a family
- be highly intuitive
- be seeking a long term commitment 
- be comfortable with direct communication, and better yet, be a direct communicator yourself!
- not rely on a phone during the day other than for communicating with parents/emergencies
- not rely on screen time
- be well versed in developmental milestones and how to reach those with bringing ideas to the table
- have reliable transportation to/from work
- be reliable, punctual and respectful 
- want to join a family that views this as a team mate and not someone to raise their children for them, but to help them be as present as possible given their careers and commitments outside of the home. 

Hourly: $22 - $25 BOE
Guaranteed hours: yes
PTO, Paid holidays, sick days: all negotiable 

Southern Standard Nannies, a Nashville nanny agency, finding a nanny in nashville, help finding a nanny
Southern Standard Nannies, a Nashville Nanny Agency, finding a nanny in nashville, help finding a nanny, nashvill


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